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      oh Monstereo is you as well. 2 great bands for you. :raging with envy:


      wow, thanks alot for great feedback supernaut! very nice to hear! yeah, pretty much all our songs ends up around 8-9 minutes, accessible progrock :) just tell us when you have a label ;)


      Hi everybody. I've been a forum reader for some time and a psychonaut for some more time.

      I play in a band called Wind. So far we have released a 7" single ( and an instrumental 12" ( Our proper studio debut album is due for release later this fall. We play 60's inspired heavy psychedelic rock with elements of jazz and folk. A short videoclip of a recent show in Oslo:

      Sail on


      Hey here's a 19 minute tune from a rock band i play in called Captain Kill. from norway

      We were heavily inspired by LLM when we made it, hope you like it!

      Also a Motorpsycho pun in it, kudos if you hear it! : D


        big wheels keep on turning! :-)


          that's only two players? all live? or overdubs? if no overdubs how do you do the backing sounds and noisescapes things?


          Yeah only two, we both sing, but the drummer has a reverb thingy on his mic, and i have built myself a bassdrum contraption that i can step on so it hits the strings of a Etuned crapbehringerguitar to get some noize out, we also take with us a "noize" guy sometimes, but with this song we thought "lets get it as far out as possible on the track" and live it becomes another thing. More heavy and alot more jammy : D


          The Dawn Band (I play guitar and vocals) :

          Hainloose (I play drums, we just reformed! Updates soon) :) :

          Both bands on

          boomer former helm

            4 new songs of my project preglow can be found here:


            Monstereo got a new song up tonight! If anyone is interested, you can check it out here:


            A bit spacey, and floating, but still heavy.

            Krist Rampage

              Wow Drugthing, i really like that one! My band Rooster Rampage, usually a heavy noise/stoner/punkrockband just released a new EP. I would really appreciate it if you'd check it out. You can find it, as well as some older, heavier stuff here:

              (and man, only two week till the Effenaar gig!!!!)


              thanks! I like the heavier stuff, Bloodflow is great!:)

              to those of you living in Oslo, Monstereo is playing at Betong November 5th.

              would be cool if you drop by :) more info:


                Here are a couple of live videos from my new project "Head Generator". Hope you like 'em ->

                1) Head generator – Borderline – Live at Dama Di, Bodø 04.10.11 ->

                2) Head Generator – Capture Point – Live at Dama Di, Bodø 04.10.11 ->

                NOTE: The sound could be better :)


                  I would like to like it GBD but I'm not in the mood for it right now. :) Blame it on The Dawn Band, their Kussnacht is a great great great song I've just been listening to.


                    That's quite alright man! :) One can't like everything out there. I'll check out the davn band song. PS; This project is an ever evolving one (much in the same vein as MP just with coded drums instead of live drumming – This perticular live setting was for an "avant-garde" happening, so we diceded to stretch the songs out abit more + discard guitar and bass. So to put it short; Keep tuning in, and perhaps you'll like it eventually.

                    PS; That dawn song sounds like the creation of bent sæther and billy corgan. Pretty cool!

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