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      „Parcel shipped“ woohoo!


        I just gave it a Listen…

        And man im totally stunned…

        It is an amazing Record…

        Much better than anything they done since the had a New drummer again…

        3rd Track starts melancholic and then suddenly comes like a pacific sonata… Very good.. All three of them at highest point of their skills…

        Just listened to it one time but i am Sure this Record will grow defintely and the first impression were very good…

        Love to See you all on the next Tour…

        I just missed two or three tours completly..

        Rock on psychonauts… :STG:


            Got the album today, stopped everything I was doing, sat down on couch with a beer, put it on, admired the sleeve&innersleeve and read: Accende Lumes Sensibus, = kindle the light of the senses. Exactly what happened to all extremes, the next 40 minutes or so I sat laughing, shouting out, crying. Why was I wiping tears from my face? (my wife wasn't allarmed, she's seen this before on the occasion of a new MP) It's because they are so amazingly damn good, but what shook me the most is the echoes of MP's past gems, f.i. in Mona Lisa/Azrael there's a mellotronic melancholic melody that tears into my soul, like Manmower used to do (and will always do). And than the crazy high level musicianship which now totally tops King Crimson or Floyd or any of them…Is there a better band in this world?…


              :lol: great. This pretty much happened to me listening to NOX for the first time. Excitement and disbelief, shivering and laughing at the same time. Grown men going nuts.

              Can't wait for this one.


                …and no there isn't.

                  Is there a better band in this world

                  You're talking about predominantly instrumental stuff, aren't you, gentlemen ;-)

                  And yes – there's lots of best bands around – but no one else does what MP does.


                  Great album

                  "The Ladder" is yet another very effective rocker.

                  "Mona Liza Azrael" is a fantastic piece and the album's highlight for me.

                  The interlude isn't the kind of thing that speaks to me very much.

                  I was expecting "Chariot of the Sun" to be more complex, a bit in NOX style, but a great track nonetheless.


                    Sputnikmusic review

                    Postman had the goods for me today. Had one spin, but will need several more.


                      Brilliant record!

                      Felt a bit like attending a live show. Great sound as well.


                        Got it, too. Purple. Only one spin so far. Now for another on headphones.

                        Punj Lizard

                          Another interview, this time with It's Psychedelic Baby Magazine

                          It's Psychedelic Baby interview

                          Punj Lizard

                            And another interview. This one's with Saiten Kult

                            Interview with Saiten Kult


                              yup, I like it. Nice mix 'tween Crucible and Begynnelser/Folk Flest wanderings. Love the cover art, especially the inner gatefold. They managed to pull off the overused "band stumbling through the woods" thing nicely. It's great because tasty moody and fits the music.

                              from the interviews: I kinda would like to hear that heavy metal album. :lol: finally a metal album for me?


                              I also hear "Here Be Monster Vol 2" in "Chariot of the sun".

                            Viewing 15 posts - 46 through 60 (of 137 total)
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