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      For the first time ever I ended with an empty card (f**ed up while placing the recorder and all I have is 46 seconds of gibberish, sorry :-( ) I started to stretch out for other sources – let's hope for a saviour from Mars :?

      There were exceptionally splendid performances of songs last night. Still buzzing around in my head … PPP was tear driving beautiful, as was Stooge-kissing-wheel for a moment and Fools Gold; and Roadwork-worthy versions of many more tracks.


        Was a great opener… Really… And 3 hours were really great… Thomas and the other guy rocked… :STG:

        Punj Lizard

          @Tomcat – I can't help but feel somewhat responsible. A distraction at least. :cry:


            Still recovering – couldn't sleep till about 4.30 in the morning after that monster of a gig. For those still travelling – hope you reach your destination safe and ready for the next adventures, whether motorpsychedelic or not ;-)

            @Tomcat – Spacebandit told me on DIME somebody was going to record – was that you? Or probably some other helpful person from Mars? There was enough space drive to reach the outer region of the solar system anyway…

            Recording or not – won't forget this gig for a while!


              @Punjy Lizard: It was my fault only, don't worry at all you could have anything to do with it :-)

              @Johnny: Spacebandit is a realistic connector, we have to help us poor fools still stuck somewhere between ground and orbit. Let's see…

              schnu underberg

                oh, what an evening…

                one of the best shows, i have seen

                the 4th horseman was really great. it seems to be better to play with 4.

                the setlist is already framed in the livingroom


                  Great to hear that you Köln attendees had quite a stellar treatment. Hope they keep it up for tonight. Basically, they can play whatever they want, if only they keep Taifun ;) 6 hours to go


                    All yr prayers have been answered!

                    The mighty Spacebandit + Dimenew saves the day! :D

                    Edit: Holy shit, 42 minute version of Un Chien? That has to be one of the longest ever, right?


                    @Punji Thanks for the reports, I thoroughly enjoy your fresh input and commitment, I wish more people on your exiled island;) would open their minds to MP – it would be great w more shows over there, I remember seeing them in (I think) Camden around 2001/02, and I brought all my Brit friends who totally loved it, in what must have been a pub, the “stage” was on the floor, or maybe a feet high, and although it was a great show it was a bit …sad, w mostly Norwegians abroad. But they put on a great show. They should have filled theaters all around the country. It’s Britain! Anyway. Happy that you discovered them and hope you spread the word, the Köln show seems amazing.

                    @otherdemon Amen!


                      Good things come to those who wait…have a look @ Dime.

                      Feel free to share on Motortrades as well.

                      The Cologne Taper Genius made some tears in my eyes..as I was not there…

                      Punj Lizard

                        @ Bartok – it us a real shame that MP are not much bigger in the UK. They really should be.

                        Is there anybody here can help me with getting a copy of the gig recording? I don't use DIME and I've never ventured into the whole tape trading world. All the boots I have are vintage 70s ones that are readily available to download. Having been at this gig I have a real desire to get a copy.


                          @Spacebandit, will this also be on Motortrades? :) thx


                            Thanks for the upload! Taifun!

                            Guybrush Threepwood

                              Changing a string in full flight:

                              changing a string



                                Edit: Holy shit, 42 minute version of Un Chien? That has to be one of the longest ever, right?

                                The K9 suite from Eindhoven 07.05.1999 was even 45 minutes long.

                                @ Blashyrkh: The recording has been uploaded on motortrades, too.

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