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      Yo, here's what they played:

      Acoustic Set


      Nature's Way

      Blueberry Daydream



      Electric Set


      The Promise

      The Cuckoo

      Ãœberwagner ->


      Ship of Fools

      Lux Aeterna

      The Crucible

      The Other Fool

      The Alchemyst

      You Lied ->

      Black To Comm


      Fools Gold


      Lineup: Bent, Snah, Tomas, Reine.

      Nice acoustic set to start off. Bent told us to get out our inner hippie. Acoustic Neverland! A first? It was pretty sweet. Neverland is one of very few MP songs I don't care much about, but this acoustic version was very enjoyable.

      Black To Comm included a snippet of Back To Source. Great show, very high energy! Psychotzar is such a great opener. Lux Aeterna was absolutely gorgeous. The Crucible was also very powerful, works great live, and the double double-neck looks and sounds so good. Hypnotizing Alchemyst. And Fools Gold was beyond massive!! The end jam became a huuuge gigantic beautiful wall of sound and golden noise, absolutely incredible!!! My jaw is still somewhere on the floor of Verkstedhallen. This was one for the history books!!!!

      I don't think the show was sold out, but the crowd was mostly very appreciative. Personally I enjoy not being stuffed in a room like sardines in a tin, so that was nice. But people: if you want to chat, why do you go to a concert???


      This Promise version was new to me, very different than original.

      Sounds was horrible during this song though.

      Crucible songs worked great.

      The video pics during Crucible made things a bit too clear and sad…

      Great fun with old timers as You Lied & Btc, Tomas was man of the night for sure.

      Down side were a very audible crowd and PA sound that is a joke at times (why is still a problem in the year of 2019?)


        Thank you for the setlist and info – always exciting to get news after the show :-)

        I really hope they do have space to take those acoustic guitars with them over here as well ❤


          This set looks promising! Three new (not played so far this year) acoustic songs and one "electric" was premiered (Fool's Gold).

          I guess we will not be lucky to hear an acoustic set on the mainland but I hope that I will be wrong.


          I thought Fools gold ended with Taifun or am I wrong here?


            Neverland acoustic? I’m loving this.


              And what a lovable drunk bastard trying to get on the stage over me, around me, and between me and my friend. If you're in here, you know who you are. If you remember anything. This might have been the first time in my life that I actually concidered punching someone. Hope you act better next time :)


                Hearing such stories I am always grateful to rarely have annoying drunks at motorpsycho shows over here in Germany, Holland or especially in Belgium. May it stay like this.


                  Meanwhile, there is quite a lot of "The…" Song titles in the repertoire :D


                    @Locustella I guess it was reminiscent of the climactic parts of Taifun, but I don't think they actually played any parts of Taifun. I might be wrong though.


                    @Vilhelm: it was me and the way you are presenting your rather fanciful tale here as 'fact' is nothing less than laughable, mate. If you every even try grab my behind like that again and behave like a twat about it, I will indeed punch you in yer privates, son. And not only once. Be forwarned, the threath is real.

                    Other than this BS going down, the gig was great. Still. Antics like that will dampen even the highest of spirits.


                      Trying to get onstage and potentially ruining the night for everyone – is that a joke?


                      @Tomcat: of course it is a joke. Who the bloody hell would do something as asinine as that, eh? Who'd even think of such a thing? Well, maybe mister ass-grabber over here would make something like that up to cover the tracks of his own filthy train of thoughts…

                      What a joke indeed. Good thing I remember what the guy looked like. Or felt, even.


                        Well well well. So I woke up the troll. I always thought trolls would die when exposed to light. But something must have changed since the internet came along. Sorry if I might have touched your face when pushing you away. But since you mention it, yeah it looked like an ass.


                          Maybe that should not be discussed here as nobody else knows what happened and such online fights ruin a thread for everybody and are completely useless as well.

                          This forum has been kind of an exception to annoying online places all around for me, because in here there are never any ego wars or fights.

                          So you two, stop threatening to punch each other, nobody wants to see that. There is enough violence on the news everyday.

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