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      Thoregil, thanks


        exhausting, sure there must be an orange version. Why not, maybe a purple in shit

        numbered handwritten very very exclusive version also to feed the discogs whores.

        Coventry Boy

          In my opinion it's a very very lovely idea to give a christmas gift like this to the attendencies of the christmas shows. I would be happy to have been presented with an orange single. I wouldn't care about the price on discogs, because I would never give it away anyway…

          Merry christmas to all psychonauts and especially to those who could catch the single…

          Coventry Boy

            PS: And shame on those who sell it on discogs for high prices…


              Hear hear


                Ordered mine on the 23rd of November, but haven't got them yet, nor any mail about them being shipped. Has this happened to anyone else? Can someone please guide me on how I should reach their "customer service"? Hehe


                  I believe motorpsycho@online.no is the only way.


                    Yes, I sent an email just before x-mas time, and got a fast response from Cecilie: My order had been displaced.

                    got it in the mail on New Year.s Eve.


                      Same thing with me only with the Pulsator box. A nice little email chat with Cecilie on motorpsycho@online.no and – voila! – there it was in my mailbox a week later. She explained that notifications from Paypal didn't always get through to them. So it seems it's the evil corporate Paypal b***ards to blame and not the mighty Motorpsycho organisation!

                      mister conclusion

                        I had ordered my copies of the x-mas singles in october at the webshop, before I realised they would also be available via stickman. Never received any feedback or records. Yesterday I have asked via motorpsycho@online.no when I could finally expect to get the singles. Today I got a message from PayPal that my payment would be transferred back to my account.

                        No reply, no excuse. That just plain sucks.


                          Got my copy a couple of days ago after sending them a nudge. I kinda like it! Will blast this hard when Christmas hits again.

                        Viewing 14 posts - 46 through 59 (of 59 total)
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