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    @ suntripper: Stop joking – this is sirius!

    Punj Lizard

    Loving every aspect of this album more and more. No complaints at all. :D


    Have been on vacations the last 2 weeks and gave the record it's first spin yesterday evening. I like it very much, … it is to short, obviously … ^^ Mona Lisa/Azrael shows again very nicely the sonata main movement form ^^ I wished for the very strong reprise that they gave it more time. The Ladder picks up where the Lurker left us and Chariot of the Sun is cool as well. The Flower…. well… i feel like they are mocking us a bit with this one ^^ Reminds me of the good old Gebhard Pieces.


    The more I listen to it, the more The Ladder becomes my stand out track of the whole shebang.


    @ supernaut: You're a stand out psychonaut, obviously ;-)

    After listening daily do AA last week, I have almost no complaints left, which is rare for me.

    Still in "Chariot of the sun" they could have repeated the first heavy chord sequence before the Magma-style rhythmic part a few times more – it is just so beautiful. But then it is taken up in the end part – so there may be compositional reasons for that. That is lamenting on the highest possible level, of course…



    maybe :lol: I like its self assured structure. Tight, playful, great energy, brilliant Snah soloing. I love it when MP do just that now and then. But hey I'm a huge admirer of NOX and TDDU as well. ML-A and Chariot do overshadow The Ladder a bit, being the big chunk of the album. The Ladder even feels somewhat out of place, maybe? Hence placing it as opener and using Flower as transition. But it's a great romp nonetheless.

    Krist Rampage

    I finally received my lp this saturday. Something went wrong with my order. I couldn’t resist so before that I listened through Spotify a few times. I must say the album had to grow on my. I wasn’t impressed after the first listen at all. But, after a few times listening I liked it a lot more. Now, I totally love everything about this album. My favorite since The Tower I think. It sounds a lot better on vinyl. A lot. I love The artwork too. Also the intro/outro and The Flower work great in my opinion. Really glues everything together I think.

    boomer former helm

    For me The Ladder also grew a lot. I think it fits very well. I love the overall blue hour feeling (i hope its the same phrase in english to describe the early morning before sunrise) in the songs (also, especially in the flower) and the inside artwork. My favourite album since Crucible. I like those 2 compact albums honestly the most.


    The Flower Of Awareness, for me, totally fits as a moodmaker on this great album. As a musicform of the more abstract kind, within the universe of these supersonic scientists it has been there from the beginning, and rightly so, i.m.o. When it comes up when I play the album, I turn the speakers way up to 11, so the fantastic gong overtones can ring my ears and shake the earth. As fans we've probably all watched the youtube of Tomas giving a performance on cymbals exclusively. It takes open ears and an open mind to appreciate such music (music? yes, because it IS organised sound)

    together with AA I had ordered Behind The Sun (2lp), and the 'black'side 1 with the 2 'ambient' pieces with their recordgrooves intertwined so everytime it's a surprise which one of the 2 will be played, a similar sound-art thing which on that album works great in contrasting those poptunes like Cloudwalker etc.


    Wow friends…. now I am in the Zone. A new MP Album is always a big thing for me so i want to share some of my last 18 hours with Ancient Astronauts with you. Read if you want or skip the post ^^

    I consider myself lucky to have a great way to work. Riding the Bike in the morning for 25 minutes alongside the channel and the lake is very nice and even better, gives me time to listen to music in the morning right away. Also it is about the time half of AA needs for a run through. My workplace also gives me the opportunity to listen to music all the time, since i work at a school club. What i want to say is, i was listening to AA more or less the whole day until i got home from work.

    In the evening I had a little concert with my punk choir. Sitting in front of the venue before the gig and having only AA in my head… I wanted to listen to it again. A few hours, four bottles of beer and some weed later i decided to ride my bike back home. BUT alone so i could listen to AA again. I put Chariot on my headphones.. as loud as possible.. driving home. It blew my mind. I thougt that this again is kind of a total new direction of MP Music. Very close to Oresund Space Collectiv but also unique Motorpsycho. I thougt about, that no matter which style they go for, it is always in a very unique MP way and I kind of always love it.

    This morning I woke up, still a bit trunk and back on my bike, listening to Mona Lisa/Azrael. At the finaly of it i had a feeling i did not have for a long time. A few years ago i was driving back from the train station in my car. There I said goodbye to a beautiful woman from Paris i met some days before so I was a bit emotional. In the car i listened to Suppers Ready from Genesis and when the finaly hit, you know… 'There's an angel standing in the sun' and so on, I had goosebumps and tears of joy and beautiful melancholie in my eyes. That is exactly the feeling i had this morning again and i am soo thankful for this total breathtaking album again. Pure Bliss.


    @dongonz: Just want to say I know exactly that feeling you got at the climax of Supper's Ready, because I've had it too. When it hits, my God, it hits! It's a sort of religious or mystical, all-embracing experience.

    In contrast to you, I'm really rationing my listens to AA – only two so far – because I want to make it last, so I haven't quite had that with it yet, but there's no doubt it is magnificent. What other band could follow a great album like Kingdom of Oblivion – on its release, probably my favourite album overall with Tomas up to then – with something like this?

    And, speaking of Tomas, that performance on Mona Lisa / Azrael is really helping me get over Kenneth!


    Back in the store Violet lp, my luck, got mine as well the cd. Ulv lp is back too. And the box thing with the magazine, maybe more…


    Apologies if someone else has already mentioned this, but, reading through the September issue of Prog, I was surprised this evening to come across a three-page article on the band, including an interview with Bent. This is completely unannounced on the cover (Kate Bush).

    Punj Lizard

    As I can’t seem to figure out how to create a new thread in this new setup, I’m posting this here.

    New, excellent interview with Bent by Roger Trenwith at The Progressive Aspect. From time to time I bump into Roger at concerts in London. He was kind enough to ask me if I had a question for the band, and included it in the interview.

    Bent Sæther – Motorpsycho


    Thats a cool interview! And thanks for your input – good to know those recordings are shaping up ;)

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