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      The Waning (Pt. 1 & 2)

      The Magpie

      The United Debased

      She Left On The Sun Ship


      The Transmutation Of Cosmoctopus Lurker

      Cloudwalker (A Darker Blue)


      At Empire’s End

      Running With Scissors

      Spin, Spin, Spin

      A. S. F. E. [on setlist, but not played]

      Suite: Little Lucid Moments

      Like Chrome [on setlist, but not played]

      boomer former helm

        Oh wow, thats really quite different. "She left on the sunship" way played? Thats so surprising and cool :MPD:

        Punj Lizard

          Different indeed! I agree with Boomer, Sun Ship is a very cool and pleasant surprise. :-)

          Kid A

            And Superstooge is back! No NOX, or is it one of the missing tracks?


              The lottery is on! Three very different setlists in three days. For me big one would certainly have been the Trondheim gig. But even this set offers its surprises. You HAVE to attend at least two or three gigs these days.


                Wow, Sun Ship is finally back! Been hoping for that one for some time now… fingers crossed for the Oslo gig :cheers:


                  The setlist as posted by the band on instagram today.

                  Aalesund 090422:

                  the waning,

                  the magpie,

                  united debased,

                  sun ship,





                  at empire’s end > running w/scissors,

                  spin x 3,



                  Punj Lizard

                    @ThorEgil – I guess they added ASFE and Like Chrome as they proceded. Perhaps they felt like they had time to throw in a couple of extras.


                      @Punj Lizard – It was rather the opposite, they ran out of time and had to drop some songs. The instagram post lists what the actually played.

                      Punj Lizard

                        @ThorEgil – aha! Thanks for the clarification :)


                          hmmmm I do hope they shake these setlists up a bit for the May shows. Too many songs that have been played too often (although I only talk while reading the lists, not knowing where they actually took them by improvisation and/or rearranging). Also I'd be just as happy without lacuna/spin/scissors, and rather have IMS and the HBM song itself. Getting Sunship's great though.

                          But May is a long way off. Hope they'll feel like doing different sets till then. Some WYS, Hyena, Starmelt maybe but keeping in The Magpie and surely KoO songs, especially The United Debased. NOX is a must, but I'll see them twice so I bet chances are allright.


                            @supernaut, I too really hope that they shake things up before the next run. I used to feel that after the sheer brilliance of several 2017-2018- and to an extent 2019-setlists, the 2020 ones were the worst since September/early October 2001 (only beating those out because of NOX), but these first three setlists of 2022 are only marginally better. Compared to the much more eccentric Blitz-setlists last year (where I had/still have a ticket, but couldn't go), these are a bit depressing. But the centrepieces of the shows are still the NOX and/or the LLM suites, which is not a bad deal, and will get you pretty far into the psychoverse.

                            I've seen some psychonauts complain about too many riff-rockers, while I'm more puzzled by them finding room for an almost 10-minute long mid-tempo plodder like "At Empire's End" in the same set as "Entropy", "Cloudwalker" and "Spin, Spin, Spin". That's not to say that they're not half-decent songs live, I just feel that they're pulling the same heartstrings in a sense, and cancel each other out after a while. I don't get that easily bored by MP doing even their more mediocre riff-rockers live, both because of their physical nature (the songs, that is), and also because they do it so damn well. It's mostly bliss. And "The Transmutation Of Cosmoctopus Lurker" is a great track imho. Easily my favourite from KOO.

                            They're obviously revisiting Here Be Monsters these days, and I'd also put "Lacuna/Sunrise" in the same bag as the aforementioned four songs. "Running With Scissors" has more of a hypnotic quality to it, but I agree with @supernaut that I would rather choose "I.M.S.", or better still "Big Black Dog" (that mid-part/build up with the trio in '16 was so beautiful, and it would be great to hear it with Reine and Tomas). I also agree that Sun Ship is a fresh choice, and will be hoping for that in Oslo.

                            PS: You may not get "Starmelt/Lovelight", but at least LLM has a very similar intro. :wink:


                              Very much agree about the "pulling the same heartstrings". Riff rocking is allright me (since I find MP riff rockers not mediocre at all :) ) and I look very forward to get being blasted by the Cosmoctopus Lurker. And I'll probably never get tired of LLM. Ah they can play whatever as long as they do NOX.

                              Also, it's Motorpsycho live times again. :MPD:


                                I'm a bit surprised that those Ny Lang and Halflang thingies have disappeared.

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