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    suntripper, look at your dubious post again. Then, read this:

    What an unpleasant little post! … Rather than engage in an interesting discussion … What do you hope to achieve with this style of yours?

    You may be trapped in a loop now.


      Sad ending of another thread. One too many intolerant posts.


        To return to the theme of the thread – what happens with the likes of Spotify and EMI, diversifications, mergers, big fish eats little fish, the questionable morality behind the actions of the big corporations and how easily we are all caught up in this web – I present some relevant and, I hope, interesting viewing.

        First, a quick 2 minutes on BlackRock:

        Now, a deeper dive – a 1 hour film called 'Monopoly – Who Owns the World?' What follows is someone else's summary.

        A handful of mega corporations — private investment companies — dominate every

        aspect of our lives; everything we eat, drink, wear or use in one way or another. These

        investment firms are so enormous, they control the money flow worldwide

        While there appear to be hundreds of competing brands on the market, like Russian

        nesting dolls, larger parent companies own multiple smaller brands. In reality, all

        packaged food brands, for example, are owned by a dozen or so larger parent companies

        These parent companies, in turn, are owned by shareholders, and the largest

        shareholders are the same in all of them: Vanguard and Blackrock

        No matter what industry you look at, the top shareholders, and therefore decision

        makers, are the same: Vanguard, Blackrock, State Street and/or Berkshire Hathaway. In

        virtually every major company, you find these names among the top 10 institutional


        These major investment firms are in turn owned by their own set of shareholders. One of

        the most amazing things about this scheme is that the institutional investors also own

        each other. They’re all shareholders in each other’s companies. At the very top are

        Vanguard and Blackrock. Blackrock’s largest shareholder is Vanguard, which does not

        disclose the identity of its shareholders due to its unique structure

        Here's the link:



          @ suntripper: Thanx for returning to the original topic!

          Btw.: The Vanguard record label has nothing to do with the Vanguard investment group, god bless 'em. Not that anybody drew that conclusion here – but still: some record companies (small ones mostly) stay clean. Would have been funny though if the Vanguard Group started with Country Joe McDonald ;-). Let's hear it for the good guys!


          Hey suntripper, and by the way:

          So you believe the fairy stories around bin Laden?

          There's your homework, Norman!

          Imagine I would write: "How naive you are! Back to school with you, suntripper!" And following, upon your reaction:

          I simply sought to tease you, in good humour. Why did my post touch a nerve? Rather than engage in an interesting discussion, you just come back with the ad hominem attack. What do you hope to achieve with this style of yours?

          See? We reap what we sow.


            And as for 'Sir' Tony Blair…? Well, maybe it's best said with a Gibson ES-295…



              Need to put something right. Martin Ødegaard: I take it all back!


                Any chance you guys can take your petty little bickerings elsewhere, so that the rest of us can enjoy this forum to be about Motorpsycho and their music, and not have to be forced into this little ego massaging feud of yours? Personally i find it rather uninteresting and annoying, and i feel a little resentment about you guys thinking so highly of yourselves that you are able to rationalize making this public forum into your own seemingly personal playground to host this bullshit pissing contest of yours! Please…just stop! 😑


                  Martin Ødegaard is the captain of Arsenal and Norway. He is having a fantastic season and scored a great goal in Arsenal’s victory over Spurs in the North London Derby.

                  For those who are unaware of the player, this might be useful information should Bent mention his name between songs at a gig one of these days, given that Bent likes to make references to football now and then.

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                …hanging on to the trip you're on since 1994