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    Sail on!

    Its all rock mythology, which MP is also very aware of (ref their constant references), but maybe not important for everyone or in the bigger picture. But interesting to discuss nonetheless, does it really matter..?


      To me it would somehow matter cause I mean not a single experience beside Pot smoking for the whole band…? Album titles like Timothy's Monster or take the sideway spiral lyrics… Common I mean it would be a big fake over all the years.. It feels like a group become casted for special audience.. I mean it is somehow different with what you expect from a group but its Motorpsychodelic Music.. To me it would be like listening to Linkin Park for 20 years.. ROFL 🤣 No without joking I would be somehow be very disappointed… I mean you're right when you say its all about the music but man… You know the guys found me or I found the guys I a dark time of my youth and they were allways my special trip heroes… I was 17 and since two years out of space.. Without really knowing what these shrooms would do to me and that there are a lot of other people who are Spaced out.. And then came Motorpsycho…


        @mybestfriend83, sorry you seem so upset. But I think too we have spoken enough about the drugthing here, after all the thread is about working methods.

        (rock-)mythology: now there's a thing MP surely have played around with all this time, in references, wordpuns (booklets of the ep's for example), and I think it's great fun, being somewhat of a rock-quizzer myself. Surely studying rock-history has brought them lot's of ideas for their own music!

        and now…:For our sensitive readers…don't be schocked: SNAH IS NOT GOD !!!(but Eric Clapton was said to be).It's playing with rock-mythology…Snah=Hans Magnus Ryan, no more and no less! And: Bartok of the Universe does NOT contain any Black Sabbath riffs, and so on! :lol:


        I guess you can perceive the sun, or the moon, in a thousand different ways, and none of them are fake


        JERO, well put, again, though blasphemous! (Clapton that is😂😉)



          It's Allright with me… I've said all to this theme.. But man I would really like to know..

          Just keep on going Dudes… :STG:


            Hehh. This will only be speculations forever. Until Bent one day finally donates his last bass to Rockheim, and Bob leBad writes the authorized band biography.

            Due to be released october 2048.



              … Good one Thor… I hope that will be 2048…lol

              Kid A

                Hey, Snah might not be God indeed, but Kenneth IS fuckin fast.

                Btw: Spidergawd have also just finished recording and the new album is out by January.

                Punj Lizard

                  Thanks everyone for your input to this thread. I agree with JERO, enough of the "Drug Thing" for now. As interesting as it is to me (you can blame it on the energy), I wonder if anyone has any other insights to or anecdotes regarding the band and the way they approach their 'work'.

                  Krist Rampage

                    There are a lot of interesting articles and interviews on the media stories page. This one for instance: interview with Geb 1999

                    About the recording of LTEC:

                    What can you tell us about the album you are currently recording?

                    "This time we have been very focused on the goals we had from the writing/rehearsing process. Every song was tried out in all kinds of arrangements before we went into the studio, and almost every detail was planned and tried out on 8-track demo versions. No Mellotrons this time, so we had a musician named BÃ¥rd Slagsvold helping us writing the notes/arrangements for strings, trumpets and horns and more. he also conducted them in the studio and did piano and 2nd harmony singing. This is gonna be joyable for your ears only!!!"

                    Punj Lizard

                      @Krist – Brlliant! Thanks :D

                      Krist Rampage

                        Yr welcome.

                        Another one:

                        interview with Bent 2000

                        L: Can you tell me how songs normally are fixed together? Does one of you come along with a complete song or with just fragments, or do you create new songs while jamming?

                        B: It can be that, it can be everything from a totally finished song like "The One Who Went Away", I wrote on an acoustic guitar and taught it to the guys and said, “This is way it should be, no more, no less, just – boom.” But then again a lot of the other songs are just, somebody has some sort of idea for a little verse or a little chorus or a little riff, and then we just try to play on it and see what it’s all about. So there’s everything from pure, rude improvisation like "The Wheel", that song was written on a soundcheck in Cologne. Snah was soundchecking his guitar, and he just started playing “duh de duh duh de duh de duh duh de de”, and I said, “Ey! Remember this! We have to play that tonight!” And then we didn’t really know what to do, so I started to bark on top of that and it became "The Wheel", seventeen minutes of this huge fuckin´ thing. That’s like one extreme, and the other one is like this totally compact finished thing and just, “This is the way it should be. I know exactly how it should be.” So everything in-between is possible. And the same with the lyrics as well, some things are really concrete and they really are about this one thing, and other lyrics can be just painting with words, just to sort of add to whatever atmosphere the music gives. So it’s everything from – to, we don’t really have any rules.

                        Krist Rampage

                          interview Bent 2001

                          About Phanerothyme:

                          BENT SÆTHER: So, it means psychedelics, it's another word for that. But it's a very beautiful word, I think. It looks like it is some kind of medicin. Maybe it's medicin for the soul. Anyway, that's what we thought of at least. So, if you wanna leave this trivial world behind, you can take half a gram of phanerothyme and then you'll feel a little better. You can open your eyes and you can open your ears and you can open your mind, hopefully.

                          Motorpsycho heeft geen psychedelische hulpmiddelen gebruikt tijdens de opname van Phanerothyme. Hard werken en je goed concentreren is de boodschap. Met goed én gevarieerd resultaat overigens. Want Motorpyscho is muzikaal van vele markten thuis. Volgens Sæther heeft dat te maken met de rusteloosheid die hen alledrie kenmerkt

                          Translation of the last part:

                          Motorpsycho did not use psychedelic devices during the intake of Phanerothyme. Work hard and concentrate well is the message. With good and varied results, by the way. Because Motorpyscho is musically from many markets at home. According to Sæther, this has to do with the restlessness that characterizes them all three.

                          Punj Lizard

                            Krist, these are gold! :D

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                          …hanging on to the trip you're on since 1994