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      Total Playing: 1H45M

      It was a hopeless try….!

      Ok, first of all, let me just say that the ppl in charge of the sound system over at the Garage deserve a good "kick in the arse"!. The sound was terrible throughout the whole set (with hints of better times during the quiet parts, but it was not to be). At first i thought it was because of my location (right in front of the stage where it's always loud and abit grainy). But during Burn i tried the rest of the venue to see if it was better somewhere else, but it was still crap! So this obviously put a damper on the whole thing. And to further fuck up the gig, some fucking idiot decided to throw his leather jacket right onto Snah during Burn, causing the mike stand to fall, and Snah leave the stage before the song was even finished, leaving the rest of the band to come to a rather embarrasing stop.

      I'll update tomorrow, as i need to get some rest before my early flight home tomorrow.

      But to leave you on an upnote: Starhammer was great!!!!


      On another upnote, El Doom is a funny guy.

      Gotta agree about the sound, though. It was crap throughout. The vocals were far too low and Kenneth's drums were almost deafening in the first half. It seemed like they dialled it down a bit towards the end, but overall the mix was just really murky and it seemed to be completely random whether it'd be Snah or Stale that would come through the murk at any given time.


        Astoundingly good gig this evening.

        Unlike the others I thought the sound where I was stood (to the right hand side, about 5 rows back) was excellent. It's not often a completely amazing gig is ruined within seconds of the end by some utter fuckhead, but that's how I feel right now. What the fuck he was thinking I'll never know. Just hope Snah realises it was one twat, and one twat only. The rest of us were left spellbound if a little fucked off at the end.

        But … for the love of god, PLEASE do a proper tour of the UK!. This one off London shit is crazy.

        That said, I'm counting down to Oslo ready


        I managed to recorded the 1st hour before my Digital Recorder "Packed Up". There was a guy in front of me doing the same so I hope it'll make it's way to Dime. The guy who through the jacket was a total dickhead and was told as much by many people on his way out, including me. His name is Dave and comes from Brixton. I know this because he had two great big patches saying this stitched to the back of the jacket.

        I agree with AJ; I thought the sound was fine. I was in the middle about six or seven people back, it was a brilliant night apart from the end. I laughed out loud when Bent asked if we liked his Bat wings and thought he looked like Gary Glitter. Gene Simmons maybe. Gary Glitter…NO!


          Ok. I was probably abit harsh on my first post; it

          Was a good night and i really enjoyed it, what i could

          Hear atleast. Ps; Ståle sang the main lead on sharks

          Which was kind of a surprise :)


          Don't touch snah! snah is god!

          Vegard B. Havdal

            Apparently there will be a spot about this gig on NRK Midtnytt tonight.



            This gig was terribly important to me for a number of reasons. Amongst them the fact that this will be the only chance I get to see them this tour, as I can't afford to travel to Europe – this trip to London from Liverpool, with overnight stay etc. cost me enough. Also, was the fact that this is only the third time in 10 years that MP have played a gig in the UK, and I wanted the band to enjoy the gig, leave having had a good experience of the UK, know that they do have some loyal and enthusiastic UK fans, and to be motivated to come back and play here again sooner rather than later.

            And all was going well until one moment of twattedness right at the end.

            The venue wasn't sold out, but the gig was respectably attended. The support acts went down well. I was pretty close to the front and thought the sound was OK, however the performance from the boys was brilliant. MP were really up for it, were getting good vibes from the audience and seemed to be really enjoying themselves. The playing was superb, and, let me tell you, anyone who has any doubts about TDDU as a record (and there are a few) must see it performed live. It is killer! Even my wife, who is more of a Phanero/IALC/LTEC era fan, and doesn't care too much for the new stuff, was mightily impressed.

            The main set ended and the boys were swiftly encouraged back on to do a couple of encores. After a bit of light-hearted banter between Bent and the crowd, the first encore was a crunching version of 'Starhammer', the second was shaping up to be a storming version of 'Burn'. That's when that arsehole (and I make no apologies for using the term) threw a heavy leather jacket at Snah, knocking the mike stand over into him, and causing him to leave the stage. What should have been a rapturous climax to the show just sort of fizzled out, as the rest of the band concluded the song and then swiftly followed Snah off stage, and the audience stood there in disbelief at what had just happened.

            I have to say that rather than the euphoria I should have felt at the end of this gig, I felt despondant. That this should be the band's parting memory of their one UK show was so disappointing for me, and I'm sure many others who were there.

            As for the idiot involved – I don't know who he was, but he was making a bit of a nuisance of himself all night, bumping into people etc, and his mate had been ejected earlier by security for some misdemeanour or other.

            If the band read these boards – maybe they do, maybe they don't – I would like to assure them that this was ONE fool, amongst many genuine fans and gig-goers who were thoroughly enjoying the show. He is not representative of UK audiences. Up until that point this had been a great gig. Don't let this be your abiding memory of the gig, and please don't let it put you off from visiting these shores again.


            "As for the idiot involved – I don't know who he was, but he was making a bit of a nuisance of himself all night, bumping into people etc, and his mate had been ejected earlier by security for some misdemeanour or other."

            Was the guy who threw a jacket a friend of the guy who was ejected because he smoked cigaretts?


            Not just a cigarette but a joint. Idiot and a friend of an idiot. The bouncer gave "Dave" his jacket back. If it'd had been down to me he wouldn't have got and I would've taken one of his shoes as well.


              Yep. He was somewhat of rebel throughout the show, bumping into people and genrally making an ass of himself. He even knocked me out of a trance during Into The Gyre. But i don't know if him and the magic fag smoker knew eachother. Kinda feel sad for the fag man tho. Eventhough it's a bullshit thing to do, and he shoud have known that he'd get busted, it looked like he was really enjoying the show, swaying back and forth with his eyes closed. But i guess he had it coming.

              By the way; Did any of you catch the Taurus Crash? Or Bent singing so much out of tune, it became "in tune" during La Lethe? Not to criticise, but it was kinda funny!

              All in all a good show with an ACE band, which could have been better if the sound had been…

              Yeah…and the costumes were hilarious :)


              I don't feel sorry for the guy who smoked cigaretts (or was it really a joint?). The first time the security guard saw that the guy was smoking he just took his cigarett. But the guy didn't stop smoking, and had another cigarett. He deserved to be ejected. If he was smoking joints I guess the security guards would've ejected him immediately, don't you think?


                Oh…i didn't catch him smoking the first one then. But i though i smelled some magic in the air….But ok. Strike two…you're out! That's fair!


                Those two guys were definitely together. In fact, jacket man tried to intervene when smoking man was getting ejected.

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