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    the conscience

      first (really!) good news this year

      Punj Lizard

        I could say I'm happy about this news but that would be an understatement.


          A new schläger? Already??? Feels TAIO’s been out for just a few months. Well I did doze a lot through 2020, but still…

          So the boys have been busy, fine for us! :D


            Wow! I'm guessing they're for now done with the whole Gullvåg trilogy sound and are moving on to something new. Very exciting.


              yes my thoughts, too. I was wondering last night where they'd go now. For no particular reason at all I imagine this one will be a bit more mellow. Just a gut feeling. Still somewhat "proggy" but also more on the acoustic guitar side, with strings and keys and shorter songs. Maybe the IALC of nowadays? Well, depends who's on the record with them. If anyone at all.


                BTW, according to Stickman, release date is April 16:


                I thought "in a couple of months" means May-July – it's good to be wrong :).

                Plus it's 2LP long :STG: .


                  @supernaut Official instapost is @ing Reine, Helge and Andrew Scheps. So guess Andrew is producing this one as well.

                  Hercules Wolftrap

                    Clear vinyl again

                    Rune Grammofon

                    boomer former helm

                      Oh yes :) :) :cheers:


                        Good news! Love Mallings work, great artist!

                        I wonder, and hope, if the new visual direction and the declared ending of the Gullvåg era have any impact on their sound? I get the impression from Bents text that this is something else. Thought not exactly a happy cover, at least it looks very different from all the Gullvåg darkness

                        @supernaut Official instapost is @ing Reine, Helge and Andrew Scheps. So guess Andrew is producing this one as well.

                        Produced by Deathprod, mixed by Andrew S perhaps? ( more pandemic, do not travel abroad or anywhere else for that matter-friendly)


                          Presale at Stickman starts Friday March 5th at 11h00 CET!


                            Great news! I suspect they have the follow-up to this one already finished with so much time at hand :lol: For some reason, (probably the cover being predominantly white) I also get a feel this one might be more light-footed. Not necessarily mellow, but not as heavy and dense both mentally and sound-wise. Say TM Disc 1 for example….noisy stuff that still doesn't smother you sonically. Anyway, great to "wild-guess" as this new chapter can basically go everywhere. April can't come soon enogh.


                              Sverre Malling, the creator of the artwork, posted the drawing in 2019, accompanied by the following text:

                              ´As a god self-slain on his own strange altar,

                              Death lies dead`

                              «A dead garden crumbles into the sea, taking death along with it. "Fly, white butterflies, out to sea". A catalogue of fragile, exquisite things, the bust of Algernon Charles Swinburne as imagined by Sverre Malling. Clovers, putrefying skin, a single butterfly and the gaze of the poet, looking forth from the flowers to the sea. Swinburne’s interminably beautiful poems circle obsessively around streams, rivers, the ocean. "Slow sea rise… fields that lessen… meadow drinking deep gulfs". The decadent eco-prophet lies on the forsaken garden altar. Swinburne wrote of the painting by Caravaggio of Medusa: "Her hair, close and curled, seemed ready to divide into snakes". In death, his own hair has divided beautifully into mushrooms.» — Martin Svedman


                              Nerd up, 'nauts! :D

                              Punj Lizard

                                @ marc – thanks for that info on Malling and Swinburne.

                                I'm interested to see how much symmetry there is between the music/lyrics and the artwork and its subject. I'm also curious to find out how much the style/look of the artwork has any resonance in the style/sound of the music. I've mentioned before that I'd love to hear the band put together a semi-acoustic album along the lines of Led Zeppelin III, Neil Young's After the Goldrush, and David Crosby's If I Could Only Remember My Name… Perhaps something like supernaut describes in his post above. In any case, even though I didn't like the new cover at first glance, I've been drawn deeper into it and am really intrigued by its contrasts with the Gullvag covers, but also by its weirdly dark, psychedelic yet warmly pastoral themes.

                                A change of sonic palette would be welcome (not that I've anything against the three albums that have gone before), but I wonder how much of the material originates in the recordings for The All Is One, because earlier reports from the band suggested there was a lot more material in the can than was released. Deathprod's and Schepps' involvement might indicate that at least some of it comes from those recording sessions, but then again wasn't there also more recent news of time spent in studio? I know all this speculation is mostly pointless (other than the fun and satisfaction I get from speculating in and of itself), and I'm guessing it won't be long before Monsiuer Le Bad lays much of the details on us, but for now, I live in excited anticipation of the music to come.

                                I've already read on one forum a couple of people decrying the rate at which the band release new music – "less is more", "quality over quantity" etc. To my mind, the quality is so high and the journey so full of unexpected turns that in this particular band's case less simply cannot be more. Thank you Motorpsycho for always keeping it interesting and for not taking your foot off the gas. :-)

                              Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 225 total)
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