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      For my taste, they could leave out Cloudwalker and Hell for the benefit of some other songs. Not that they are bad songs, but there is so much riff-heavy stuff prominent in the set already. Anyway, looking forward to Leipzig, knowing that they love the place.


        @Devotional: Yeah, I sat on the 3rd row on the balcony, and there everything just meshed into one big wall of sound where I at times couldn't distinguish any instruments from eachother. I did fear it in advance, because I saw Opeth @ Konserthuset last year from roughly the same spot, and the sound then was horrendous. So I think the venue just isn't suitable for these types of concerts.

        Re Hell 1-3: It's strange really. I like the studio-version, and the live ones I heard @ Rockefeller '13 and '14 were good. But I think it's overplayed and worn out now; they've done what they can do with it live. And there are too many other similar songs in the setlist nowadays.

        Tomas has gelled quite nicely with Bent & Snah, so I have a feeling they're just going to get better and better throughout the tour. I'm actually considering going to Berlin in November to get one of those shows late in the tour when they are a well-oiled machinery with insane interplay skills.


          I sat in the middle of row 2 in the balcony, and the sound was an improvement over Terminalen last Wednesday.The vocals were clearer, and some songs that didn't work at Terminalen came to life here. Especially Heartattack Mac which was just a mess at Terminalen. Intrepedid Explorer, however, didn't work for me here. The pedal bass from Bent is just too static and loud and drowns his guitar. I don't think they need that extra bass at all.

          A bit disappointed that this show didn't differ from the previous shows. Had expected something special since they booked Konserthuset. But a great gig nevertheless. Well worth the trip.

          Highlights for me:


          Heartattack Mac

          Ship of fools (which blew my mind)

          Edit: typo


            The performance and appearance when playing Hell really brought Deep Purple Live in Japan to mind. Especially with the seated audience.


              A lovely show! Has Snah been taking singing lessons, LOL, he was on pitch for most of the show. In fact his singing was top notch!

              Highlights for me: Intreprid Explorer (fantastic!), Un Chien D'Espace, Feel, Upstairs / Downstairs, The Tower, Bartok Of The Universe (Sooo powerful) and Heart Attack Mac.

              A great show. Sounded excellent from row 26. It took a couple of songs to get the sound adjusted, though.

              PS: It helped to yell at the guy at the merch stand. He came running over to me with the EP and a t-shirt as soon as I asked him (loudly) not to exclusively serve the guys in the middle of the queue :D


              Indeed, I really wonder what's reason behind the huge improvement in vocals.

              Whatever it is or whatever happen it should be done years ago.

              Oslo show was quite similar to Trondheim show, no big surprises. Playing K9 in Oslo seems to a tradition they wanted to continue (it's was born in Oslo after all).

              Downside was that some shorter songs had to be removed, in a set that have lots of long pieces already, shorter softer songs could break up the set in a good way.

              The sound was really great on the floor (one of the best I have heard).

              Best part for me was Heartattack Mac, Lacuna and Ship Of Fools.

              Audience was almost to quiet for bent (almost made him worried?), snah liked it. Of course snah was correct :-)

              Wish list for upcoming shows: skip HBM and K9 and replace with shorter and older songs,

              add Stardust & Sonata and get asfe into shape, it should be a master piece if done right.


                I wouldn't mind a seated show nowadays. 2,5 hours… geeez.


                  Great show. My first time at KONSERHUSET.

                  Great punch in the bass & drums from row 10, but anyone else felt the guitar-sound was too low in the mix ?!

                  Highlights; Feel, Dream Home, k-9, HBM.


                    Yes, it was a bit low in the mix at times. Then again, my seat was on Bent's side :)


                      I was in row 11 and felt the guitar was too loud in some parts of the mix..


                        Sorry, I've not been there…but I like what I hear…on DIME now…

                        Inner Orbits left…


                          Hey Spacebandit (or anyone else), maybe a stupid Q, but started a DIME account and I can't find the Torrent download, is there some trick I don't know? Any pointers would be greatly appreciated!

                          Maybe there's an issue since I'm a new member, I can't find where to download the torrent. Frustrating!

                          I want this show! :|


                            The Un Chien sample sounds great btw


                              @Bartok, you have to wait a few days after your registration on Dime.

                              A moderator will change your account from a normal user to a user who can download torrents.


                                @Blashyrkh Aw, alright, thanks.

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