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      And the second day is up on DIME. This sounds even better than the first night.

      All thanks to Tomcat for providing his master. Tusen takk, indeed…

      in reply to: Vredesfeesten, St. Niklaas, Belgie #28310

        Nice setlist for a short show. Was it not Starhammer into Vanishing point? Into "plate" won't work at all. Though I've to admit that Starhammer -> Hallucifuge worked well in Hamburg.

        But LLM is just as Nik Turner once said: "In case of sonic attack think only of yourself".

        Where's the tape?


          Oh… lucky northern guys and girls…just hope that an educated taper is there

          to capture the WHOLE thing in good sound, not just some crappy sounding U-Tube vids…

          I don't need videos, as my imagination still works well…

          in reply to: PSYCHONAUTS at HOLY MOUNTAIN 2015-07-31 #28184

            Sorry for the misunderstanding: The show was billed on 7/31, but startted at

            0:45 on 8/1, so they really played 2 shows on one day! But in future I will go back

            top my usual practise…Anyway, enjoy the show and the BENT BASS BOMBS…

            in reply to: Supersonic Scientist – The book #28106

              Well…that all looks nice…from my view it would be something like this

              (and all tracks woven into one long track…as I like it)

              01. Year Zero

              02. Serpentine

              03. STG

              04. Cornucopia -> The Other One -> Cornucopia

              05. Greener

              06. Cloudwalker

              07. The Wheel ->

              08. Starhammer ->

              09. Hallucifuge

              10. Plan # 1

              11. Unchain the space ->

              12. Nothing to say

              13. All is loneliness

              — Encore —

              14. YOU LIED (Walking on the water)

              15. Vortex surfer

              those are the results of the Münsterland area vote.

              And my dream show…oh well…the band gets up on stage once more…and plays…

              16. Hogwash -> Halleluwah -> Hogwash

              (thanks for that on Burg Herzberg Festival)

              in reply to: 30.07.2015, Siegen, Vortex Surfer #28120

                A nice very Bent heavy recording is up on DIME!

                in reply to: Demon Box 18July Slottsfjell feat. GEBHARDT? #28051

                  Most likely dear Lars' final recording with the Sony Mic. At Burg Herzberg I thought it

                  would be a nice gift to give him my spare AIWA CM30A. Vintage but very nice…and far better

                  than the previous one. Oh, I heard it didn't work too well at SUNN))), but what MIC does work

                  at such a show? I'm working von Vortex Club Siegen (Sony ECM 717) and surely our side by side

                  taping at Burg Herzberg will be up on DIME one day or another…

                  All thanks to my friend Lars…great times at the Holy Mountain…one day I'll steal a

                  recording of the mighty Psychonauts in Norge, but first let me learn the language a bit…

                  in reply to: Demon Box 18July Slottsfjell feat. GEBHARDT? #28047

                    Hahahaha…great…fast supply of the information…

                    did you wrote some thanks to the viking warrior taper as well?

                    in reply to: Zakk, Düsseldorf, 25.6.2015 #27971

                      a decent recording by dear TOMCAT is now up on DIME. Feel free to spread in lossless format.

                      Please, no MP3 crap on the net…

                      in reply to: Grünspan, Hamburg, 27.6.2015 #27978

                        Well, back again, too. Marvellous show (at least on the tape). What I read before is just

                        "complaining on a high level". I think it was a great show with some surprises (Like the

                        Hell->Whale) but somehow I can't hear Waiting Game on the tape…Maybe I'm just a fool,

                        but after a 14 min. Fools gold they went straight into On a Plate. And I never left my

                        first row place beneath Snah's feet. Now it's your turn. The recording will be up on Dime

                        in a few hours, so just compare and listen to what me and the mics did yesterday evening.

                        If there's one thing I'm sure: "There's nothing like a Grateful Dead show". But a MP experience

                        comes very close…

                        in reply to: Tour 2015 #27605

                          Oh, I forgot…any chance anybody has a spare ticket for face value?

                          You might be graced with a fine audio recording for the help.

                          Anyway I'll do the ZAKK, but no chance for the the two…

                          in reply to: Tour 2015 #27604

                            Damn, Hamburg 27th June is SOLD OUT! Just as I got my overnight stay cleared

                            and wanted to order the ticket…think I'll do Düsseldorf instead.

                            Also, no Siegen or Bielefeld for me, as I'm on Burg Herzberg.

                            Hope some other tapers will do the work.

                            in reply to: SPIDERGAWD feat. Bent and Kenneth on tour !!! #27200

                              Great show in Bielefeld. 72 minutes of weirdness and furious master drumming from Ken.

                              Tusen takk, monsterfun!

                              in reply to: SPIDERGAWD feat. Bent and Kenneth on tour !!! #27199

                                Grateful Dead Hoody

                                in reply to: SPIDERGAWD feat. Bent and Kenneth on tour !!! #27196

                                  anyone joining in the fun tomorrow in bielefeld and friday in hannover?

                                  there's also Up in Smoke #5 on saturday in hannover…colour haze/radio moscow/glowsun.

                                  seems like a great weekend…

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                                …hanging on to the trip you're on since 1994