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  • in reply to: Psychonaut LIVE 1998: A visual treat #36861

    Fantastic video, look at the fuckin audience jumping, incredible song!

    That was a beautiful era, Geb and all…

    Thank you, Devotional!

    in reply to: Motorpsycho live 2019 #33960

    Wow, about 18 years since I joined you Anders and Mefisto (among others) during that tour. Good memories!

    Only Bergen-gig for me now…

    – coinman

    in reply to: 2017-09-27 Landmark, Bergen #30839

    Pacific worked ok, they introduced it with "this is the first time we will play this… live".

    Which sorta showed. The other new songs were much better – and I say this even when Pacific is the one I've listened to most on the record.

    in reply to: Motorpsycho nominated for Rockheim Hall of Fame #28805

    NRK has this on tomorrow night 20.08 9:55pm. The last years show from Rockheim Hall of Fame is tagged as "always available" on NRK Nett TV, so maybe this will be as well.

    in reply to: kjetil moster quartet with Snah and Kenneth #27130

    USF Verftet 19.09 – Bergen

    in reply to: Periferifestivalen #27127

    No Into the Sun, unfortunately.

    in reply to: Periferifestivalen #27125

    My memory is really bad on the new albums…

    Year Zero

    Hell (pt 1-3) – Bent introduced this as "this song is about Bergen. It's called Hell!"

    On a Plate

    Whip That Ghost (weakest performance imo)

    Starhammer (absolute the best moment! Wonderful psychedelia, wall Of noise from guitars, and synkoperte rhythms from Bent and Kapstad.)

    -> Hallucifuge

    Playtime exactly 60 minutes, last song was maybe even cut short, since I saw a stage guy signaling to cut..

    Snah placed in front, and sang on the most songs, really the front figure. Only used one guitar, one tuning. A bit disappointed again by Reine Fiske. He is a GREAT guitarist, but does not dare enough during performances with MP.

    Periferi-festival is a beautiful situated festival, a bit too far from Bergen. I wish Motorpsycho played on the new stage close by the sea.

    Edit: corrected missing songnames.

    in reply to: Interview with Bent (in Norwegian) #26060

    Fantastic interview! Great, long questions, and really interesting answers. Liked the discussion of resting-records and genres.

    Who is Skjegg1 and who is Skjegg2? :)

    This interview beats mainstream vg/db any day!

    And I didn't know they had a website coming!

    Motorpsycho.no with video!

    in reply to: MP Books on Ebay #26056

    Hmph. Wouldn´t think the band should be so happy about this.

    Someone is obviously just copying the text and tunings Bent gave out to this website, and printing it out as a cheap book – trying to earn some easy money.

    Quite the contrary to the "FAIR PLAY"-quote at the end of the description.

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    in reply to: Motorpsycho iPhone wallpaper #21624

    Thanks! First time I change background picture. It's either this or the world..

    in reply to: Bergen 24.03.2012 #21587

    NO! For you and your girlfriend's safety, avoid contact with other Psychonauts!

    After that birthday, every man in here want to get to know her…

    Happy birthday! :)

    in reply to: Bergen 24.03.2012 #21585

    Happy to hear about the improvements done in the venue, ira! Looking forward to see them

    in Bergen Kjøtt.

    Whats the capacity there? It's pretty huge hall, But I dont know how Big the stage will be.

    in reply to: Bergen 24.03.2012 #21580

    The venue is not exactly made for concerts, though. I´m worried that it will be really bad sound – both because of the non-existant sound-absorbation in the walls (all concrete!), and the trend that Bent and Snah always want to take it "to 11" on-stage.

    Anyways, fingers crossed!

    in reply to: Trio Søt MP in nynorsk live set #19524

    Wow! These ones can actually sing!

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