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      the promise

      Go to California

      Starhammer ( Into outer space jam)

      The Crucible

      A pacific sonata


      The other fool ->

      In every dream home

      Lux Aeterna

      The tower (totally freaked out mid-section)


      Pretty fuckin' awesome show

      Fun fact: Before Ãœberwagner Bent noted that they would play half a MP song and half a cover song. And he urged people who knew the band they covered to reveal the answer at the merch stand and with that compete for a prize…an Egg divider. So perhaps it was an Egg song. It was pretty proggy with a lot of guitar interplay

      At the end of the show, bent adressed Snah as "the guy with fuzz guitar and sex appeal" 😃

      Reine Fiske joined them and did a smashing job

      The Crucible was a "world premier". And they pulled it off pretty well.




          Also, after the gig a little bird something something snah said something about new album possibly maybe august.


          They used to play a Wishbone Ash song (Pilgrims) during Uberwagner at the Behind The Sun tour, but I assume it's not what they played tonight?

          Wow, double neck for Bent is some news! Where did he use it?


            The Crucible mainly, was also used on Malibu ++ just because it's fun to play.


              So the line up for the whole show was Bent, Snah, Tomas, Reine? Thanks for the report 😀

              boomer former helm

                wow the promise and california and überwagner are back. yes :) and new album in august??? could make sense, i was wondering already why 2 long tours this time to promote 1 album. but lets see what happens…

                Punj Lizard

                  Is it possible Snah was referring to recording a new album in August, rather than releasing?

                  boomer former helm

                    oh well, that might be…


                      @Punj: If I remember correctly, it was said on here earlier that the boys

                      had been in the studio in Jan/Feb to record the Håkon Gullvåg stuff they're performing

                      in Trondheim & Oslo this summer.

                      Or maybe they finished the leftovers from The Crucible sessions.

                      Either way, count me as being pretty excited as usual :lol:

                      Decent setlist, hope they keep Ãœberwagner and GtC.

                      Punj Lizard

                        @otherdemon: I had thought that recording session was happening this month – not that it makes any difference. Like you say, it's exciting news. It seems hardly any time at all goes by here without some exciting news. :D :D


                          Thank you for the setlist and report – Starhammer/Crucible/Sonata look like a great centrepiece. Nice to see The Pilgrim return in the Tomas era, looking forward to hearing/seing that. This was the opening night, let's see where the next weeks will carry them…

                          If I remember right they were writing/rehearsing early this year, are going to record that Gullvåg-material in April (release in August then?) and record the new "official" motorpsycho album in September. Release early 2020 would be realistic. So much going on :MPD:


                          @Tomcat: The Pilgrim is my speculation, I don't think that's what they played yesterday night… No confirmations, anyway


                            Ouch, that's a terrible setlist imo, but good to hear that it was more than a decent show regardless. Looking forward to hearing the new songs live in May. Hope I don't have to endure GTC, but "Ãœberwagner" is quite welcome. 8)

                            Wishful speculation: Will this be the tour when they finally get around to revisit some more Trust Us-material? I'm desperately hoping for "Psychonaut" above all, but some other rarely played tracks such as "Radiance Freq." and "Ozone" might be easier to pull of with Bent's new guitar/bass double axe. LOVED hearing "Taifun" on the Tower-tour, so at least they haven't forgotten the album's existence. "Mantrick Muffin Stomp" was played once in 2017 iirc.


                              Very nice setlist, all of the songs from the new album were played. Starhamster is

                              always welcome, even more if they went into a space jam. The Other fool…or the other

                              other fool? That one from Roadworks #1 is…forever in my top10 songs of them.

                              I think the combination of Ãœberwagner and Wishbone Ash's "Pilgrim" worked very well a few

                              years ago. Superb guitar notes exchanges between Snah and Reine.

                              Still some six weeks to wait until Hamburg.

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