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    Time to get this topic out of the dust.

    I have a new band, doing some proggy post-rock.

    Our first demo song/video is online since yesterday


    Also in our first band picture, there is a Motorpsycho link :)

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    Hmm interesting, I just had a discussion with a friend about this copy-motorpsycho thing some weeks ago. In my opinion, this two bands above are both just influenced by Motorpsycho (from what I just heared, not being so much yet). But taking it so far as calling it copying?

    And if so still, what would be wrong with it? Everybody copies their fav bands in some (maybe subconscience) way, right? For me a band playing songs that would sound like MP, would be much better than to play covers for instance.

    We started that discussion after he heared an idea of mine, which you can hear here:http://www.myspace.com/theshanghaihypetest Song 'Golden Cage' is an acoustic idea I had. Never mind the lyrics (there not even lyrics). Tell me what you think about the level of copying MP, before I explain myself. I'm curious :)

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    Traktorbass: could you compare this Behringer BDI21 with a Xotic BB preamp?

    I'm close to buying the xotic, but the thing is expensive as hell.

    If the BDI21 is near soundwise, it might be a good alternative (150 euro cheaper).

    I've a big muff as well, so I would combine the two.

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    Concerning tractorbass.

    If you ask low budget, try an Earth Sound Research Original 2000 amp. It’s not tubed, but the sound is incredible. Search for them at local stores, ebay, …

    I’ve got mine (including a 1×15 cab also from Earth) for 250 Euro. Here’s a pic:


    Use the guitar input, put the distortion at 3 o’clock and use a EHX Big Muff.

    That’s all you need. About 300 Euro all in :)

    I heared other (tubed) amps from Earth Sound Research are even better, never tried one myself. But I’m convinced this is a very unknown but highly underestimated amp.

    If you want an example of my sound, check this rehearsal (low quality) song:


    Just to give you an idea.

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    The Black Keys, great duo, especially in this vid

    Daniel: I like “Kussnacht”, very Motorpsycho-ish ;)

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    Not really an effect, but does anyone know what kind of 4-track Bent is using?

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    Didn’t hear every band, but some nice music indeed. I especially like Annot Rhül, great pink floyd vibes!

    I play the bass in a band called The Shanghai Hype. We just got a song out on a small label. You can hear a sneak on this site: http://www.vi.be/TheShanghaiHype

    I am also involved in a new project which will get VERY Motorpsycho-ish! I hope to have some recorded material around this summer…

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