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      Classic rock has reviewed the album, and they also featured a video for Chariot.

      Watch it here ->

      I would think it's fan made, but worth the watch nonetheless

      By the way….Only spun the album once, but loving it so far :MPD:


        Listened to it on Spotify.

        Honestly, I don't like the first two tracks: The Ladder is musically good, but I really don't like the vocal melody. Flower of awareness should have been an EP's B-side, on such a short record doesn't make much sense to me.


        Mona Lisa and Chariot are great! Yes, there's a few things that remind (a bit too much maybe?) of Pacific sonata, Intrepid Explorer, Here Be Monsters (the track), the center part of Gullible's Travails, and other long jams the band already recorded, but I mean…those jams are one of the things I love about the band, so nothing to complain here! :STG:

        About the Metal debate…aren't all you guys hating Metal happy as children when hearing Feedtime? :wink:


          Can’t find it on Apple Music … Still waiting for the record to arrive …

          boomer former helm

            I am overwhelmed and moved to tears. A masterpiece.


            @GBD – Classic rock has reviewed the album, and they also featured a video for Chariot.

            Watch it here ->

            I would think it's fan made, but worth the watch nonetheless

            By the way….Only spun the album once, but loving it so far

            It's my Youtube Channel, an artigianal Lovecult channel 80% MP only.

            Kisses all


              Still waiting for the record to arrive … at HDtracks or at least at iTunes.

              It would be awesome if someone reminded the band about their Bandcamp page :).

              I hoped that they will put the whole discography there, but it still has only 1 release ("The Light Fantastic").

              Punj Lizard

                Currently on my second run-through. No question for me, tracks 3 and 4 are main attraction here. I like The Ladder well enough, and The Flower of Awareness is a perfect fit for introducing ML/A. Now it's time for a third listen, which, appropriately enough, will take place as a I go for a walk in the woods. So far, so brilliant. :MPD:


                  GBD wrote

                  ah yes! Then off into NOX. That must've been the show of the tour.


                    Aren't that last beautiful build-up in Chariot a reworked Gutan I Skogen?

                    Krist Rampage

                      Has everyone who orderded from Stickman received their LP?


                        @ Thor_Egil: In the live version of "Chariot" linked above the introductory passage seems a little longer because it is still more homogenic – there has been a little reworking there. The "Cymbaline" tease has been replaced by a proper little melody – more accurately the one of "Selene" on Gong's Angel's egg (resp. "Australia Aquaria" from Daevid Allen's 1988 solo album). They also introduced a guitar bridge before that (right out of Metallica's "Call of Ktulhu"). The starting guitar chords interchanging are of course thouse of Hawkwind's "Seven by Seven" – just before Robert Calvert's space narration sets in. Calvert here being replaced by a wordless fake Gilmour "Eugene" humalong. But enough of the smartass stuff ;-).

                        I can happily state that "Chariot" has finally clicked with me on the fourth run (the third one in presence of some friends/visitors, so that propably doesn't count). My problem had been the heavy Magma riffing part in the first middle that appears a little dull, if you don't listen carefully. Soundwise I find it a little disappointing because it lacks the power of another rhythm guitar – but that's 3 Man Army live in the studio for you ;-). Yet on listening closer the riff displays its delicate rhythmic beauty – so that is that. After reaching that point the rest was sheer bliss for me. So never judge a Motorpsycho album by first run…

                        The inner sleeve is something else – where the hell did they steal that colours/typo thing? Reminds me of some obscure Krautrock cover, probably – can anybody help me there? I am sure I saw somthing like that before!

                        The start of Mona Lisa / Azrael sound very starless-like indeed – there's an overall Crimson feel to the piece in general.



                          Yes, two days ago in switzerland.

                            Aren't that last beautiful build-up in Chariot a reworked Gutan I Skogen?

                            It sure is. One of the interviews mentioned some material from the Begynnelser sessions.

                            Is it just me, or is the vocal line in The Ladder very similar to the vocal line from the last half of Psychotzar?


                            Wow, a really really beautiful record! I seem to mostly appreciate the “in-betweeners” this last decade, the more free-flowing stuff. Could live without The Ladder (this strain of late era MP rockers with the vocal-melodies sounding like … nothing, gives me … abs nothing) but from The Flower and on this is pure MP beauty, I agree that the Flower (great! Should be longer!) is like a intro to what is to come, and man, I will have to get the vinyl, beautiful artwork from what I’ve seen online.

                            Anyway, how I wish they had replaced the Ladder w something more visceral and this record would be a complete *gem*, maybe my favorite since God knows when. (Maybe since Begynnelser, but this is a far more refined and concise exercise with Thomas lifting everything to incredible heights.) Since the Unicorn. But this album is actually something pretty new for me in MP-context, maybe hearing them as a three-piece again, which always works best for me, with their “new” sound. I’m so happy.

                            And so happy to read the recent interviews w Bent regarding what the essence of MP is (and always nice to read his run-through of all the old gold). For me it’s just this: these last three tracks, the essence of MP encapsulated. Malencholy, lightness and heaviness. ML/A is hauntingly beautiful without overdoing it, but Chariot is the absolute centerpiece and highlight of this record, imo. I will listen to this one for years to come, a central piece of the MP canon. Thanks guys! I’m so happy to feel you again. And for them keeping it mostly instrumental with some beautiful backup singing or how you would say it (in Chariot) = perfection. Maybe they don’t need to sing so much more! Lol. Thanks!


                              First of all, I love AA. Side 2 is just incredible!

                              HOWEVER: How can they justify a price tag of NOK 419 (in some shops 429) for the pink vinyl edition? That's 100 kroner more than the regular version, and even 319/329 is too much. I could understand the price difference if they threw in a bonus 45 or even just some extra inserts or something, but 42+ euros for a single LP is ridiculous. It's not a MoFi for crying out loud!

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