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    I want an official live version of Fool's Gold… Live that song turns from a nice little acoustic ditty into an absolute Monster on par with Vortex Surfer!

    boomer former helm

      For me it would be Dreamhome from Leipzig and Starhammer from Den Haag


        Well, I guess everyone's choices depend on the concerts they attended, and although I think it's fun to speculate; no next roadworks album has been announced yet and by now we know the boys are gonna do what they wanna do, so who knows what we'll get, which is another reason why I love MP: the surprises (The Light Fantastic sure was one)!

        As far as I am concerned standing here like you all at the wishing well; I'd say just publish the integral Den Haag gig as a dvd-haircuts II kinda thing, or vinyls (3 to 5) with dvd and cd kinda package like they did with the Konsert For Folk Flest !

        It deserves that kind of solid documentation in my opinion.


          its coming JERO…its coming… :lol:


            Hahaha, @Bernie, I wasn't being impatient, you take all the time you need to do it right! Just playing along with the game here. The results of your work will probably come very close to what I fantasized and will help me through the winter in the best way! :P


              :D :!: :P :!: :D :!:


                You lied from Bremen with Tomas' drum solo was Killer (especially with the woman yelling "Tomas!" at its peak-check out spacebandit's recording) and deserves a proper live release (imo).


                  MAD SUN..Mountain…


                  I would like a six vinyl box set containing all the songs played during the Autumn tour of Europe. Am I asking too much? Maybe leave out tracks from RW5 (only for the sake of space) but that just leaves out Un Chien d’espace, Ship of Fools and Manmower. If they had to limit it to just three discs then I would plump for the ones with the **.

                  Psychotzar **

                  The Crucible

                  Mountain **

                  The Tower

                  Uberpilgrim **

                  Fools Gold **

                  A Pacific Sonata

                  Mad Sun **

                  Hogwash **

                  Bonny Lee **

                  You Lied **

                  No Evil

                  Dreamhome **

                  Spin Spin Spin

                  Granny takes a trip

                  Song for a Bro

                  Year Zero **


                  The Jig is up

                  California (I’m so sold)


                  Feel **



                  A Song for Everyone


                  Starhammer **

                  Hey Jane

                  Lux Aeterna **

                  Black 2 Comm

                  Pills Powders etc **

                  The Light Fantastic

                  On my Pillow **

                  The Alchemyst

                  For Mad Men Only

                  Triggerman **

                  On a Plate

                  Ship of Fools

                  Nothing to say **


                  THE WHEEL

                  Un Chien d’espace

                  Into the Sun


                    Quite unrealistic – you'd block the few remaining European vinyl printing plants with that ;-)

                    As much as it hurts selecting I'd opt for a more "realistic" 3-LP Volume, or better a still not completely unrealistic 4 LP Box with side lengths between 19 and 23 min.

                    Selection would then be as follows:


                    The Jig Is Up

                    Granny Takes A Trip



                    The Cuckoo



                    Starhammer (20 min. version)


                    August (Cologne)

                    Song for A Bro (Cologne)




                    Mountain (full blown)



                    The Tower


                    For Madmen Only

                    Fool's Gold

                    Think I'll compile that for me anyway on CD, but an official vinyl version would be hog heaven!

                    A possible full 3 CD edition would then probably also include California, A Pacific Sonata, Mockingbird, The Crucible, Mad Sun and Black to Comm. Jeez!!!

                    The title presents itself: Of course "For Madmen Only!" Subtitle: Grandpa's European Trip ;-)

                    Phoots Flower

                      This is fun.

                      And now something completely different.

                      3LP + DVD/BR with some vídeos Bernie archiveswith official audios.


                      Even though they made an exception with Un Chien d'Espace, I hope they'll keep their tradition of not repeating songs in their roadworks… This would exclude Hogwash from Heartfield's list…

                      My possible list for a more modest 2LP could be:


                      The Jig is Up







                      Song for a Bro

                      Fools Gold


                        Well if there would come a roadwork from this tour, true to the aim of that series, is should be focused on improvisation and deviation from 'regular album' versions. So then stuff like the starhammers, towers, pacific or otherwise sonata's, manmowers etc. makes sense due to their nightly different appearances. There are also songs that are maybe unique to the tour like for madmen only. But as far as the Jigs, all 3 songs from The Crucible, and even fool's gold, however beautiful etc. go, and I'm not saying I didn't loooooove these songs being played, they don't differ too much from the regular album versions. So if they followed that rule it would narrow the choices a bit.

                        I just bought the Very Big Xmass MP Gift Sock (see hidden peel off/fold out page in the Connaisseur's Catalogue) still stick (man!) to the idea of a deluxe package (vinyls/cd or download or/with dvd with Bernie's work) of the integral Den Haag gig! :D


                          I support the Idea of a Bernie material DVD. As for the audio tracks: Bernie's vids have increased considerably in audio quality over the years. Just listen to those from 2018 & 19!

                          Wonder where you get the sounds from, Bernie! Just a lot of mics? Do you remix several sources/positions or did you probably even get mixing desk material the last times? Sounds brilliant in any case!


                            hey guys, dvds are so 2010 :-)…just hook your computer up to a big screen and speakers like i do with a simple HDMI connection :-) the secret to the audio of my vids is indeed a mix between mixing desk recordings and some extra mics. I assure you mixing desk recording alone are unlistenable (very unmotorpsychodelic). The key to understanding their live sound is they like to have the onslaught come from their amps on stage. So in the PA there is not much bass or guitar…just drums and vocals mainly. So what i did the last couple of years is put 2 mics on stage to get the full blast of Bents bass and Snahs guitar. The drums and vocals I blend in from the mixing board recordings…sometimes the balance works, sometimes not. But LEUVEN, BRAINE and DEN HAAG were pretty good mix wise…You gotta be a little lucky as well :-) thanks for the kind words everyone…the rest of the Den Haag show should be up next week (Im at my upload limit again…damn these long songs)

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