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      What do we think of these spotify schemes:


      Hope enough artists and users pull out now…


        Not very original. EMI invented and produced radar technology and weapons from WW2 on and later became part of Thorn industries. Godspeed You Black Emperor dealt with the various overlappings of music and military industry on Yanqui U.X.O.

        Obviously those companies all turn bad in the long run. Spotify already turned out a rather totalitarian rip-off monster, so this is probably the logically next step.

        Punj Lizard

          Following from Johnny's post …

          My father worked as a draughtsman for EMI, designing outside broadcast vans and the like. After 25 years his job was discontinued, but the company made him an offer to move onto working on defence contracts. This enabled them to avoid giving him a redundancy payoff, because they had offerred him another position instead. He declined the new position as he refused to work on defence contracts. This is one of the decisions my father took of which I'm most proud.

          Spotify – already a company with highly questionable ethics – will never get my money.


            Good on your dad!

            And blind acceptance is the sign

            Of stupid fools who stand in line


              Obviously, that was a quote from the Sex Pistols' 'E.M.I.' and not in any way a reference to people standing in line for their third (fourth? fifth?) shot of graphene hydroxide.


                @ suntripper: "I won't crew your ship of fools" ;-)


                  Please don't start this vaccine "discussion" again!


                  I was aware about EMI's shady dealings. But it's 2021 now and this is about spotify. I'm just curious about what customers and artists, especially the politically outspoken ones, will do about it. I brought this topic up elsewhere and it's funny how quickly people started to talk only about the pros and cons of streaming and vinyl buying and totally missed the point. At least this didn't happen here :lol: Or let's just bury this topic again. Better no discussion than another one going nowhere. :D

                  the conscience

                    "Better no discussion than another one going nowhere"

                    The status quo is like it is. We are living in the best world we can live. So shut up, wear masks, wash hands, go v…. asap :)


                      @Johnny: Ha! I think the conscience beat you to that one! See the other thread (you know, <i>that</i> one).

                      : Don't worry! I'm not going to try to take this thread in that direction! I just can't resist a little bit of fun sometimes!

                      As far as Ek is concerned, I'd rather he'd invested in <i>the</i> Arsenal rather than <i>an</i> arsenal. Perhaps he could put a rocket up Martin Ƙdegaard!

                      Seriously, as an Arsenal fan, if I was uncertain about his designs on the club before, what you have revealed would make me completely against. He would not get my money – just as Murdoch does not get my money (no Sky in my house). The decisions we all make as consumers make our world.

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                        "Never surrender…

                        never surrender…" ;-)

                        But I agree – let sleeping dogs lie! (Can't resist citing song titles, even old MSG ones…)


                        Hello again :-)

                        Helsing says it will use "world-leading AI technology for defence and national security" to provide "information advantage for democratic governments" and "keep liberal democracies from harm."

                        Sounds good, that's what we need! Helsing might become a competitor to Palantir, another great company who's data mining helped to locate the hideout of Osama bin Laden (to eventually kill him).

                        I hope that that's ok with you guys, right?


                          Democratic governments? Hmm…Do you know of any?

                          How much harm has been done spreading 'liberal democracy' around the world?

                          So you believe the fairy stories around bin Laden?

                          Who are the real victims of data mining, do you think? How is it 'justified'? What is the true objective? Who benefits?

                          There's your homework, Norman!


                            Van Helsing? Isn't that the guy who used to fight vampires? Now turned to a data vampire himself? Unbelievable…

                            On the other hand liberal democracy needs to defend itself, being (cybernetically and ideologically) attacked these days. I recently read Putin fears an EU expansion more than a NATO expansion – soft power rules! Anyway – we should be careful that we do not turn into the people we fight by using their methods.


                            suntripper, I'm overstrained by your amazing post! You make the impression of yourself as a highly educated person, a critical mind, a thinking man. Surely you consider yourself an intellectual, correct?


                            I recently read Putin fears an EU expansion more than a NATO expansion

                            You recently read that… and it seems that it became your opinion right away as it sounds wonderful for a hippie-esque pacifistic EU-supporter. That's ok. But is it also coherent? Let me make it short: It's rubbish.

                            we should be careful that we do not turn into the people we fight by using their methods.

                            Careful, indeed. Even if they have missiles, bombers, cyber attacks, guns, tanks, – we should be gentle, regardful, practising Yoga, eating vegan. Again: Logic?

                            And who are "the people we fight"? Is there a war going on? Did I miss something? What have you read?


                              @Norman: What an unpleasant little post! I simply sought to tease you, in good humour, with a few questions. Why did my post touch a nerve? Rather than engage in an interesting discussion, you just come back with the ad hominem attack. What do you hope to achieve with this style of yours?

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                            …hanging on to the trip you're on since 1994