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    Great King Rat

      Dear fellow nauts,

      although this is the first time I post here I’ve been following discussions here for years. So first of all I have to say: Great forum, great discussions, great people! Kinda logic given the reason for people to gather here is MP!

      As for the album: I love it.

      However, my concern here is different: in the “COTF”-thread, jubalong asked how many copies were printed. I don’t know but I thought it would be interesting to find out about numbers and distribution patterns, so I had a close look at the sleeve. On the back of my copy (top right corner, just under the bar code) it says: “Psychobabble064”. Could that actually be the number of my copy? What does it say on yours? But then… just under that one, next to the stickman label, there’s another number (LC 02107)…

      Anyone knows how many copies there are and if they are numbered at all?

      Anyway, the waiting game… has eventually come to an end! And that’s a fantastic thing! Can’t wait to hear the stuff live.

      C u in front of the stage this autumn!


        psychobabble064 & lc 02107: same here.


          by the way: what does ” franco är död” mean?


          Same numbers on my copy as well…


          ‘Franco är död’ means ‘Franco is dead’ and is probably a reference to the swedish movie ‘Tillsammans’ – ‘Together’, by Lukas Moodyson (2000).


          BTW: Mine says RLP2088 P & C 2009 rune grammofon




              despite the danger that i am not getting the irony here, 064 obviously is the catalogue number and lc02107 is stickman’s label code.

              Great King Rat

                Thanks Marc! No irony here, just my lack of knowledge.

                So, no idea about how many copies there are? Anyone? Stickfrau?


                Well, I`m still wondering about how many copies are made of this album.. Anyone? By the way; They use the name “Psychobabble” on their releases. This is probably borrowed from the song Psychobabble by The Alan Parsons Project. Or…?


                A friend of mine claims he has read in Morgenbladet that this album is printed in 500 copies. I can`t find this in the net-edition, so it was probably only in the paper edition. Can anyone confirm this number?

                Great King Rat

                  I’d love it if that was true, that would make the record a rare collector’s item! 8O

                  But I doubt it’s true. :( My small record shop’s owner said he got ten copies. I reckon you could easily find 20 to 30 record stores selling the album just in Germany! Besides, wasn’t the 3LP TM limited to 2000 back then? That was actually not a lot, so I don’t think there are less copies of cotf than that. :?

                    wasn’t the 3LP TM limited to 2000 back then?

                    . Check the discoography, that was the Harvest Version, Don’t know about the Sticlman version since its also was re-pressed.

                  Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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