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      Stained glass

      In every dream home


      no evil

      hey jane

      intrepid explorer

      a pacific sonata


      the tower

      the cuckoo

      heartattack mac

      lacuna sunrise

      ship of fools

      the weel


      Plan #1


      playing time: 2h:40min (plus feel after the crowd went nuts for more :) )

      Amazing show! Really heavy. Highlights for me was an amazing Stained glass, Lacuna/Sunrise (about 15 mins long), Ãœber heavy Ship of fools and an equally heavy Wheel. Sound was abit muddy the first half hour, but improved greatly throughout. And the singing was pretty perfect. Overall a great night :STG:

      Kid A

        The wheel at last!

        That’s really funny, I watched the RW III show just 2 Hours ago in anticipation of the gig on Sunday and thought what an amazing performance Stained Glass was back in the day.


          well it was pretty damn amazing tonight aswell. Kristoffer on horn throughout. Clocked in at about 10:30 mins.


            actually they did a 2nd encore as the crowd didn't stop making noise, so Feel is missing on the setlist above

            Great King Rat

              Well, that was pretty awesome! Huge improvememnt overall compared to the KrachamBach gig. Stained glass was amazing, and many songs benefit from Kristoffer's contribution, especially the new ones. I have to say, I'm not a big fan of The Tower's heavier stuff but it all worked tonight.

              From Heart Attack Mac onwards it was breathtaking: A massive Lacuna, followed by Ship of fools, both about 15 min, followed by a heavy and quite fast Wheel, which still went on for 18 minutes! And that wasn't even the end. ASFE isn't a song for me, I have to say (though it works live, no doubt), yet there was more than enough compensation for that by Plan#1, which was as good as ever.

              Great show. Looking forward to Bremen now. Let the awesomeness continue! :MPD:

              Great King Rat

                Really, they played Feel in the end? Damn it, I shouldn't have left for my train after Plan#1…

                boomer former helm

                  Yes. The audience screeming was so intense that they returned even the lights and music was already turned on. Fantastic show!!


                    Triumphant return to a historical place. Well packed, everybody felt that "extra vibe" I guess – and we are still at the beginning of the tour! As it was was said already: Something for everyone, impressive performance and so much to absorb. Highlights: "Stained Glass" with a "small tuba" making it's debut (goosebumps!), "Intrepid", "Pacific Sonata" and the end of the main set (heartattack/lacuna/ship/wheel). What a moment when the first tones of The Wheel were played… (I remember a superb combo My Best Friend/Wheel when mp played Martkhalle the last time 17 years ago).

                    I'm thrilled about the immense potential of this fourpiece – stunning :MPD:


                      A very good show! Not flawless but very impressive anyway. Lots of new material, much to absorb. A magic beginning set the tone for a concert that found band and audience wired into one another. Highlights: "Stained Glass" with tuba solo, "In Every Dream Home", "H Mac", "Lacuna Sunrise". 20 minutes of the "The Wheel" were a very nice surprise and quite a blast even if the vocals fell a bit flat. Ultimately the audience forced the band back on stage for a true encore, this one was really an extra. There's great potential for the band to grow and go places together during the the course of the tour.


                      @Great King Rat: Totally agreeing on the comparisson with Krach am Bach!

                      Perfect setlist for me, even Pacific Sonata works live for me, didn´t yet get into it on the record…personal highlights were Stained Glass, Ship of Fools and The Wheel (of course, since I never saw it live up to yesterday…).

                      Big thanx to the crowd, magic moments just before the second encore…maybe the best Motorpsycho concert I saw yet…wish I had time to see aanother gig of this tour.

                      I reeally enjoyed seeing Snah being able to play more solos due to the supporting second guitar on many songs…


                      …and lots of merch for the first time I saw them in Geermany…about 10 different Vinyls, Tour EP (black and yellow), books, stickers…and vaarious shirts…went home pretty broke ;)


                        by the way, how much is the tour ep?


                          I think it went for around 77Euros straight on eBay.


                            haha, seriously, how much is it at the merch table?


                              In Oslo it was NOK150, so I guess it's 15 euros.

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                            …hanging on to the trip you're on since 1994