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      Sorry, I'm not clicking play on that. :lol: I've seen it live twice (the first was in that same '14 tour) and it was two times more than I needed. :P To each his own I guess, it's not like there's scarcity with MP. ;)

      From the same era I'd have preferred something else from Phanerothyme, Painting the Night Unreal and The Slow Phaseout being my favourite picks. Or even Stained Glass, I'm certainly not the biggest LTEC fan but at least it would've been a first for me.

      Oh, and I wish they'd keep track of where they play what! :lol: I mean, K9 is great, out-of-this-world and everything else, but it was also the 3rd time in the 4 last Milan shows, and given that it takes up nearly 1/4 of the show I really wish I could hear something different without being forced to follow them on tour. :D (which would be great, but, sadly, very unpractical at this point).


      As I hadn’t enough cash and at the merchandising didn’t accept credit cards I couldn’t buy the tour poster. Anybody knows if it will be on sale online anywhere?

      Thanks all

      Phoots Flower


        I think that it will be available from 13 Nov here->



          I love Upstairs And Downstairs. The whole Let Them Eat Cake record anyway. But I find this one of the interesting aspects of Motorpsycho. There are songs that are loved by some, hated by others. It's not like that we could ever agree on what songs are actually good or bad (Neverland, maybe?). I for one find e.g. Ship Of Fools, Ratcatcher or Starhammer totally terrible. And the whole Unicorn thing. But I know people that would consider these songs to be among their best.



            You're right, for once I love both Starhammer and the Unicorn and I could never grow tired of them. I'm totally with you on Ratcatcher though, I still have to find someone who actually likes that song. :lol:


              Ratcatcher is a groovemonster, love it.


                See, there's the proof! No song without lovers, no song without haters. :lol:


                  To me it doesn't matter much which songs they play as long as they play in the magical motorpsycho way. Be it a powerpopsong, shoegazer ballad or spacetripjam, it's their musicianship that always astounds me. If I find one thing annoying at concerts its's the "jukebox mentality" of some fans, shouting out songtitles at artitsts who should be completely free to do whatever they want to do! Rock on, Jeroen

                    See, there's the proof! No song without lovers, no song without haters.

                    Exactly! Though I don't hate any of their songs. There's a few I don't need to hear in concert but as JERO pointed out, they play their stuff their way and somehow it always works, be that The Golden Core, In Our Tree, K9, Come On In or Go To California. I'd love to hear more Demon Box stuff or Home Of The Brave or Lighthouse Girl or any really old songs I never got to hear live even I was there back in mid-90s but the past is the past.


                      I doubt we'll find someone who loves Neverland. 8)

                      Worst song in the MP Catalog!


                        2nd that.


                          I have a friend who loves Neverland…and I don't think it is such a terrible song, but as we were sayin', it's a matter of tastes


                          @Be Well, we just found Darmok, who loves the Slow Phaseout, so I think nothing is impossible :)

                          It's very funny to find out that two MP fans may be in each possible first row in the concerts with totally different tastes!

                          i.e. I give for good that nothing produced after Trust Us is vaguely comparable to what has been produced before. If I'd make a double-CD best-of, it would only contain stuff from Demon Box to Trust Us, including the amazing EPs they issued.

                          But instead I go on finding people who love Phanerothyme or (ouch!) It's a Love Cult more than everything else and I ask myself how it is possible… Of course everyone has its own tastes, so everything is legit.

                          I've been deluded by everything from LTEC to BH/BC, possibly except Tristano and the Walking with J EP (the one with Geb's stuff, who at the time was in my opinion the best composer of the band! :) ). I can stand Barracuda, not loved by quite anyone here, but the four albums are a rolling down to the abyss!

                          Kenneth stuff is better, but the only album that I can compare to the "golden age" is Here Be Monster and its EP HBM2. And I still wonder why they have produced so many double albums full of filler, and didn't make a double album with Here Be Monster, that would have gone straight to the gotha of the band!

                          A: Sleepwalking – Lacuna/Sunrise – Running with Scissors (best Snah's tune in 15 years!)

                          B: Here Be Monster 1 – Spin Spin Spin

                          C: I.M.S. – The Etching of the Seed-Atom – Here Be Monster 2

                          D: Sleepwalking Again – Big Black Dog.

                          This would have been majestic. Still, HBM is the best thing from last 18 years MP. Because vocals are clear, intimate and without all those yes-like harmonizations (good for a couple of albums, but boring nowadays), and because Kenneth plays one third of the beats he usually does (also, good for the Unicorn and Kvaestor and the Alchemyst, but I REALLY missed something that even I could be able to play!). It's an album with something to say, and not only a rock'n'roll exercise like most of the latest production.

                          I'm off topic… sorry, I wanted to shares this thing about HBM, that seems quite overlooked by most of MP people.

                          About what I expect from the concerts, well, I have a lot of preferences and a lot of non-preferences. The fun of an MP concert is also to see how the setlist meets my tastes, beside the way the guys play and their mood. And anything from Trust Us or Blissard will probably make me more happy than anything from the Tower…!


                            Strange – I have the same feeling about Eggplant and Behind the Sun.

                            Especially since I enjoyed the full Hell I-VII they played live in 2014. Sadly very unlikeley to be repeated again.

                            Would habe been good to release Hell as a single album or part of a double album – with all the other stuff on seperate vinyl. Propably the material wasn't all finished when Eggplant was released.

                            On the other hand I never had the feeling there was much filler material on the double albums – except for BHBC, that is. Even more heretic: I find Angels and Daemons one of the most incomplete albums they released, although almost every single tune of it is brilliant. And yet there's a feeling they just put anything they had at the time on it without considering an album concept (that's not a concept album ;-) ).

                            Trust Us beats AADAP in this respect by far – even being a double album, there's a kind of structure that leads you somewhere, not just a compilation of songs. That's what a good album does for me.

                            As for the Kenneth aera – imho Heavy Metal Fruit is up to anything released in the 90s, there are songs like Cornucopia that I'll always miss in a good MP gig and Here Be Monsters is probably the best album released after Trust Us. And live they reached a peak with Kenneth, especially in 2013 and 2014, for me probably the best live years of their whole career. I heard many comments of longstanding MP followers that they had just experienced the best MP concert of all times during that period.


                              I love The Slow Phaseout, brilliantly crafted tune. That middle section? Amazing! I find it somewhat odd if people prefer Cake/Phano/Love Cult to any other albums previous or after, but nevertheless I find them full of great songs. Ãœberwagner, 30/30, Stained Glass, For Free, Upstairs & Downstairs, Circles, The Mirror and The Lie, the band took a turn and ventured to new places. So in a way it's no different from Demon Box and The Unicorn and Folk Fest. All pieces in a puzzle, but a similar mindset throughout.

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