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    Here’s yesterdays setlist:


    The Crucible


    At Empire’s End

    Bonny Lee




    Like Chrome

    The United Debased


    Plan #1

    Fools Gold

    About 2h40m

    boomer former helm

      Oh wow, Cornucopia and Plan #1 :) Could you say what is Oppe/Nede? Upstairs/Downstairs? I also really like the fact that they perform The Crucible again.


      It's Upstairs/Downstairs.

      My recording is now up on Dime for those who are interested.


        @fearsatan: Thanks for recording! Already trying to download, though right now there's still nothing happening. Patience, Johnny!

        These days an average MP set is ovbiously bound to disappoint: always too short, favourite tracks not being played due to amount of material availabe etc. Only solution at hand: visit several gigs in a row!

        So better concentrate on the positive surprises: Crucible back! Lacuna/Sunrise & Cornucopia always welcome. Fool's Gold! Plan #1 also nice to appear once in a while…


        Plan #1 was pure perfection in my ears!

        And I really enjoyed Bonny Lee. The band absolutely hit the groove on that one!

        Lastly, the version of Fools Gold was absolutely pure gold!!!


        Last night was a blast! Great show! Beautiful and energic at the same time. The C was a bit «messy» I thought, but the rest..! Let’s see what they bring to the table tonight.


          @Ozzak: I agree – for an oldie*) like me Plan #1 was a higlight, on a very fine night. Another highlight was when somebody in the audience shouted "DEMON BOX", and Bent laughed and said "Ja, særlig!" ("Yeah, right").

          *) I first saw them at Hulen, Bergen, in March 1992.


            First Plan #1 in a hundred years???


              @Be: If you consider 2018 to be a hundred years ago :lol:

              Btw, the recording is great. They sound a little rusty in places, but

              this will obviously improve throughout the tour.


                We have a database with Motorpsycho setlists. You can check out the concerts where Plan #1 has been played:



                  Yeah, I know about the database and found out 2018 after my comment. As one could say that you can cancel out two years with almost no gigs, it was actually recently. I just had the impression that I haven't heard it in years, while I have seen it somewhat regulary back in the days when me and the band were young.

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                …hanging on to the trip you're on since 1994