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      Clog Parade


      Sail On

      Coalmine Pony


      Year O



      SS 3 (not really 3)




      Sinful WB

      Like Always

      Nothing To Say

      Walking On The Water

      Into The Sun

      Nearly 150 Minutes

      Encore changes again. Vortex Surfer was planed as second encore, but they changed and play Walking on the water and Into The Sun.

      Great Show, started with this new more than promising song called clog parade.

      This show bring up a lot of new great versions of old songs.

      A nice blues Jam in Satan for example, a very cool jazzy part in coalmine pony

      a new, the fifth? Sideway Spiral. A great jam without the wheel in Starhammer.

      A great space version of Alchemyst.

      There were so many highlight's.

      The encores turned the venue in a happy, dancing and crying comunity.

      A beast of rock'n'roll ending of a great evening. :D

      Thank you guy's.

      hope for a recording. :MPD:


        Great setlist, wow! Finally a new song plus a long show. Header should say 17.10. though ;-)


          Great long Show!

          My highlights: The opener and new song Dog Parade (that's how it's written on the setlist I've got), Hogwash (maybe the best version I've heard so far…), the unbelievable spaced out version of Alchemyst and the old hits to sing along at the end of the concert.

          Cool new versions of Serpentine, Sideway Spiral, Ãœberwagner (the long intro sounded like early Kraftwerk to me) and Coalmine Pony.

          I think band and audience enjoyed it a lot.

          boomer former helm

            fantastic gig. so many highlights. the jam in coalmine pony was pure fun, they grinned while playing it. hogwash i think was the best i heared too, and starhammer as well. the jam in there was simply brilliant. and of course the new song. little bit hard 70s rock, and some 80s metal, somehow… very heavy and surprising opener. i really hope for a recording.


              A hot rockin' show in a very nice venue – superb sound and relaxed tolerant atmosphere, many magic versions – from SS "V" on pure bliss: my highlight of the 2011 triple! Now trying to grab some boots ;-)


                Wasn't it YOU LIED -> INTO THE SUN?


                Hej!It´s the same song!

                First line in the lyrics…..walking on the water!

                Refrain……you lied!

                Sounds like a fantastic concert. Pitty I had to go home to Sweden after the Eindhoven show.

                Well, I`m sure there is more to come.


                  Thanks for info, gyankumar. I can tell you everything about Grateful Dead,

                  but in terms of MP I'm just a scholar. Those who are looking for recordings

                  should have an eye on Dime next hours/days. Guess the shows are posted under

                  category PSYCHEDELIC. That's easier to search for…Grateful thanks for the setlists.

                    Dog Parade (that's how it's written on the setlist I've got)

                    well, I hope it will be on the new record

                    and than, we will we know how the original title is of this great song.

                    on my setlist it's called clog parade, but that's normal that they play with the song name on setlists. :D


                    Awesome gig indeed!

                    Does anybody know the music they played AFTER they finished the gig?


                    Year Zero, Starhammer, Hogwash and all the encores I really liked.

                    But there were a couple of things I didn't like:

                    1st of all, I was still at my car when they started at 8:15 pm (!!!!). What about those people that have to work until 8 and need at least 30 minutes to get to the venue from work ? Come on, this is Dusseldorf….

                    A 8:45 start would have been ok, too.

                    2nd, I thought the new song was boring, generic stuff. But that's just my impression.

                    3rd, the sound was awful. There was a nasty 300 to 4 khz frequency mess, and the overall sound was terribly boomy. The PA was set up in a 45 degree angle to the stage lip, the actual PA speakers FACING each other (!), which might make sense when you are standing dead center in front of the stage, but it just doesn't work when you are standing on the far left or right to avoid crowd chatter.


                    Again another setlist, great! Will visit Osnabruck tonight. Lets see!


                    Think they're getting in the mood of things, the shows only can get better from now on.

                    already showing a new song, great gig indeed.

                    Good times.


                      A short review.

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