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      The jig is up




      Running with scissors


      Spin spin spin

      Sleepwalking again


      Whole Lotta Diana






      Big Black Dog

      Here Be Monsters

      2h 15 mins.

      Got my limited edition tour 12" :D


      Excellent show and excellent sound! HBM is the absolute highlight and I am curious about how this sing is going to grow during the tour!!! Could be from Pink Floyds live from Pompeji. Already a Motorpsycho classic!

      Fiske Boll

        Excellent show for sure.

        Highlights for me: Feedtime for the pure fun of it, Lacuna for the beauty of it, and without a shadow of a doubt, Here Be Monsters. It's just pure beauty. What band besides Motorpsycho can pull off to end a show on a Saturday evening, sold out Rockefeller, with a tune the audience has not heard before… and just totally captivate the crowd. For 20+ minutes. Wow. Jawdropping.

        On a bitter note; As a long time fan, seeing the band live at least once a year for 20 years and counting, and NOT get hold of the limited 12" because it sells out… Come on guys. That just plain sucks.


          Ahem…let's get realistic. HBM is a decent album. Most of the songs outstay their welcome by a few minutes, but I can live with that. It's definitely not MP's best album, as some sources would have you believe, not by a long stretch, but it's OK, another worthy item in the MP discography.

          But to to call HBM (the track) an MP classic is beyond ludicrous. It was a shapeless POS that is best cast under the veils of oblivion. It starts out rather promising, but what follows is the most mindless piece of drivel I've ever heard at a Motorpsycho concert. A shame, because it was pretty good up until Big Black Co… I mean Dog… Itself a song that outstays its welcome by a good 10 minutes on record, but decent enough tonight. Highlights were a barnstorming Whole Lotta Diana into Feedtime, notwithstanding Bent's cringeworthy opening vocals on WLD. Good stuff was great, but that last number was just…blah!


          Not sure where people get off on being such purists and calling out songs to be garbage when many people thought it was one of the greatest in many many years. The final HBM number was actually performed also at the Carte Blanche event at the Opera, though I seem to recall it was a massive 30 minutes there. An absolute beast of a song! I have to admit I liked the version they performed there more than the one tonight, but either way, good stuff!

          Thank you for filling out the blanks Otherdemon. I managed to get a hold of a setlist, but it did not have the all details for the first part which you kindly filled in.


            Not getting off on anything, and I don't know where you get the purist thing from. Just calling it like I see (hear) it; HBM started out promising with a weird intro not quite like anything I've heard in the Motorpsycho canon before, but the rest was a huge anti-climax to me. The rest of the gig was pretty good, including the HBM songs. Spin was done power trio-style, at first I thought they were starting to play Hogwash.


            Seems a very strange thing to limit the 12" at only 100 copies to a show that was sold out with 1300 audience, when the show is (almost) the only place to get a hold of it. They ask people to not pay silly money on ebay, but dont follow up to make it aviable at least to everyone attending the concert. I am a little bit pissed off, to be honest.


              Enig Speider…Ser ut som Bent har en rar plan om fÃ¥ en slutt pÃ¥ samlemaniet rundt MP..Som jeg er en del av… Helt greit for meg og coolt at band gir ut limiterte ting osv….Men da er det veldig spesielt Ã¥ fortsette Ã¥ gi ut ting som kommer til Ã¥ bli solgt for 5000.- pÃ¥ ebay.. Og samtidig bli sÃ¥ forbanna over at det skjer…Er noe Motorpsychologisk jeg ikke skjønner hær..

              Prisen kommer bare til Ã¥ øke pga Motorpsycho vokser som Band og blir bedre og bedre…


              I really enjoyed the gig, but certain elements of the concert were quite uninteresting, I must admit. The opener was cool and STG excellent as always. Sleepwalking I & II are not especially interesting, but just fills anyway. Lacuna/Sunrise is a beautiful song (on of their best in a long time I think) which worked OK live, but IMO the church organ is the instrument that takes this song all the way for me. Thus, I missed a dedicated keyboard player this evening. RWS is nice on the LP, but a little boring live. IMS was OK. Spin Spin Spin was better in the power version live than the album track. This was anyway the most uninteresting song of the HBM albumin my ears. Now the gig lifted a notch for me with Junior (fantastic), Diana (one of the highlight of the gig), Feedtime (fun!) and Superstooge (I'm very weak for all Trust Us tunes). Bent seemed to mess up the intro bass riff as he forgot to switch to a bass with the correct tuning. Upstairs/Downstairs was beautiful and another highlight for me. Cloudwalker was OK. Manmower, usually a favourite live, was a little bit disappointing for me, mostly because Bents bass rumble swallowed up the delicate mellotron sounds played by Snah. Again, a dedicated keyboard player would have med this so much better.Big Black Dog….hmmm….I like this tune, but lacks something to take it all the way. This didn't come live either. Quite boring. Would rather have heard The Wheel, K9 suite, LLM or something like that. Then the new Motorpsycho Echoes, i.e. the HBM tune. I must admit that I liked it a lot. I got really captivated! Listening to the LP now and I still find it very cool. Will possibly develop during the tour as there is quite some room for improvisation. I guess the whole setlist will change as usual. It usually changes for the better on the road in my experience. So conclusions:

              Setlist: Could have been better, but there were some great moments. I would have appreciated fewer HBM tunes, more classics.

              The sound: Quite OK, but as always (at least in Rockefeller), Bents bass rumble swallows a lot of Snah details. In my opinion, I'd liked to have Snah slightly louder or to hear them in a different venue, like Sentrum Scene. A keyboard player would have been very welcome!

              Venue: I have never liked Rockefeller, especially when it is sold out.


                Wut, they only sold 100 copies of the HBM vol.2 yesterday? That means 1200 people

                didn't get to buy it… Should've been more. Luckily I was 3rd in line @ the merch stand.

                250 NOK is also a bit of a steep price, but the vinyl and

                the artwork is quite beautiful (courtesy of Thomas Raimondi). Only downer is they

                partly used the Motorpnakotic font again which still is pretty fucking unreadable :(

                Here's the info on the release btw:

                1. Here Be Monsters pt.1 Sæther (15:21)

                2. The Etching Of The Seed-Atom Ryan/Sæther (4:48)

                3. Here Be Monsters pt.2 Sæther (7:52)

                Track 2 is the music they recorded for the Cineplasto shortmovie which was mentioned

                on here earlier. The title track is really beautiful on here (even if a bit overlong), I think it's strange they didn't make it the full 23 mins uninterrupted on the CD. Makes for choppy listening

                when the song is split by a 5 minute noise experiment. And yeah, the track still is Pink Floyd – Echoes all the way.

                About the concert: Good one, great Rockefeller sound YET AGAIN. With the exception of one of the worst ever MP tracks recorded (WLD), setlist was fine. I.M.S didn't quite work out live; the cool psychedelic vibe of the original just got totally lost. Rest of the HBM songs however were good.

                As mentioned the heavy version of Spin Spin Spin worked great live.

                A fine concert! :-)


                  Otherdeamon: it was actually 200 for HBM vol. 2, but the lady in the booth made a mistake and charged the price for the full album for the 5-ish first customers. Maybe you can get a refund if you ask nice. :)

                    Otherdeamon: it was actually 200 for HBM vol. 2, but the lady in the booth made a mistake and charged the price for the full album for the 5-ish first customers. Maybe you can get a refund if you ask nice.

                    Haha ok. I remember that things took a little time because the merch lady didn't have any change.

                    Those 50 kr can go to Bent's retirement fund :lol: Honest mistake.


                      MP came to Rockefeller Saturday with a surprisingly similar setlist to the show in Skien. The first 11 (!) songs were the same. It wasn't until "Superstooge" (my first since 2002) kicked in – wrong bass and all – that we got a change. Instead of "Hell", we also got "Upstairs/Downstairs" and "Cloudwalker (A Darker Blue)" before "Manmower", and the "Big Black Dog"/"Here Be Monsters" finale. We can only speculate why, but one possibility is that they wanted to have a well-oiled set for today's taping. Yes, the show was pro-shot, and the audience was informed by the entrance that the gig would be filmed. Footage from the camera at the first gallery + soundboard audio was streamed live to a big screen by the merch table. It looked stunning with the new backdrop. I could occasionally spot a camera-guy by the first row downstairs too.

                      I thought I was going to be smart and buy the limited 12" early, but it was sold out 10 minutes into the show. I queued up for 15 minutes (with the whole line rocking out to "S. T. G."),, but just missed out on one. When Bent introduced HBM, and said that it was available at the merch stand, many people shouted "NOOO! SOLD OUT!", which made Bent smile and make a comment to Kenneth.

                      Snah played a particularly good show imho, and seemed very energised by the new material. The set-up with the mellotrons and pedals looked and sounded very cool, but kept Bent and Snah very busy, and there were some "rough around the edges" moments. And yes, Bent messed up the beginning of "Superstooge" (which rules, btw). That didn't detract from the concert as a whole, though. It was very, very good. Bent was in fine voice, save for breaking up completely during the first line of "Whole Lotta Diana" (that definitely didn't seem intentional). I agree that "Manmower" was a bit of a low-point, with Kenneth being the main offender. His feel was just too loose and sloppy during the verses, and it sounded almost ironic. He played an otherwise excellent show, though. As for "Big Black Dog", while the song itself might not be an all-time-favourite, the lead-out riff at the very end is imho a classic MP riff (I LOVE Bent's bass-line) that could almost reach Golden Core-heights, had they settled into a beat at some point. They stayed in the hurricane, but just hearing that part played was a huge highlight for me, and it was SO much better than the record, as was the heavy version of "Spin, Spin, Spin". "S. T. G." Is a great choice for second track. I thought "I. M. S." worked well too, and "Lacuna/Sunrise" was open and beautiful. Bent's bass-lines on the new tracks are brilliant, and have to be experienced live.

                      "Feedtime" was great (very stoked that they've kept playing it), and I filmed that one and the entire 25-minute "Here Be Monsters". I for one loved to see Snah and Bent build those layers of sound, although there were some hiccups – which again leads me to think that Bob LeBad might not see this entire gig fit for release. We'll see about that, but I enjoyed it a lot. Would I have traded "Upstairs/Downstairs", "Cloudwalker" (which was excellent) AND "Manmower" for "Psychonaut" alone? Of course, but as it happened the concert really fit my mood that day, and it was a great experience overall.

                      Go see this tour, it can only get better!

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