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    Year Zero

    Forget it


    Hell 1-3

    Through the Veil


    Fool's Gold

    Waiting Game

    Starhammer >


    All is Lonelieness


    Sail on

    On a Plate

    Vortex Surfer


      My Ears are still ringing…. Hell yeah…

      boomer former helm

        what was the line up? was reine with them?


          Thanks for sharing. Playtime?


            @boomer former helm:

            Three piece


            2:30 hours

            Our heroes seemed to have lots of fun – as the audience. We got lots of bass this time as Bent had more space to fill. High energy level too!


              It's the three of them, no fancy gear but 2-3 guitars each + one moog Taurus ;-) appr. 2h + V.S.


                No merchandise, great kicks from Hell'n'Veil on (beautiful Fools Gold!, premier of a surprising Waiting Game which made more sense live than on the album); first V.S. for quite some time … it's always a special one.

                boomer former helm

                  cool how did they play waiting game? acoustic? or a different version?


                    Let's keep it a surprise ;-)

                    boomer former helm

                      ok :-)


                        Band in a great mood!

                        Bent was very loud!!!

                        Perfect opener, Year Zero.

                        A premier, Waiting Game.

                        Powerful rockset.

                        Stunning Vortex Surfer as last encore.

                        My son Ben got drumsticks from Kenneth, again…

                        They leave perfectly happy father and son…again…

                        :MPD: :STG: :MPD:


                        Band in good mood, friendly crowd, but mostly absolutely aweful sound. Ken and Bent were way too loud, which made it impossible to follow Snah's solos for most of the time as it was mostly all a dense distorted sound-mash with toms and snares prominently in the foreground. I still enjoyed it in parts as I just love the guys and most of their material, but it could have been so much better if only somehow the noise-level could have been reduced a bit. It's not a good thing if it hurts your ears…


                        The sound started to be good with Vortex Surfer. Before it was very poor. The bass in Entropy dominated everything in a way that you even had difficulties in hearing the others at all.


                        Vortex Surfer was great, and maybe because there was no bass…. But I had problems with the drumsound all the way through. You could notice that Ken didn't realize that at all as he probably just played as he ever does, but even in the quieter passages his sound came across just way too dominant. I'm not a technician and I was the first time in the ZAKK, so I can't tell whether it was the mixing or the location itself.

                        It was a nice evening anyway and I usually don't focus on bickering, but with all the musical subtleties these guys are capable of producing, you need a good mix to truly appreciate. Yesterday it was mostly all buried. Well, to say a good thing: All is Loneliness was beautiful anyway!


                          It was a nice evening, but to loud for me and yes, it was maybe the bass. Anyway…All is Loneliness, Fools Gold and Vortex Surfer are the highlight for me yesterday. :-)

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