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    "The band did not follow the setlist yesterday. They mixed it up as they said."

    Really? That's weird!

    Sometimes they skip a song, mainly for technical problems or due to early curfews…

    Very very rarely they add a surprise encore, but it hasnt' happened in years…

    I never ever heard about mixing up the setlist… Any more news about it?

    in reply to: Sinus, Bodø 04.04.19 #35159

    @The Other Anders – as an old hardcore fan I'm one of those who moan when he reads a setlist with titles he doesn't aprreciate too much. Whenever I see a title from the infamous "pop-trilogy", I feel like "Hey, if I were still a smoker, I could get out for a lot of smoking in this concert!"… and this concert has a tune from every piece of the trilogy! :D

    Nonetheless, especially since Tomas is aboard, the titles on the list are less imprtant than ever, they all become "Jam veichles", to use a Phishead term… for hard it is for me to believe in a GoToCal that blows any mind, well, I'm sure it's how it is! Even the setlist from yesterday, with only a song from the 90s (Greener, not my favourite!), I'm sure it was a great concert.

    Nonetheless (again), I'd like to dance and/or move my head to some even-time from the nineties a bit more than it's happening in this start of tour. And yes, there's especially a lot of stuff from their White Album Trust Us that I'd love to hear again and again (Rad Freq, 577, Psychonaut).

    Ueberpilgrim? So I was right, though I thought I was wrong :)

    It was interesting when they did it back in the Behind/Blissard tour, maybe a little too slow in the build up. Is this rendition identical, or has it some new "structural" change (I'm thinking of the many many different versions of Close your Eyes along the years…)

    in reply to: Sinus, Bodø 04.04.19 #35143

    @Tomcat: The Pilgrim is my speculation, I don't think that's what they played yesterday night… No confirmations, anyway

    in reply to: Sinus, Bodø 04.04.19 #35134

    They used to play a Wishbone Ash song (Pilgrims) during Uberwagner at the Behind The Sun tour, but I assume it's not what they played tonight?

    Wow, double neck for Bent is some news! Where did he use it?

    in reply to: Motorpsycho and Roy Harper #35121

    I can't find any specific affinity, but sure I'd love to see the guys play the Same Old Rock :P :P :P

    in reply to: Motorpsychodelic Clips – new webpage #33596

    Bernie added another great video from the past, and as long as I think his page is marvelous, I feel the duty to UP this thread for your pleasure.

    in reply to: The Crucible (Feb 15, 2019) #34401

    Please believe me: Psychotzar is the less interesting song of the album.

    I'll make my SPOILER and then I'll go to hell:

    Best Snah's studio solo inside

    in reply to: The Crucible (Feb 15, 2019) #34391

    Marc: "So, refinement? Definitely! Progress? Well…"

    This sums up my low enthusiasm for the song.

    Amd the reason why I love the HBM + HBM2 stuff, which was a marvellous variation from their trails

    in reply to: The Crucible (Feb 15, 2019) #34389

    @TheOtherAnders LOL your comment is much more impressive than the song!

    But no problem, because the rest of the album is a BOMB!

    in reply to: The Crucible (Feb 15, 2019) #34383

    Not impressed by the radio song

    in reply to: The Crucible (Feb 15, 2019) #34367

    I've never loved coloured vinyl (or picture discs), so I have no choice problems :)

    Just let me get home from work…

    in reply to: The Crucible (Feb 15, 2019) #34335

    @Punj Lizard: The Crucible pt. 2 EP, including The Crucible pt. 2 & The Crucible pt. 3

    in reply to: The Crucible (Feb 15, 2019) #34333

    The guys are weird: in my opinion they do long albums that should've been shorter (Behind the Sun, The Tower), and short albums that should've been longer (HBM would've been their 21st century masterpiece with HBM2!).

    So I have great expactations from these 40 minutes!

    in reply to: The Crucible (Feb 15, 2019) #34331

    40m31s… almost an EP for Motorpsycho's standards! :)

    in reply to: trondheim – 2018-12-14 #34716

    Lol ThorEgil.

    Then Malibu makes sense, if the previous one were VERY long!

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