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      There was some longing for Kim Hiorthøy's motorpsychedelic artwork expressed in the "All Is One" post. Though I like Kim's works a lot, I am also very content with Gullvag's paintings on the latter day MP records.

      I think the different styles of artwork reflect the evolution of MP as a band and at the same time the nature of the various main/side/cooperation projects. At first I found the "Unicorn" artwork rather disappointing, but with its recapture on "Folk Flest" it formed a kind of mini-series which I appreciate.

      On the other hand I'm still not very happy with the artwork of "Monsters 2", which is in itself good, but separates the title track album/ep from the central record "Here be Monsters" a little too harshly. I would have preferred to keep that kind of artwork for compilations like the "Fragments" release.

      On the other hand I was quite fond of the earlier "Disney style" covers/elements on Blissard and the Mountain/Ugly Tune-EPs respectively – but that comprised a stilistic musical entity for a specific phase in MP's recording / musical evolution and is therefore quite adequate in its limitation. Imagine all of the 30+ Motorpsycho releases following clinging to that style – that would have been either boring or artificially pompous.

      Therefore I am quite happy with the visual side of Motorpsycho's publishing history – even more so when they returned to the iconic three-image-format for the Roadwork releases. And they even beat Bowie in 2016!


        I think the artwork overall reflect both their being from that certain timeperiod (of course unavoidable) and a kind of growing up of MP to maybe being a bit more mature force of art/music.

        Like Johnny I like most of it through the years, but regarding HBM I see the part two sleeve more fitting to the actual here be monsters song, and the cover for the first part cd/lp is the only MP cover art I dislike, to bleak for such a collection of moods the music brings i.m.o. It always seemed to me K.H. got a big 'carte blanche' from the band for the cover art, and you could follow him on a designers' journey through ideas, colors,it had a kind of punky attitude (my favorite: the sleeve/inner sleeve/fold out poster for Child of the Future). The recent cover art with the Gulvag paintings, i.m.o. brings more reflection, even philosophy into the whole presentation,for me they work like an extra track to absorb, but through the eyes instead of the ears. Still, I would like the art, after this 'trilogy' of albums to be different and surprising once more (twice, thrice more etc!)for this is MP, the ever refreshing well of ideas (and styles)! And b.t.w. I think it was hilarious last tour they came up with those cartoon-styled t-shirts, never take yourself too seriously, excellent!


          well said, you two.


            let's also note the new (vinyl) album will "come in a stunning 10 panel foldout sleeve".


              Thanks for picking up on the topic and the nicely written posts!

              There will always be a special place in my heart for a certain phase of the band (records&concerts, fonts :-) ) which are an essential part of my memories/biography, but i will gladly follow the band's future paths, which i sometimes love more and sometimes a little less.

              Change is good and MP has always been about change in the specific form of creative progress. So, whatever keeps their engine running is perfectly fine and there are only few bands who manage to understand their artistic efforts as a momentary documentation on a creative journey, instead of clinging to the legacy too hard.


              Sharing all your positive vibes about the recent artwork direction, but not having the Motorpsycho logo on the side of the LP is a nightmare for all fellow OCD psychonauts out there.


                @ David: Agreed! The iconic mp logo/Babylon industrial font should be used throughout – at least on the "regular" releases!


                  I personally came in with Phanerothyme artwork, then let Them eat cake,

                  its a love Cult and off course

                  with trust US.

                  I love every of the Artworks of this time done by Kim. They all have a Story by Themselves to me. And nice Optics :STG: Nice Chat.

                  Krist Rampage
                    let's also note the new (vinyl) album will "come in a stunning 10 panel foldout sleeve".

                    Yes, and the album also includes an art print. Awesome.

                    I like most of Kim Hiorthøy's artwork but also like the Gullvag art very much. Fits well with the music and themes imo.

                    Strangest (but awesome!) choice so far in my opinon is using the Skulls painting by Cézanne for the Light Fantastic.

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