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      Also Rune came through and my copy came yesterday!!

      Krist Rampage

        Sold out at Rune it seems. Really hoping to receive my copy today. Anyone watched the dvd already?


          Got it. Beautiful packaging, grand content. Puts spotify and the lot into its rightful place. Still digging into the music and the play. Listened to the music first, now watching the play, which obviously is the way to go for the "true" experience, The Big Picture so to speak. Opening scenes are amazing, wonderful and irritating.

            Anyone watched the dvd already?

            Checked out the documentary which was ok. Just glanced at the performance, looked ok but of course it was more "heavy" to see IRL.

            Krist Rampage

              Yeah that doesn't surprise me Kjellepelle. Always difficult presenting a theatre play on film.

              I received my copy today. The packaging is very pretty. Amazing. My girlfiend was in awe too. We're watching the dvd tonight. Good times.


                They are signing the record at Big Dipper in Oslo tomorrow (10.06):


                Krist Rampage

                  So i watchhed the dvd and it was pretty amazing! I love play, really impressive. Good story, brilliant visuals, great actors and of course the music. Wow.


                    Got my copy yesterday.

                    Beautiful packaging. Really spices up the record collection. The dvd was good, as expected. Think they really managed to capture the magic of the play really well (I went to see it). And the small documentary was an enjoyable watch.

                    …but the album itself was a little bit of a downer. Seems to me that they cut all the really cool songs/ideas, and left us with a mellotron showcase album. Where are all the grandiose heavy pieces? The ones which truly showcased this units abilities, and elevated the overall experience so much?

                    Not complaining. But rather pondering….did they leave these for the next album?

                    Did any of you who attended the surprise gig with the new material, recognize any of the "play songs" in their set?

                    Hoping to hear some of that material on the new album! Seems like a shame to….well…let it go to waste (even though it really worked well in the play).


                    Mine haven't arrived yet. I think I will have to wait a couple of weeks to listen to it.

                    boomer former helm

                      yesterday i got really into the miniatures of the actual album. haven't seen the dvd yet, so it worked more or less like a strange and beautiful little psychedelic piece.


                        My 2 cents:

                        Beautiful DVD and good, if a bit short, documentary.

                        The CD is a little abundant because most of the tracks on it

                        don't make sense without the visual accompanyment. An exception

                        is Gutan i Skogen which is damn beautiful even without

                        the forest childhood memory. Other than that, a couple of the tracks

                        (Jacques Tati, Dekdektiven…) remind me of those Geb-type B-sides

                        from the 90's :lol:

                        @GBD: There are some heavy tracks on here. The ones that open

                        and close the play (Buggi i ti), and the one with the drug-frenzy

                        video is quite fast and heavy (Røykeburet)

                        Too many heavy songs would've taken the focus away from the other


                        I do have a similar problem as boomer though: The cover with the first 10"

                        became unglued quite fast, so it hangs sorta loose within the hardcover.

                        Gotta be careful, then :(


                          So… GBD is talking about the album, while otherdemon is talking about the play? No tracks named Buggi i ti or Røykeburet on the album as far as I can see… and why not? Those pieces were what I was most excited about from the soundtrack, and it's a bit of a bummer that they're not featured on the soundtrack album.

                          But, since they're the most obvious "song" ideas in the play, I guess they'll end up on the next album instead. :)


                            @TAF: The liner notes says the songs were recorded January 2016. Maybe those songs

                            were written so late in the project they didn't have time to record them?

                            Personally, I think all those songs are exclusive to this project, so I doubt they'll

                            get properly recorded for a studio-album. But color me surprised if they do :lol:


                              Maybe they don't want to play the drums that often on the Album…who knows. 8)


                              The CD is kept in kind of slow, repeative and ambient style all the way. While the play had several more powerful pieces which I liked a lot when watching the show.

                              I suppose the guys wanted to do it this way, keeping the CD homogenic?

                              Maybe the more MP like material (in the play) is reused in the

                              upcoming September release?

                              Would be interesting to rip out the music from the DVD and listen to it as a record.

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