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    This will be a release like the Konsert for folk flest. Identical record on both Runegrammofon and Stickman with a sticker only to show which Version.

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    Jeg også. Sleipe triks om nødvendig :-)

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    Interested. (

    The printed inners of AADAP did not have any text, just some blurry dark shadows. Based on that I can understand that the inners were skipped on the reissues. As I remember the Demon Box Voices of Wonder 1st and 2nd pressing did not have printed inners.

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    Tilleggsinfo til dette kan være at Stickmanutgaven (1. press) og Columbiautgaven er samme pressing, men med forskjellige labler.

    Yeah. You got a point about the inners and missing info. I am totally agreeing about that. And by the way.. it was me that asked about the identical repress at FB. I didn't believe that the new version could be exact the same as the original so I ordered the new one to see with my own eyes. I was a bit surprised to see that the record was that different from the 2006 version. I suggest that you keep looking for the 2006 version. This reissue should have made the original cheaper. Perhaps Stickman make a repress of the 2016 version in the future. Then the inners should be enclosed.

    Well. As mentioned, the vinyl itself is better than the original both visual and in sound quality. I am happier with a new pressing with better sound, than a repress of the old one. Even if the inners were printed as on the original this record would get an own submission on Discogs because it's a new pressing. Stickman have tried to make identical copies, but have failed over the last years. The last identical repress they did was Phanerothyme in 2010-12. Later attempts of making identical copies have been spoiled by the guys at the pressing plant putting extra letters and signs in the runout. The mad part of us Psychonauts who are collecting absolutely everything, quickly spot such variants.

    But… The reissue is not cheap looking at all. It have black polylined inners instead of the stiff "almost" cardboard inners on the original. The records of the 2006 version got their first hairlines and scratches already when they were taken out of the inners the first time. The sleeve itself looks exactly like the 2006 version, and you have to have both versions in hand to tell which is which. I have stored the 2006 version in my "crypt", and will have the 2016 version to play.

    Besides the missing inners, the cardboard sleeve feels a bit thinner and more white than the original from 2006. The records have got a brand new pressing. (Not a repress from old matrixes) The 2016 cut seems to be better than the 2006 cut. The sound feels more clear. There's more details to be heard. It's a loud and heavy cutting, but not too loud as the 2006 version seems to have been (compared to this version) The pressing plant have made deeper groves so the record even looks better. My conclusion: Better sound and better looking records. A bit cheaper cover without printed inners.

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    Just got the 2016 repress. Cover and inners are exactly the same as the 2012 repress. The only difference is that record side C and D have the letters V+ and VV written in the runout. Record side A and B is identical to the 2012 repress.

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    I'll check the inner sleeve for record #1 when I get it from Germany. The 2012 white version is not out of focus, but the letters are not totally knife sharp. The matrix is as expected and should be mentioned as a matrix variation under the 2012 version, marked as the 2016 version. This should also be mentioned in the notes.

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    Phanerothyme were repressed back in 2012. The repress was identical to the 2001 original.

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    I've tried 4 Clear records, both Stickman and Rune, which skips on both records. But it is very odd if the pressing plant Accept such a misspress. There must be an another explanation to the different matrixes.

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    Yes it's clearly from the same cutting, but it seems a bit odd that the Clear Version that Counts 400 ex total is done in 3 different pressings. There must have been some kind of problems at the pressing plant. So far the Clear record has either J+, VV or no additional writings.

    What's written in the Matrix are probably of minor interest for the majority. But some of us have taken the Madness to a point where Our Collection includes absolutely all variants of all the MP records. Every record is carefully examined to find unknown variants or differencies.

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