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    The Crucible

    Light Fantastic



    Mad Sun

    On My Pillow

    A Nordsee Sonata


    -> 4 Mad Men


    The Wheel

    Fool's Gold


      I don't know what to say, this was so good, so heavy, so beautiful. Maybe the guys put in extra effort as it was the last one this tour (for a while), and everything good and Motorpsychic was extra superplus good tonight. I was crying on the way home, I'm not ashamed to admit it. Lot's of special moments in the set, maybe later I'll be able (or someone else) to report on them. Formost impressions for me tonight were Bent playing bass better than best, and electric rendition of On my pillow, which felt like heaven.Right now I need a boterham met kaas and some sleep, Later guys!



        What a setlist! Looks spectacular on paper, at least.


          @JERO – Your words really convey the feelings powerfully. Now I'm crying – because I wasn't there.

          boomer former helm

            It's always a very special thing to attend the last concert of the tour. It's somehow a very emotional moment both enthusiastic and sad in a way. We found ourselves in a surprisingly atmospheric venue with no disorientating things like money change machines or "coin-eating-lockers". The show started early, some minutes before 8 with a straight and cool rocking song for everyone. It opened a set that was very different in mood and style compared to the 3 shows before. It was a great choice to continue with another very far-out August before diving into the best version of Crucible so far. Honestly I was not really getting into that song during the last shows, but this time it really catched me strongly. That also depended on the brilliant sound at least from where I stood, third row in front of the stage. My first light fantastic was another absolute highlight of the show. I still hear that gnarly, groovy bass line. Manmower was another great surprise with a very spaced out jam section. Totally different from the last Roadworks recording for instance. That was Motorkraut at its best. California and Mad sun were very welcome at that part of the show, lots of smiling among the crowd. I am about missing words to describe where the set took us then, but maybe that's the moment to mention Bents quote to play until we go home. We'll, that was promising. On my pillow in the Originalversion without acoustics was just awesome, the Sonata was solid and a bit shorter as usual, followed by the furthest out version of Starhamster we ever had. Tha was like an incredibly intense and epic jazz-kraut-soundscape. Then 4 Madmen again. Halleluja! Psychotzar was simply great and then we had another hard rocking Wheel. Such intensity. It was pure bliss. Fools gold went deep with that wonderful quiet end. I must admit that I was not sure if they can be again as intense as in Leipzig, but they were just in a very different way. And if there was no teenage Disco with stunningly floor hitting Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson hits afterwards we would still be there listening to the longest Motorpsycho show ever. Let's see how the saga continues.


              Thanks for the great report, Martin! Another "Starhammer"…oh my! Glad you guys got a great last show :-)


                @boomer former helm, I'm still feeling emotional and am trying to understand what happened (to me) this show, feel unable to explain it, but you are doing the job very well here, thank you for your post!This performance brought down the walls of Jericho, and I wish every psychonaut could have been there, and of course for MP to never stop touring ever…


                Ever since I first saw MP back in 93, I've tried to pick up at least 2 concerts every year they visit Holland or more, over these almost 3 decades I must have seen them something around 60-70 times. I am not the average everything is glitter and gold type of 'fan', especially the festival gigs I usually feel can be a bit disappointing…they often need an hour or so to 'get into the groove' (reminds me of the 80-ties disco set after the MP gig in The Hague. Smaller clubs are the way to go Paard is such a club.

                This gig, the last of their tour I felt was maybe not as good as a month before in Amsterdam…. at least the first 1-1.5 hour wasn't, sound not as good, vibe at first a bit off……..until Starhammer a great jam session which went into '4 mad man' which I like to refer to as ehm, 'f#@k it all', cause it sounds like f#@k it all, heavy guitars, feedback, rifs and more ongoing heavy guitars. Psychotzar after, again heavy rifs going into The Wheel, the wheels came off. I remember seeing Demon Box performed live, Un Chien d'espace, Hogwash…. but The Wheel in this last show had a length and intensity I've maybe never experienced before, for all I care they could have played it all night long. Fools Gold…more intense than Amsterdam, probably as it was the last gig of the tour. Well worth the 5h drive, a great show, with especially the last 1.5 hour a great crowd and an overall mindblowing intensity I rarely see with other bands.

                Today my wife woke me up, with some wonderful news..


                @Matn congratulations if that last line means what I think it means!

                I too was in their previous show in Amsterdam and I totaly agree with you on first part of the show. It wasn't bad, but it took a while for me to get fully into it. That 2nd haf though!! Bent was lit!


                  Woah! What a final. Grace, Space and Glory! Onwards the NordseeSonata I would've been

                  in complete lost control. HAMSTER/WHEEL/GOLD… Fucking awesome. Thought they burned all

                  their fuel the day before in Hengehigh, but sometimes the light is all shining on you,

                  sometimes you can barely see (or think). (Quote Robert Hunter).


                    I think i saw bernie with his camera's at that last show 😁

                    boomer former helm

                      oh really? That's wonderful.

                      @JERO @fillmore: thank you, even my english grammar and general writing abilities are not perfect enough I fear 🤣🤣🤣


                        @ffbernie; Was there a falling star,'cause this is exactly what I wished for. If I ever meet you I'll buy you unlimited beers and or bitter lemons!


                          its gonna take a while to edit and upload though …but very worthwhile waiting for :-) x bernie


                            I can only agree to what you've already mentioned here above. It took a little while before they got all cylinders firing, but man, when they did, it was glorious! The last 90 minutes or so were perfect!!

                            Must be the best version of The Wheel I have ever heard. Perfect sound, really heavy and very emotional.

                            I brought my daughter, we were right up front and center, and watching her staring at Bent screaming his heart out in The Wheel is something I'll cherish forever.

                            What a night.

                            Saw some familiar faces in the crowd, never managed to find you after the gig, though. Kippenhok, Jero, see you next tour!

                            And Thomas, I don't think we've ever met, but I think you were right behind me both in Amsterdam and Den Haag. Noting down the setlist on your phone as they played, right? I'll say hi next time.

                            Is there any other band one can see this many times and almost always come out with a sense that they're just getting better and better and better?? And almost all the gigs are off the charts fantastic? If there is I'd like to know…

                            edit: nice to see you again, Bernie! Looking forward to the vids!

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                          …hanging on to the trip you're on since 1994