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    I put in an order through the webshop nearly 2 months ago, but have yet to receive my order.

    I have sent 3 emails using the adress given in the webshop, but have yet to receive any reply to any of them… The band's Facebook page has the Private Message function disabled, and I can't find any other means of contacting anyone who could shed any light on the issue… Can someone in here maybe offer some advise…?


    Tommy B



    My last order arrived slightly more than two months after the order. The two previous orders took a very long time as well, to a point I wrote to them as well.

    But all orders arrived, carefully packed and complete.

    I don't know the logistics behind it but I suppose it's only one person who takes time. It's frustrating but I don't see any scam behind it, just disorganization. I hope you'll get your order soon.


    David, thanks for your response.

    With what you're saying, and the current plague taken into account, I suppose I'll wait a bit longer…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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