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    The Other Anders

      From memory:


      Intrepid Explorer

      Dream Home



      No Evil

      Hey Jane

      The Cuckoo

      Kill Some Day


      A Pacific Sonata

      The Tower

      Lacuna/Sunrise >


      Bartok of the Universe

      Ship of Fools

      The Alchemyst

      Plan #1


      boomer former helm

        fantastic, the alchemyst is back :D hope they play in in the next 3 days at least once ;) and kill some day…. great.


          Plus the Sonata as a fourpiece already now – thanks Anders, hope you could enjoy the show :)


          Did they bring any merchandise this time? Last time in Hamburg, they had no shirts, just a few vinyls that everyone already seemed to have…

          Kid A

            OMG, Kill Some Day! One of my alltime favourites.. hope they do it again in Bremen. The "final" with I.M.S./Bartok/SoF/Alchemyst/Plan in a row sounds like a killer :twisted:

            The best setlist so far IMO


              Woow ! This is an awesome setlist… personally the best so far from this tour.

              It seems that they don't play 2 sets anymore. I kinda liked it :)

              But anyway, really looking forward to see them at The Casino and Botanique in Belgium.

              The first show in Belgium is the first time my girlfriend goes to an MP concert.

              She doesn't know what to except. So i'm very curious :D



              Hello, new member here!

              This was my fourth show, and somehow I am always slightly worried that I am bigging them up too much beforehand to my friends who haven’t seen them before. Again my worries were put to shame; amazing show, fantastic setlist! It was my girlfriends first time seeing them, and I am very glad that she loved it 😊

              They brought merchandise; a few different t-shirts, a hoodie, some vinyl and books.

              The Other Anders

                @Tomcat: Yes, I enjoyed the show very much. It was just a lot to digest. The new songs are so saturated with playing and details, and even more so with a fourth member. Insane jams and solos going on inside every single one of them, one heavier than the other. With the addition of Kristoffer Lo they also move closer to the sound of the records, now able to add more layers and detail.

                @Kid A; Yes, it was killer. Lacuna/Sunrise was also killer. The intense space-out in the second half of A Pacific Sonata sounded like they already prepared to end the main set. So every song after that was a surprise and a killer.

                The Sonata is the new Un Chien, I guess.

                @Pitje007: I didn't pay too much attention to the merch, I just bought the tour EP. But it was not a lot they had, which they never usually do on their way down to Germany. I think they get merch delivered after crossing the German border, possibly in Hamburg, at least records, since it can be very expensive to declare merch at the border, and their record label is of course situated in Hamburg.

                The Other Anders

                  Ok, still digesting here. I have heard writing down your thoughts is supposed to help:

                  ASFE (I like this song, it's groovy)

                  Intrepid Explorer (first space-out of the night, epic stuff already in song number two)

                  Dream Home (complete with flute solos played by Kristoffer on keys)

                  Cloudwalker (complete with the quiet opening)

                  August (another highlight, the jamming, the breaks, Tomas on the drums here… ridiculous!)

                  No Evil (second half always reminds me why they keep on playing this one, wow)

                  Hey Jane (If I said I have heard this one 100 times live, would you believe me?)

                  The Cuckoo (with the quiet intro, Snah on lead vocals)

                  Kill Some Day (nice surprise, but also contributes to the musically "darker" feel of the night)

                  Up/down (beautiful, a very welcome breath of air)

                  A Pacific Sonata (first half rather messy, needs practice. second half straight into orbit)

                  The Tower (more epic-ness and intense jamming)

                  Lacuna/Sunrise > (funky jams, just great and a lighter mood than the rest, a huge highlight)

                  I.M.S. (yes, thank you! Trippin' away)

                  Bartok of the Universe (brutal, dark, heavy, proggy)

                  Ship of Fools (another epic highlight, this must surely be the last song of the main set?)

                  The Alchemyst (wow, we get yet another epic, like butter on bacon!)

                  Plan #1 (ends the night in that musically dark mood I mentioned, as it kind of completes the mood set by Kill Some Day which also lingers in so many of the newer songs)

                    The first show in Belgium is the first time my girlfriend goes to an MP concert.

                    She doesn't know what to except. So i'm very curious :D

                    Haha, I tried that twice. One left midshow, the other bought half the backlog after the show. Needless to say which one I kept. :mrgreen:

                    The Other Anders

                      A very positive review, in Danish:


                      "The nicest Motorpsychopats"

                      "One strongly doubt if it is possible for the band to play a bad concert"

                      "You sense that Motorpsycho live is never a finite or finished result. It is a process, which you as audience only can praise yourself happy to witness"

                      "Järmyr is more leaned back [than Kapstad], not better or worse, but it alters the fundation"

                      "Kristoffer Lo's mix of keys, trompet and guitar wrapped the concert in the loveliest freaky frame"

                      "The concert really should get 5 stars (out of 5), but gets 4 because the concert in 2014 (last time they played in Copenhagen) was a notch better. There I remember especially the quieter passages made a bigger impression than at Loppen. I already look forward to seeing them again. Motorpsycho is highly addictive."


                        @ The Other Anders: "Hey Jane (If I said I have heard this one 100 times live, would you believe me?)"

                        Yes indeed, maybe even 101 ? :-D

                        The Other Anders

                          Haha! We will have to count one day…

                          Two nice videos from Loppen up on YouTube. Luckily not Hey Jane.



                          Upstairs-Downstairs, with audible horn


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