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      Amsterdam was my first of this tour, all fresh and different – Golden Core

      Tilburg was with perfect sound, clear and loud, filled with details – the Wheel

      K̦ln was massive long and spaced РUn Chain and PPPP

      Do I have to choose?


      @s_edelman: Give it a try.




        Well they didn't play TGC in Amsterdam but in Tilburg, So'd pick that one if I were you =p

        The show in Hedon was amazing as well, but Tilburg with The Wheel, TGC and Stained Glass was my favourite of the two.

        Almost my best gig so far, Deventer 2013 still tops it!



          Un Chien was sooooooo nice.

          And awesome audience.


            Hmm,hard to tell. From all those tapes and personal encounters…

            the norwegian dates seem like a warm-up recently (sorry Lars!). From mine…

            HAMBURG – sweet smoke filled the room. My first Wheel. Great!

            PAPENBURG – unreal setting…they nailed The Wheel there…Mind wandering

            BREMEN – So far away in outer space. Fairy tale for the grandkids…

            HANNOVER – The band playing on the last tyre. Anyway…Greener and that Spinwash jam.

            from the tapes…

            OSLO – pristine clear sound as the trio version. Thought they'd never top that. Little did

            I know about what coming over us all psychonauts!

            KÖLN – unreal as well, like Bremen. And probably the best sounding tape. Takk, G.

            As the band recorded all shows, I think there'll be a ROADWORKS Vol.V. Not as soon as Snah

            promised me (joking) "to be in the stores for christmas".

            The band at their PEAK/ZENITH or whatever you call it. No show was a downer.

            Punj Lizard
              As the band recorded all shows, I think there'll be a ROADWORKS Vol.V.

              I seriously hope this includes Stained Glass Рone of my favourites from the two gigs I saw Рespecially sublime in K̦ln.


                Schlachthof, Bremen, 22-10-2017 spacetrip

                Attended Hamburg, Papenburg, Bremen and Hannover

                want to follow with songs? ;-)

                • stained glass, Hamburg
                • the wheel, Papenburg thanks for correction deadnautpsychohead
                • un chien, Bremen
                • vortex surfer, Hannover

                this is strange, as I love the new songs a lot. probably I just cannot decide ;-)


                This tour definitely deserves another RW!

                @jessi: Wheel was Hamburg. I would also choose Stained Glass from Hamburg + Spacedog, Bremen + TGC, Bremen


                @jessi: or Papenburg?


                  @Punj Lizard: I doubt they'll release another live version of Stained Glass, seeing as

                  they already released it on Roadwork III. Sad, because the versions they played in Europe this autumn (Bremen especially) were fantastic.

                  Yeah, you Europeans got the best gigs this time, by far.


                  I atended Hamburg and Berlin.

                  My fav. was Berlin.

                  I fully agree with Aki. K9 was absolutely great in Berlin.

                  Punj Lizard

                    @otherdemon – Good point. Thanks for pointing that out. That's why us newbies need you older psychonauts around ;)


                      :-) I could be wrong, though. They did release The Wheel on both Roadwork I & II, so they're not strangers to releasing multiple live-versions of the same song.

                      Only time will tell.


                      So still hope for K9 and TGC… :D

                      Is it time for a RW V-Thread?

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