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      2hrs.20min. From what I got to listen is…

      Much better than the Hamar show. The taper and company said that the Boys might've read

      my review on the Hamar slomo trip. Anyway, here's MP at full sail, with that wonderful

      45 min. Opener (I like things like that as in Bremen 2017 with that 1 hour Unchain>Ship

      pasaage). The band is very tight, nails (most of) the vocals and surprises with that

      quadruple bang at the end of the main set. As you know, I always dig a Starhamster and

      You lied is a classic. The x-tra encore is a real treat. Well done, my friends.

      Oh, btw: Only 40 people in attendence: I think of emptying my livingroom for a private

      show on February 31st next year. Might tear the house down but that'll be ok with me.

      B4 you ask: No, I didn't smoke anything now… :smoke:

      in reply to: New Music #34811

        @ Punj Lizard: Yes, Temple Fang are great. They would've played Alterna Sounds in

        my old hometown Muenster (Germany) last April, but are rescheduled for next year.

        Colour Haze – good friends of mine. My sole "Corona-time" show was their concert in

        Dortmund late September. Outdoors, fucking cold, but the band graced us with a

        marvellous show @ full moon. Way cool. Unfortunately no long chats with Stefan and

        Philipp as usual…

        in reply to: New Music #34809

          Oh, I'm late for this…ok, how I can I oblige to the rules…


          TEMPLE FANG – Live at Merelyn (Jam Stoner/Heavy Psych from Amsterdam!)

          in reply to: Motorpsycho 14.11.20 Hamar kulturhus #37881

            Just a few notes from my listening experience today morning…

            "Ship" starts very slow, like the band on slo-mo or valium? Luckily it picks up some

            speed during midsong sequence. The trilogy backwards of the title-tracks from the last

            three albums were nicely played, but nothing too sensational. A occasional vocal miscue

            here and there. N.O.X. is something different. As I still have some mixed feelings about

            the "All is one" album, this is the one I really dig. Maybe because I'm a Deadhead and I

            love spaced-out extended plays. "Like Chrome" is nothing but short "let's get outa here".

            Due to curfew at 23:00, this show was shorter and the absence of Reine (who adds a lot of

            colour) is remarkably evident. Maybe they tried it, but on a trio format I'd better go

            out on a solid MotorROCKshow.

            Judge yourself in a few hours at the usual place.

            in reply to: Cloudwalkers Live LP Freak Valley Festival 2014 #37139

              So, if it is confirmed that the band did agree Tony Reed doing this, it's ok and

              I'll take back every assault from my former mail.

              But I'm very dissapointed to see just a snippet of the show. Why no 2-3 LP set?

              Too expensive? And, ok, in the US of A – nobody really knows them except for some

              psychonautic explorers. Anyway, I'm still rather sucked about this "release".

              Set it free for all. Even a vinyl rip would do, as I already see that bumping up on

              ebay or other sellers for a horrible price.

              in reply to: Motorpsycho — Live 2020 #36926

                i'm constantly told i look way younger than 51, so, yes… science fact!

                me 51, too, so we're older farts than the bandmembers!

                in reply to: Cloudwalkers Live LP Freak Valley Festival 2014 #37133

                  Hmmm, I wonder why it's not released on Rockfreaks records…I asked Jens from FVF for

                  the soundboard to mix it with my audience recording (which is most likely the bootleg

                  offered) but he declined to give it to me. So, if I don't get it, why should an unknown

                  american get it??? FINGER WEG! And – fucking shit! My recordings are ALWAYS for free.

                  That shit seriously damages my good stand as a reliable taper!

                  Pfui, schämt Euch ihr geldgeilen Arschlöcher!!!

                  in reply to: 2019-10-19 Den Hague, Paard #36310

                    Woah! What a final. Grace, Space and Glory! Onwards the NordseeSonata I would've been

                    in complete lost control. HAMSTER/WHEEL/GOLD… Fucking awesome. Thought they burned all

                    their fuel the day before in Hengehigh, but sometimes the light is all shining on you,

                    sometimes you can barely see (or think). (Quote Robert Hunter).

                    in reply to: 2019-10-18 Hengelo, Metropool #36293

                      SO FAR AWAY IN OUTER SPACE…

                      Just to pick out the three monsters of this show…

                      Mountain – massive as usual but far out into GratefulDeadJamSpace… Woah!

                      Tower – I'm usually bored about that song, but on this tour with the "new" kraut/freejazz

                      jamming – I'm in again. Awesome!!!!!

                      Wheel – Surrealistic pillow. Nothing (more) to say. My forehead into the dust(or mud).

                      That was more at least me deserved to get. Pure joy.

                      Funny note…as I've seen "only" Bremen, Frankfurt and Hengelo on that tour:

                      Crucible opener and Fools Gold closer on all shows. And no Y0 for me. Grrrrrrrr……

                      (But that is just complaining on highest level. Tusen takk @ MP and their crew. You know)

                      in reply to: 1.10.2019 РDE K̦ln Gloria #36132

                        Listening to a dear friend's tape…A bit of soundproblems as there was in Bremen.

                        On the musical side of my brain…Ok, I'm already sold with Y0, but these jams in Jig –

                        the most beautiful extended August and the Allman Brothers tribute – fucking shit I missed

                        that gig! Up/Down – cool choice to calm down, I love that. The 3Spin had also a long jam,

                        Mountain was as massive as you could wish. And…no words about Fools Gold. Sssssshhhhht!

                        in reply to: 2019-09-29 Bremen, Schlachthof #36105

                          Well, arrived home after a 150 min. drive home through constant piss rain (same as it was

                          in 2017 and same length as the show was, btw) I feel a bit mixed emotions about the show.

                          First: The band and especially Bent had serious sound/equipment problems which led to at

                          least two mishaps during Ãœberpilgrim and You lied where they went completely out of sync

                          and it took some time to find the groove again. Second: The sound during the first 3 songs

                          was way too low (volume). Hmmm…unusual for Schlachthof. But that's complaining on highest

                          level, as there were many good things to tell.

                          Big thanks to the band for support/permission to tape. I love it when things work that way.

                          Oh, and the music? Song for a Bro surprised me very much. Very Allman-Style, you guess.

                          Tower with the free-jazzy jam put the real smile on my face (you know, I love weird

                          norwegian jazz). But the real corker was probably the best NORDSEE SONATA I've heard so

                          far.What a beautiful jam! No Evil was a nice surprise, Hog on the list (but not played)

                          but I'm always sold with Fools gold. A perfect way to end a "Rumpeldipumpel" evening.

                          Acoustic evidence for free as usual.

                          in reply to: Øya Festival, Oslo 10/8-19 #35897

                            Spielkarte? Eller Setlist?

                            Tusen takk to the members here keeping me informed.

                            Looking forward to the "official album" they will do from that nice weirdness.

                            in reply to: Ringnes 2019 #35855

                              Fine Audience recording (the usual suspect) is up on Dime. "Feel" free to share/spread

                              (but only lossless, please!). Enjoy! Fabulous MOUNTAIN! (or better: MASSIVE MOUNTAIN!)

                              in reply to: 2019-05-22 Leuven,Het Depot #35619

                                @ Phoots Flower: Any chance for me to use your recording for a Dime Travel?

                                Plase contact me at Thank you!!!

                                in reply to: 12. April. Hulen, Bergen. #35218

                                  For sure…the acoustic set (did they ever play that Spirit song before?) was amazing,

                                  but the electric set… into what spaces did they travel during Trigger and Tower?

                                  Far out stuff…just exactly perfect (at least for me).

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