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    Punj Lizard

      Can't wait for next week's Drammen gig with Elephant9. This'll be my first MP concert on Norwegian soil. I'm very excited.

      I have one spare ticket, if anyone's interested. It will go to the first person to claim it.


        It's a little strange that the few Norwegian gigs next week aren't listed at the official site. I hope they will debut some new material!

        Punj Lizard

          Hmmm. I hope for some new material too. However, I think Tomas has been busy with other projects/gigs and may not have been available to rehearse new material for the stage. Still keeping fingers crossed.


            Trio gigs? Anyone know?


            I am a little worried about the concert end time because of E9 playing first. Last train towards Oslo is 00.05. Hmm, I smell a replay of my first MP concert in 1996, when then unknown Jaga Jazzist warmed up for Motorpsycho on the Blizzard tour. I was 15 and the MP concert never started. I had to go before it was ended because the dad of my friend came to pick us up. If E9 is as good as JJ was then, it almost doesnt matter, anyway :) At the 96- concert MP was really blasting the Tønsberg youth club by the way. A really impressing and good concert. This was the setlist:

            08.03.96: Samfunnshuset, Tønsberg (NOR)


            Wearing Yr Smell


            Nothing To Say

            Sinful Wind-Borne

            A Shrug & A Fistful

            True Middle

            All Is Loneliness



            // Nerve Tattoo

            Sister Confusion

            The One Who Went Away

            // Fool's Gold

            Punj Lizard

              I still have a spare ticket … anyone? anyone? It's free :D


                Hello sir..I need a ticket…..But i wanna pay for it…..Still got it?..

                Punj Lizard

                  @cjacob – Yes I still have the ticket. We can meet before the gig. Email me at jyotipunj (at) hotmail dot com


                  @remialeksander – Also worried about the train situation, but seems like there's a bus leaving from Torget Vest in Drammen at 00:45. Supposed to be in Oslo 45 minutes later. It's the best I've found so far.

                  Edit :

                  Whoops… Seems like this is a bit further from the venue, so maybe it's more or less the same :?


                  Thanks for info, BalleKlorin.

                  Yes, think I´ll leave about 23.50. If unlucky, its still an hour left at that point. But as mentioned, will also be a replay of my first gig, so in a way fine for this time :)


                    Marty Balin dead – quite a loss. Doubt the boys will remember him with a freak appearance of House at Pooneil Corners on the setlist tonight…


                    Why not? They're usually doing just that when inspirators die. Looking forward to tribute song tonight ;)


                      I would probably have cried with joy if that (Pooneil) happened, but yes, extremely unlikely. «The Wheel» and «Taifun» seems possible, though. And maybe a first «S.T.G.» for Punj Lizard? Regardless, I’m ready for some amplifier worship tonight, to put it in Boris’ words.

                      Punj Lizard

                        Sitting in the lobby at the hotel right now, right next door to the venue. We popped in a while ago and heard Tomas doing a sound check, but no sightings of the band yet.

                        Punj Lizard

                          Elephant9 – phenomenal. Kapstad was here. Looks like he left after E9. Maybe he'll be back.

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