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      Dear psychonauts

      If it really ends Today

      I could do nothing then let it happen

      I will miss you like the unfortunately heaven

      Please do Not let it turn to Dust

      As if an angel would have ever existed without drinking blood

      Don't Trust Them

      Just trust Yourselfs

      In this endless hell of an existance

      I couldn't really find Someone To Dance with?

      But Don't You worry

      One day we will all be back

      And find everything we liked as important

      Then it was before

      Just Care for The little stars

      You've seen exploding and for yourselfes

      And If nothing would Ever be like that

      Just Trix a bit

      Claim you were there

      Just trust Yourselfes

      I will Always Try to love you

      Just like All The girls You've missed

      And do not belive a single Letter

      It was all poisened before and after

      Just Think Of were You came From

      And make Friends as quick as you could get it :)

      Just Look At Your Country

      It was The silence of a peacefuller way of existence to me

      I will deeply miss you more than all the Planets they may Find

      Just Breath

      And Don't Wait anymore for me :(

      Tluc evól a s'ti

      Snah Bent Geb Kenneth Thomas Baard Ståle

      Deatprod Reine Kim and your Art whoever done it. And all the others.

      You always were my Mentors

      in this Hell of existance

      Yours little Quark

      Deeply from my Mind ♥ Body

      Michael Horst Singh

      The last one will be for you

      ICH versprach es euren Ahnen

      Ich werde euch nie wieder sehen



        Another victim of a kundalini yoga cult? I hope, it's a love cult!

        Free yourself from any religious bonds – even if they be Motorpsychedelic ones!

        I must admit I nourished similar notions from time to time – not for any religion, cult, master, therapist or god, but for my own well-being and fearing to be trapped in an endless Motorpsychedelic loophole. But as long as the Norse heroes keep changing and I keep changing I'll keep on going! And if personal development and Motorpsychedelic path connect – all the better!

        I respect your decision, brother – even if I don't share it!


          Michael, I don't fully understand and I hope my reading of your post turns out wrong. Anyway, stay strong and accept support:

          0800/111 0 111

          All the best!


            Seems I have totally misunderstood the original post – as so often.

            Whatever you mean brother: we love you! Hopefully marc is wrong as well…

            Krist Rampage

              Dear Michael, i also don’t quite understand but hope you know you are not alone.

              All the love,



                Hi Michael

                I don't know you, but I am not getting too much sense from what you are saying. Forgive me for sticking my oar in, but maybe now is not a good time to be making big decisions. Take time. Wait it out. Things will look different another day. Above all, do talk to someone. Marc has given you good advice, and others here clearly care about you.

                It's all about perspective.

                And, hey, there's some great music coming round the corner. You'll be able to connect with it when it arrives.

                With love


                Krist Rampage

                  Michael, if you want you can mail me at Anytime. I don’t know you either but we are here.


                    Auf Deutsch ginge auch, Mail, Telefon Whatsapp oder echtes Leben. Bedenke: es gibt immer eine nächste mp Tour!


                      This is very worrying. Is member @Blashyrkh here? He has Michael's e-mail address.

                      And dear Michael, please hang in there, give us a call or drop us a line if you're reading this <3


                        Thanks my friends..

                        Dont you worrie about me too much…

                        I sometimes love my life…

                        I wont hurt myself or others..

                        i was absoluteley on the wrong way…

                        I just couldnt stand this second track on the crucible..

                        Im Just Having a troubled time next to the place where i live.

                        Thank you very much for All the good words…

                        Hope we will all meet up One Day again… Thank you for all your love and your wishing wells… Im just Having terrible emotional problems… Tlucevolas'ti :STG:


                          We’re here for you man ! :STG: lux aetherna is indeed a heavy song.

                          @Devotional, nope sorry, I don’t have Michael’s e-mail address. Why’d you think I have his email? :)


                            Thanks for being so kind as to let us know! You have our support, but please feel encouraged to contact professionals when times are tough! All the best.


                              Mr. Michael/Best Friend, the forum is a form of communication, and although I often found the texts you posted difficult to swallow, you clearly are a communicating human. And every human has a gift that makes his/her life worthwhile! I would like to say to you that I can see you have a talent for writing and expressing yourself. If this expression comes deeply from the/your 'dark side', so be it, it may not be my cup of tea, but it may well be that you are the Baudelaire (zum beispiel) of the forum! In other words: I wish for you to develop your gift, may it give you power and lust for life! respect, JERO

                              Krist Rampage

                                Good to hear from you Michael. Take care!


                                  Yes, great to hear from you, Michael! I for one know that you're not alone in your struggles with depression and/or anxiety. Please reach out if things get too bad again!

                                  @Blashyrkh, from this thread where you sent him a FLAC-file: But yes, that was a while ago, so it was really a long shot from me. :-)

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                                …hanging on to the trip you're on since 1994