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    Plus last song: Vortex Surfer

    About 2 1/2 hours

    "Iron C" was a new song, and "Iron Horse" with Kenneth on vocals.

    Highlights: Sister Confusion, Serpentine (in a very slow version), Hogwash, Iron Horse, Like Always, Mountain, Nothing to say (Yeah) and Vortex Surfer


      Kenneth on vocals..Nice..



        Wow, looks an adequate final: Two new tracks and a rare Sister Confusion (last time Kilbi 2004?) + Kenneth on Lemmylead vocals? Jeeez! :-)


          Just got home.Woah, amazing show! At least on par with yesterdays's Duesseldorf Freakout!

          And I got my THE OTHER ONE in the middle of…hmm..Alchemyst…very MickeyMouse like.

          Thanks BENT/KEN/SNAH for a real good time. Thanks for three really fine evenings with

          friends…and only 550 kms to travel all the way. I'm just feeling to be truckin' on,

          like in the old daze. Woah, what a show!


          Great Show! first part of the show was ok…(the sound at the beginning was not so good for me…from serpentine (great version) on the gig was superb!

          My Highlights: Serpentine, Iron Horse, Nothing to say (nice long version), Alchemyst.

          Hoping for a record!


            Indeed another great concert.

            Very close to düsseldorf yesterday.

            Iron c is the same song who was yeterday called dog or clock parade.

            Again, hardly possible to name highlights. the whole concert was one.

            but sister confusion back is great, mountain>nothing to say without break was very great

            and a concert ending with alchemyst > vortex surfer is absolutely amazing.

            one nice interaction impression:

            after hogwash, bent just finished singing the last words, he opend his eyes

            and he looked a bit crazy, than started a big smile on his face, he turned,

            and raised his wineglass to snah, snah laughed and toasted back.

            they had just done an indescribable jam during hogwash.

            And "the singing drummer" is back. :D



              Wow, as expected Osnabrück turns out to be the highlight feat. the most interesting setlist of the four shows!

              – "Halleluwah" inside "Hogwash"?

              – "The Wheel" inside "Starhammer"?

              – "The Other One" REALLY inside "Alchemyst" (and not in "Cornucopia")?

              – encore break between "Alchemyst" and "Vortex Surfer"?

              I am impressed!


              Only a short break, Snah and Kenneth went of the stage, but Bent kept on going with Vortex Surfer and the two are coming back.

              And "Iron Horse" might be a Motörhead Cover.


              Super gig. Even better than Eindhoven last Saturday. Definitely worth the travelling to Osnabruck. Looking very much forward to the new LP.


              Yes, awesome show, I thought it was much better than Duesseldorf, and the sound was superb.

              And, yeah, Iron Hores IS the Motorhead song.


              W H Y

              D O

              P E O P L E

              T A L K

              S O

              M U C H

              D U R I N G

              S H O W S

              ? ? ? ? ! ! ! !

              Seriously: this was the worst audience I have EVER witnessed at a M'psycho show.

              People in front, behind, next and "über" me were talking LOUDLY during the whole show, even chatting all the way through the quieter "space" sections and during Vortex Surfer they decided to party…. it was awful.

              I mean…. WHO ARE YOU ?! Didn't your parents teach you any manners ?!

              boomer former helm

                yes, another great show. for me one highlight was again the new song, wich builds up to the end in a very strange rhytmical way. unbelievable. very good.

                iron horse was a highlight for sure too. kenneth singing lemmy… :mrgreen:


                – "Halleluwah" inside "Hogwash"? NO

                – "The Wheel" inside "Starhammer"? NO

                – "The Other One" REALLY inside "Alchemyst" (and not in "Cornucopia")? IN CORNUCOPIA

                – encore break between "Alchemyst" and "Vortex Surfer"? Good question;: They went off stage and returned after just 30 seconds, which was very funny to me!


                  That's really a GREAT setlist! And what about the concert in Dusseldorf? What did they play?


                      Not really an encore break between alchemyst & vs.

                      When alchemyst was finished Bent nearly ran to the guitars,

                      picked one up and talked to shah & kenneth shortly, than they came back in front of the stage.

                      VS wasn't on list and it seems it wasn't planed but bent wanna play this yesterday.

                      For me it is hard to say, but I think like düsseldorf a bit more than osnabrück,

                      two (three) reasons:

                      – in düsseldorf they played year zero and this great new ss 3(5)

                      – the audiance: in düsseldorf respectful and enthusiastic, in osnabrück very loud talking and cheating and a lot of them very drunken.

                      but the band played two totally mindblowing gigs in düsseldorf and osnabrück!

                      Vegard B. Havdal

                        What is M? "Maybe", or "Moog"?

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