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      Anyone attending the gig tonight? Probably a lot of new stuff in the track list.

      boomer former helm

        I am also really looking forward some feedback ;)


          Some new stuff, some old stuff, plan #1, Year Zero and Vortex Surfer amongst the older more familiar stuff.


            Full setlist:

            In every dream there is a dream of something else *

            Kill Devil Hills >

            She Left On The Sun Ship

            new song

            Hell, part 1-3

            Year Zero

            new song

            Lacuna/Sunrise >

            Spin, Spin, Spin

            On a plate

            Mantrick Muffin Stomp

            Plan #1

            Ship of Fools **

            Vortex Surfer

            Here Be Monsters

            * I think that's what they sing in the chorus, and I believe that's what it was introduced as at the rehearsal gig.

            ** Bent introduced it as "Ship of Fools". Not the Grateful Dead song.


              Personal notes and thoughts:

              Great gig, inspired and with lots of energy! The boys seemed to be really excited, and overall it was a great gig! Tomas has found his place in the band, and can play both old and new songs. Bent & Snah seems to be very energized and happy with the new drummer. Bent mentioned that the mixing of the new album was finished very recently (I think he said last night?). Also, the sound at the venue was (most of the time) really really good!

              As I have only heard the new songs once or twice (this gig + the rehearsal gig), they haven't really clicked with me yet, but "Ship of Fools" was really great. I'm sad they didn't play "Intrepid Explorer" which was the last song they played at the rehearsal gig. I really liked that one.

              Also, it was Tomas' birthday! After the encore break they served him chocolate cake and got the audience to sing a birthday song. The cake was then distributed amongst the audience. And he played the encore wearing a birthday crown :)

              Highlights according to me:

              Kill Devil Hills – great version!

              Year Zero – grew to great heights!

              Lacuna/Sunrise – enough said! Fantastic version.

              Plan #1 – so beautiful, amazing.

              Ship of Fools – great new song!

              Vortex Surfer – beautiful, amazing, ABOUTHEPAAAAAAAAAIIINNN!

              Here Be Monsters – about 23 minutes, grew to monstrous proportions!


                Thank you Rolf for the review and details. Exciting! Didn't expect to see so many (old) songs, looks like minimum 2h+ which is great for a first "real" show. "Anything goes, everything's possible" it seems. Oh Yeah they can! :MPD:

                Krist Rampage

                  Yes thank you Rolf! Exciting indeed. How where the new songs? Surprised to see HBM in the setlist. And Vortex Surfer!

                  boomer former helm

                    Thx Rolf. Great that they play HBM and Lacuna/Sunrise and even She left on a sun ship 8O So excited seeing them live again. Have to wait patiently….


                      Here's the setlist as spotted on the stagefloor. So the other two new songs would be The Cuckoo and Mantric. Loud, proggy and in your face.

                      An absolute killer of a concert. Can't remember last time I saw this kind of energy streaming from the band. And Tomas – he has a completely different approach to the music than Kenneth, leaving more room for the others.



                        @thoregil: Just to point out the obvious – the two other new songs must be The Cuckoo and The Tower. Which, of course, is what you intended to write.


                          Agree with Thor Egil's comments. I wasn't a big fan of the "play the whole album"-thing on Here be monsters tour. Totally different band yesterday. I think they played for about 2 hours an 35 minutes.


                            @kjesso – Ah, yes, obviously. Woke up to a leaking aquarium today so I'm a little off.


                              What is BTFBL on the setlist?


                                That is a new song "In every dream there is a dream of something else" as mentioned by Rolf above.

                                I don't remember them actually presenting any title during the show.


                                Ship of Fools was introduced by name.

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