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    boomer former helm

      I am also really hoping to hear them perform "Ancient Astronauts" and "Azrael". The xylophone melody played by Thomas Jarmyr and repeated again and again in "Azrael" touches me deeply.


        I got tickets for Malmö and Copenhagen. Will be awesome! I hope for a lot of stuff, but mostly: no covers :-) I want 100% Motorpsycho!


          Have to correct myself once more: Watched the Gent threepiece performance of N.O.X. last night (again) – what a fucking monster! Much easier to digest live than on record – you gotta see, feel & hear, what those guys are doing! Moreover the performance is not quite so overwhelming due to the threepiece limitations – more in the heavy psychedelic jazz & jam vein, less overkill. Just what you may want to experience live. Tour limitations though: one performance maximum each night please ;-)

          @grindove: Do you think "Loneliness" or "August" are not 100% MP? Don't worry – you'll get the full load anyway ;-).


            @Johnny_Heartfield: Not originally performed/written by Mp, so, obviously no :wink: But yes, sure, they always do great versions of those, as well as of "Into the sun" and "Black to comm" for example, but as they have tons and hours of own songs even better than that, I'd rather see them focus on their own material :D


              @ grindove: Good that you remind me of Black to Comm! I'd rather have that at the end of a Motorpsycho show than any track from "Kingdom of Oblivion".

              Anyway, it is probably futile to argue about possible setlists – they do what they do anyway. In fact they're not the best at what they do – they are the only ones that do what they do! (Ironically it takes a "cover" quote to describe MP best ;-) ).


                @Johnny_Heartfield: Hehe, yes, I'll enjoy whatever they do, I suppose, as long as they don't do the "complete album from start to finish" thing – a trend that I'd love to see disappear and never return, grrr. The show I witnessed on the "Unicorn" tour was by far the least good Mp gig I've attended :| Part of what I worship about this band is not knowing what next song will be at the concerts. The surprise! The excitement!! And I need a couple of non-favorites in order to pee once in a while :lol:


                  New date:

                  12.08.2022 – NO Skien, Lundetangen Pub Sommerfest



                    To the Norwegians:

                    Why are there only so few shows in Norway in April? Six shows is not many shows. Are there still any restrictions due to the pandemic situation? Or have some clubs closed and haven't reopened so far?

                    Motorpsycho mostly played in student's venues but I think nearly every city in Norway has students and a student's club. What about shows in Hamar, Bodø, Haugesund, Porsgrunn, Ås, Moss, Molde, Kristiansand, Drammen, Larvik, Tønsberg or Kongsberg to name only a few?


                      @Juergen: Nah, all the restrictions have been lifted.

                      These are basically "in-between" shows. Which means that they don't have a brand new album out to promote. I think there will be visits to a lot of the cities you mentioned once the new album comes out (later this year?)


                        It's been more than a year since Bob LeBad's last message on that other site. Would be nice to see some vital signs in concordance with the oncoming shows. Choosing internet absence these days appears absolutely plausible, but it's been really really silent recently. Anyway, lots of good times to all who manage to attend a show.


                          @marc BIO is the new NEWS :-)

                          Not that the band got fat and lazy though! The extra time on offer triggered more creativity and by easter 2021, the band had both finished and readied a new album from new recordings and the remaining songs from the 2019 Black Box session, as well as recorded more than enough music for another album on their own at their rehearsal space.

                          The first of these was released in early summer 2021 as ‘Kingdom Of Oblivion’, a double album that – in a stark contrast to the colourful and vivid sleeves of the Gullvåg Trilogy albums – came in a fantastic, pencil-drawn sleeve by Norwegian artist Sverre Malling. Again trusting Andrew Scheps to mix the songs, this was a decisively more guitar and rock focused album than ’TAIO’, and featured a wealth of heavy guitar riffs, offset by shorter, acoustic and often quite folky mood pieces. Coming less than 8 months after ’TAIO’, ‘KOO’ was a surprisingly quick follow up to a hit album by today’s standards, but to the band it felt imperative to ‘get the music out there’ before it got too old and ended up feeling outdated. This it achieved, and on KOO the band felt like a revitalized unit: the music was a fresh breath of normalcy after the deep dive and ginormous ambition, scope and sheer size of the Gullvåg Trilogy. Motorpsycho are, despite all the evidence to the contrary, primarily a loud rock band, and ‘KOO’ is a proper loud rock record!

                          The home recordings from the beginning of the year were sent to Reine Fiske in Sweden to do what he wants with and are currently being tweaked and mixed by him and his cohorts in Stockholm. Meanwhile, the band also recorded new music with Helge Sten in Amper Tone studio in Oslo in August, and this material is currently being mixed for a new album, again by Andrew Scheps. ETA on this album is summer 2022.

                          In other news, dancer Homan Sharifi invited the band to participate in his solo dance performance ’Sacrificing’ early in 2021, and shows were played in Oslo in early summer and Trondheim in the fall. More performances of this intensely personal but very psychedelic and ritualistic experience is being planned, so look out for future opportunities to catch it live, both in Norway and internationally!

                          By the 2nd half of 2021, the world had opened up enough to start gigging regularly again, and the band fitted in a dozen or so gigs in the latter half of the year, including offbeat settings like the Ringnes Festival and Fjaler Theatre Festival in the late summer , as well as more traditional fare, such as Desertfest in Belgium in the fall, before undertaking a week’s residency at Blitz in Oslo.

                          Filming also commenced that summer on a movie project started with theatre troupe De Utvalgte. Primarily a fun project that aims to make a visual document retaining the potential magic of a MP concert in a truer sense than random modern HD footage tends to do, it is a multi-year project that has just begun. Time will show when it is finished. Watch this space!

                          Finally, the band was also invited to compose music for the new national report on wolves in Norway, and wrote and produced the weird and witty ‘Ulv! Ulv!’ with Ola Kvernberg for the exhibit at the science museum in Trondheim opening concurrently with the publishing of the report in December. The fate of the domestic wolf tribe is in the balance, and this report is a big deal. Hopefully the tune will add some perspective to the discussion, we’ll see!

                          Stream it from December 2!

                          In its 33rd year, MP is still a living organism that seeks new challenges and experiences and tries to write music that is relevant to them. The best music is yet unwritten (or at least unreleased!), the best shows are yet to be played, and MP will keep on doing their thing for as long as their ears will allow them.

                          A proper European tour is being planned for spring 2022 – the first one in almost three years – and all will hopefully soon be back to some sort of recognizable ‘normal’.

                          Punj Lizard

                            I guess some of the "home recordings" could surface as a surprise tour release. That would be cool.


                            25.05.2022 – BE Arlon, Entrepot

                            I finally decided to attend this one. Still the closest location from where I live and it'll be the last date of the tour, so why not? It's a rather small place if I remember correctly, not sure how many psychonauts are ready to go this far in the middle of nowhere, but I thought the same about the show in the Braine-Le-Comte shithole and it was the best MP show I ever attended.

                            Punj Lizard

                              It's well past 6 am in London and still no setlist or review from last night's tour opener. Have some mercy and save us from the agony of anticipation :wink:


                                News from Tromsø usually take some time… so far in the north. Trondheim might be on earlier :o

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