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    Every Dream Home

    Ship of Füüls


    Pacific Sonata



    Fools Gold


    First Half extensively filmed by Rockpalast


      Did I ever say i don't like them that much on a festival? What was I thinking? This was one of the best mp concerts I saw so far and this means something! The Wheel… Killer!!! And the Tower… Definite Versiom!!!! Love this guys. Btw, Kristoffer is still on board.


        Motorpsycho perform for the fourth time at Burg Herzberg Festival (previously in 2008, 2011 and 2015), Germany's biggest Hippie festival with a total attendance of ca. 13.000. Directly preceded by the longest lunar eclipse of the century the band takes the stage at 00:45 as a quartet, aided by Reine Fiske on mellotron and guitar (who Bent introduced as Kristoffer at the end of the show to a puzzled facial expression of Reine). Opening with "Bartok" it soon becomes apparent that we can enjoy an excpetionally great sound: Loud enough but no too loud, crystal clear, transparent, well balanced yet with a very dominating bass and all of Reine's contributions very well audible. "Dreamhome" brings us the first playful jammy portion when Reine takes the lead on the jam. A relentless "Ship Of Fools" whips the crowd into a frenzy before a somewhat odd quick segue into "Feel", which certainly came unexpected. "Feel" kills the energy a bit and unfortunately brings out some talkers in the crowd (no sing-along). After "Feel" Bent introduces Thomas and jokes that they don't need him anymore as a drummer because he is such a good mellotron player. "Pacific Sonata" to follow "Feel" felt like an extremely bad choice in building up the set in that moment: A long drawn out ballad for a crowd who is thirsty for power? Reconsidering my initial notion of a flawed sequence when looking at the complete set now I think it actually worked pretty well. They started with a quick power punch of 30 mins, gave us a little breather in the middle, before relentlessly bringing the set home with spaced out hypno rock! "The Wheel" starts from the scratch and they build it up for 17 glorious minutes, probably the highlight of the set, the crowd captivated. "The Tower" features a weird Fripp-ian spacy middle part that could have come straight from the beginning of a "K9"-jam before "Fool's Gold" majestically concludes this rather short appearance. An excellent and enjoyable gig with a few little flashes of exquisite improvisation; "Tower"-era Motorpsycho in a nutshell for a festival crowd.


          Rockpalast "live" from Herzberg on 17th September 01.00 – 5.00 on WDR

          Hopefully lots of Motorpsycho included – shame they didn't film the whole show!

          The Other Anders

              As well on DIME. Feel free to spread and/or put it on Motortrades.

              Fine sound, great show…but way too short…

              the visitant

                Thanks, Spacebandit!

                I just joined Dime today to hear this show. First song starting now and it sounds really good.

                I think I've found a new dimension to listening to MP! :-)


                Some angel out there also uploaded the concert (from Feel on in) on YouTube 💙 Great video, great sound, great playing (and singing!), great audience, great lighting, everything just so so great.

                And omg, this new lineup of MP is just really heartbreakingly good. Must be some new dynamic with Thomas on board. Less muscle, though heavier. Great!

                Vegard B. Havdal

                  What and awesome The Wheel :STG:


                  Indeed! And THE TOWER!! What a monster riff. And the breaks, almost reminiscent of The Other Fool in some way, though far more ✨cosmic✨ Although I loved the latest record when it came out it’s really opened itself through the latest videos on youtube and RW. It’s def one of their greatest. And topical lyrics, who would have thought they could pull that one off. On par with Trust Us, though comparing is boring! It’s The Tower. Nuff said!


                  boomer former helm

                    Man, the jam is the tower is pure bliss….!!!!! :STG:


                      Yes, and again I am amazed, and (have I said this a lot of times before?)how is it possible these guys still get better at what they do! I've heard so many of the Tower songs for about a year now, and still, every rendition an adventure. And now, proven by these vid's, like Bartok says in his post above "less muscle, though heavier", to me that's like the truly great musicians, able to convey this power with such apparent ease! Maastricht-gig is getting closer, and I feel like needing to go to 'church' again, to experience the magic and the wonder…long may they rock! (and jazz around!) :STG:

                      Punj Lizard

                        I've been watching and listening to these excellent five videos over and over. Just can't get enough. For me they've become a kind of Roadworks 5.5 :D

                        boomer former helm

                          Oh yes Punj Lizard, same with me. That is really deep and far out…. If they are in this kind of mood in the studio now, then….. wow.


                            Thinking (and listening) back to the latest shows I wonder if they join forces with Reine again in the studio as well. In concert he had a strong impact. Otherwise it would be great to do the new album as trio regarding the peak they are on and the "extraordinary" recording situation they're are in these days … whatever they'll do it will be right :STG:

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