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    @Great King Rat

    @schnu underberg

    This version of The Golden Core is

    from Roadworks #2

    Jazzy as Jazz can… :)

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    I ordered all three colours plus an Elder-Album at Stickman and my order was processed as usual without any cancellation. Maybe you should write a note to them to clear things up.

    in reply to: X-mastime Is Here! #37766

    They are lightening up this f#cking year 2020 so much – I ordered all three colours … Christmas time is here!

    Was still hoping they would release a complete Christmas-Album…

    in reply to: Backwards speaking Home of the Brave #37741

    Awesome! Thank you so much – but as you say: barely understandable … Can't figure it out either – the end could be " make the pig burn". But: Got the Lobotomizer Vinyl First Edition, and there you find the backwards spoken passage at the end of Home of the Brave, and not in TFC… strange …

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    Keeping the faith helped … I received my box last Saturday. I really love the design and the art, but I think Motorpsycho's music only works in combination with the film and not standalone.

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    HHV still has the black vinyl version available…

    in reply to: Pulsator #37338

    Still nothing here in Germany (ordered May 28th) and no answering to several mails I wrote … boy, only thing keeping me calm is that I do not seem to be the only one still waiting. I do not have any problem with waiting, but a short lifesign would have been really nice.

    in reply to: The All Is One #37418

    It's a real pity that someone leaked the album. But I think anyone really interested in Motorpsycho's music is going to buy vinyl or CD anyway and is rather in "physical media" than downloads, so I hope I'm right to say that I don't think the leaking will have a big influence on sales in the end…

    in reply to: Cloudwalkers Live LP Freak Valley Festival 2014 #37168

    Hey David, I think with asking for a fair price you would not harm anyone. Fair price in my eyes could also be more than you paid for because you had all the trouble to get them over from the US.

    Trade of course would be fair, too.

    I am really very interested in on of the pressing (colour or testpressing) and would be happy to be considered.

    Another way would be to ask for the price you payed combined with a donation to a charity where you set the amount of the donation. Just a thought …

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    Maybe essential for the N.O.X. Song(s):

    "The Greek word Pan also translates as All, and so he is a symbol of the Universal, a personification of Nature" (Wikipedia)

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    Thanks for the info – so I'll keep being patient …

    in reply to: Pulsator #37329

    Has anybody received the box yet?

    I even did not get any mail after ordering it, tried to contact via the webshop but do not get any answer …

    in reply to: Pulsator #37323

    I already ordered mine – shipping cost to Germany are brutal though !!!!

    in reply to: The 9th Fragment Etching #37317

    What do you think is an acceptable price for this gem? I was offered a mint one for 200 € incl. shipping, and my collector's heart was beating faster, but my mind said: shame on the seller! ;)

    in reply to: The 9th Fragment Etching #37316

    Okay, thank you very much in advance!

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