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    schnu underberg

      Year Zero






      The Crucible



      Spin Spin Spin

      No Evil


      The Tower

      Fools Gold


        2h45ish. Viel spontaner Szenen-Applaus … zurecht.

        Punj Lizard

          And Hey Jane after No Evil.

          Punj Lizard

            Another great Motorpsycho evening in Köln. Very different to the other shows I've seen. A lot more motor and less psycho-delic. First time seeing Jig, Jane, Bro and Evil. Jane was especially exhilarating for me. Although I'm not a fan of August the song, the follow-on jam was, as we say in England, the bees knees, the cat's whiskers, the dog's bollocks. Believe it or not these expressions all mean it was very special. I still find The Crucible a bit cumbersome but the middle noise section really took off for me this time. I can't say any one song stood out as a major highlight, it was instead a concert of highlight moments and waves and several happy surprises.

            Thank you, as always, to my generous hosts – especially Thomas, also Alli, Ingo and of course the miaowman Tomcat. Great also to meet Tania again. See you all next year.

            @Johnny H – I looked around the crowd a little but didn't spot you. If you were there I hope you enjoyed the show.


              Yes, very rocky show. And the end of "Fools Gold" was amazing, the whole venue was vibrating or was it only where i stood? :D


                Looks like an awesome setlist. I hope to hear Hey, Jane and Whip That Ghost this friday in Belgium :)

                Punj Lizard

                  @naur Heavy heavy vibration where I stood too. 😀


                    @Punj: But in a very good way, of course. :-)

                    Punj Lizard

                      @naur Oh yeah. The very best way.


                        @Punj: I was there, probably not very far from you in the crowd in the middle of the pit, but didn't spot you either. Was probably a bit stunned after a 4 hour tour through the Cologne record stores with a very talkative friend ;-). Went directly from the last shop to the gig which gave me the rest – full blast in the pit downstairs, 10 meters direct blow from Bent's bass speaker.

                        The sound must have been very good upstairs near the bar, that is behind mixing desk. Downstairs very loud and a little muddy for me, but that's maybe just my ears, worn down after years of MP concerts ;-) Nothing to add to your praise of the gig – August jam was stellar, Snah reminding me of Ritchie Blackmore at the height of his powers.

                        Hopefully there's a recording – would like to listen to the show once again in rather calm sourroundings.


                          They ARE taking off like a jetplane this autumn tour!


                            Listening to a dear friend's tape…A bit of soundproblems as there was in Bremen.

                            On the musical side of my brain…Ok, I'm already sold with Y0, but these jams in Jig –

                            the most beautiful extended August and the Allman Brothers tribute – fucking shit I missed

                            that gig! Up/Down – cool choice to calm down, I love that. The 3Spin had also a long jam,

                            Mountain was as massive as you could wish. And…no words about Fools Gold. Sssssshhhhht!

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                          …hanging on to the trip you're on since 1994