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      To sum up all possibly following "Motorpsycho and X" posts, I left a blank in the title.

      Probably somebody's gonna use it for "Motorpsycho and Madonna" – I'm curious…

      I'd like to start with "Motorpsycho and Acid Mothers Temple"

      Just saw them (AMT) yesterday in the most seedy little club in Cologne, about 100 people and the room was packed. Their drummer told me they played in an even smaller club in Frankfurt some days before. Great gig – if short by MP standards (90 min), but a full onslaught of improvised heavy spacerock psychedelia with quite a few amazing elements.

      Like Motorpsycho they do plunder rock history quite a bit – not only in the tunes, but most directly in their album titles. While motorpsycho references in titles and lyrics can sometimes get quite cryptical, albums like "The Ripper at the Heaven's Gates of Dark" or "Son of a Bitches Brew" speak for themselves – or rather for a very funny way of copying names and attidutes.

      While Snah is of course beyond any doubt as a guitar player, Makoto Kawabata is deifinitively the most excessive space-rock/hendrix/zappa/freakout guitarist of all times.

      The AMT gig itself was great – with the odd Gong cover fittingly inserted (Flying Teapot) in a funky jamalong, followed by a short drum solo and a 5 minute bass/drum disco rhythm channeling Kisses "I was made for loving you" (Kiss: here we go again), then seamlessly going into AMT's signature tune "Pink Lady Lemonade".

      Extremely well played by all musicians on stage this kind of build-up/cover-including procedure does remind me a bit of MP, with the necessary comment that Acid Mothers Temple's attitude is so crazy it makes MP look like rather serious musicians on stage (which they are…).


      I get the AMT connection.


        Had some good times seeing AMT in the very early 2000s. The Motorpsycho Connection is there…sort of… AMT is much looser and don't seem to do much in the songwriting Department. That has always been Motorpsycho forte over any other similar bands – the ability to structure the material a bit more and write really, really good songs.

        AMT always struck me as being closer in spirit to early 70s kraut and space bands. Their name reveals one very obvious connection/inspiration.


          Motorpsycho and…. Satan!

          Satanic rock band worship in Oslo Cathedral

          sorry had to post this for a laugh, was browsing for a MP pic for an article to write.


            @supernaut – Pure gold!

            And the comments are even better. :lol:


              "Exposing fake and falsehood!"


                "I guess Motorpsycho is searching for the gun that Anders Behring Breivik left at Utøya."

                Only Love…


                  …and (early!) Genesis?

                  they used the term "Supersonic Scientist" in the lyrics to Supper's Ready and they both share the love for pastoral 12string guitar arpeggio stylings. Barleycorn for example would kind of fit Nursery Cryme, though of course that song also draws from 70s prog in general. Just bringing it up because I went to see The Muscial Box last night, a canadian tribute band focusing on Peter Gabriel led Genesis, with authentic costumes and vintage instrumentation and they're quite good.

                  btw I've just read Guided By Voices' Robert Pollard is a fan of early Crimson and Genesis. So much for indie blinders. It's what I admire about Motorpsycho: From Jazz to Country to Classic Rock to Indie to Prog, they're open to everything and boil it to this psuper psoup of great taste.

                  Punj Lizard

                    @supernaut – Barleycorn also has connection to traditional English folk via Traffic.

                    I saw Musical Box a few years back, performing The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway at Hammersmith Odeon. It is a much-maligned truism of the state of prog in the UK that tribute bands such as this (and even smaller ones) can draw bigger crowds than current bands writing and performing their own music. A sad state of affairs.

                    You hit a very proud (as in projecting from a surface) nail on the head – Motorpsycho are indeed open to and draw on everything without making it sound dated, immitative or tired, while at the same time infusing it with pure motorpsychodelia. I admire that to … a lot :D


                    @ supernaut: that's a gem! We need more blogs like this! Exposing fake news and falsehood by producing even more fake facts. Great approach! <irony off, intellectualism on>

                    That would then probably be called second-order fake news. Welcome to the meta-level;)

                    "the veils come off in the masquerade

                    the lies are worn, they've ceased to take

                    all the facts are fake"

                    I've always wondered how they could have sensed the fake news debate back in 2002.


                      …Alain Johannes

                      I'm just using this topic to point out this upcoming biopic about the man who's been involved in so many outstanding projects and bands and albums while being somewhat of a shadow figure: Don't know if his work on The Tower will be mentioned but it should be more than just a little bit interesting nonetheless.


                        A couple of days ago, there was a post on Facebook with some Playlist curated by Bent including songs he listens to in order to get in gear in the morning. It included some Beatles, Curtis Mayfield's "Move on up" and some other tunes. I don't find it anymore and I don't remember which online zine it was. Anyone caught it?


                          Motorpsycho and my Familie ._. :lol:

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                        …hanging on to the trip you're on since 1994