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    boomer former helm

      finally received my copy. the album is just great. fantastic sound and really good selection of jam passages. only downside is really the wrong order and labeling of the songs…


        Well, just to return to the topic for a moment:

        Anybody thinks Taifun feels a bit different sung lower?

        Don't misunderstand my words: it's still abso-fucking-lutely amazing!

        But am I the only one which, at his first listen, thought "Whoa! That was unexpected!" as soon as the voice kicked in?

        Off topic: I'm one of those old-fashioned CD lovers, but I must admit Digital Download and storing is the future, since it even offers a higher audio quality than CD


          For me it was not surprising. Bent sings it this way for years now.


          Roadwork I, II and IV are now available on Tidal & Spotify. III and V might follow later?


            Not in norwegian Spotify.

            However. Blissard, AADAP, Trust Us, Cake, Barracuda, Phanerothyme, Love Cult and BHBC are now available (finally) on norwegian Spotify!

            Edit: RW1, 2 and 4 are indeed available also in Norway.


              @ Wulf: I didn't know that! I last heard it in 2013 and it was sung like the original, so I thought it never changed. Cool!


                I got both albums last week, and RW3 has been stuck on my record player ever since.

                That Stained Glass… Brilliant!

                Still need to find time to really listen to RW5. Checked out Taifun. Not bad, at all.

                Meh, who am I kidding. RW3 it is!




                  Finally found the time to listen to most of RW V in one go – from the first notes of "Sleepwalking"/"Lacuna Sunrise" to the final consonant "pling" of "Chien d'Espace".

                  Used my flac download – so no LP side turning for an enduring experience of sheer bliss.

                  Imho the ultimate recorded MP live experience. Far, far out…

                  Skipped "Ship" – I think that one is best in its studio version – with all the voices and things going on that are lost in the stage variant. Good as a live experience as well, but as a live recording rather disappointing. My view only, so feel free to disagree.

                  "Taifun" I reserved for a better occasion due to sheer acoustic exhaustion ;-)

                  My enthusiasm for RW III has regrettably worn off just a little bit over the years – listened to it for quite some time and still love Hogwash and 577. Maybe another intensive listening session in due time?

                  The Other Anders

                    RW5 – Which concerts?

                    We already know the origins of Sleepwalking+Lacuna/Sunrise, Manmower (video here), and Köln/Un Chien. Left to figure out is Ship of Fools and Taifun.

                    I have checked against surfaced audience sources from the fall tour.

                    Turns out Ship of Fools is from Leipzig. Maybe they knew it was the one they were looking for, maybe they stumbled upon it while going back for Lacuna/Sunrise. This is the third time Conne Island and Leipzig is represented on a RW. The Other Other Fool on RW1 is from Leipzig, as is The Bomb-Proof Roll & Beyond on RW4. Must be something in the water!

                    Now, as you might have noticed, Taifun begins with the outtro of Ship of Fools.

                    It was played directly after SoF during eight concerts:

                    Amsterdam, Oct 24.

                    Sint Niklaas, Oct 26.

                    Zwolle, Oct 28.

                    Zagreb, Nov 2.

                    Livorno, Nov 4. – No

                    Cologne, Nov 8. – No

                    Leipzig, Nov 9. – No

                    Trondheim, Dec 9. – No

                    Audience sources of four of them have surfaced, and it is neither of them. This leaves us with four possible concerts, as listed above. If I had to bet, I would place my money on Sint Niklaas based on the assumption that they found this one while going back for the extraordinary version of Manmower. It also makes sense from a mixing point of view. (Fewer sources to prepair and combine).

                    Ship Of Fools – Conne Island, Leipzig, Nov 9. 2017

                    Sleepwalking – Conne Island, Leipzig, Nov 9. 2017

                    Lacuna/Sunrise – Conne Island, Leipzig, Nov 9. 2017

                    Manmower – De Casino, Sint Niklaas, Oct 26. 2017

                    K̦ln РStollwerk, Cologne, Nov 8. 2017

                    Un Chien d´Espace – Stollwerk, Cologne, Nov 8. 2017

                    Taifun – De Casino, Sint Niklaas, Oct 26. 2017?

                    Punj Lizard

                      @ The Other Anders – Nice work, Anders. Thanks. If Taifun is from Sint Niklaas, maybe one day we'll be blessed with a video of it, as we are with Manmower.

                      The Other Anders

                        @ Punj Lizard – Thanks! Well, after all it is a Bernie's Basement video, so I speculate that he filmed the whole concert, like he uses to. Just imagine a Bernie's Basement series of LPs with Blue-rays included… What a treasure that would be… It could be its own series, or part of the RW series. Oh boy, if only I was in charge of this! You'd see one RW from each tour, plus (as) complete (as possible) archive releases in a separate series on a regular basis. The Norwegian National Broadcasting company NRK must (hopefully) still have all their radio recordings stored away somewhere, as the release of Oslo March '97 might indicate (AaDAP box). I would start with Roskilde '93 and and Oslo Sentrum Scene '94, both of which are mind-blowing. Then go on to Rome '94, which was recorded by radio and filmed by audience. Should be possible to restore, and would have been a natural addition to the Timothy's box, just like the great Groningen '93 dvd included in the Demon Box 2014 reissue. So here my series would rectify that omission. Then I'd go back to NRK with Oslo March '96, Stavanger '98, and then dive into the recordings from Swedish National Radio (SR) – I think they at least recorded them in '98 and '00. From NRK there is also Roskilde '99, Oslo '01, as well as Øyafestival '06, which is a Blue-ray waiting to happen (BH/BC reissue material?!). This is only from the top of my head, there is probably stuff I forget – oh yeah, that wonderful and bizarre Bizarre Festival '02 filmed by Rockpalast would become an instant classic as well. And then there is probably stuff we never heard about, just waiting to blow our minds and budgets, should Someone decide to grace our humble lifes with it…


                          The Other Anders wrote:

                          "that wonderful and bizarre Bizarre Festival '02"

                          Are you serious?? :roll: :?: :?: :!: 8O

                          The Other Anders

                            Yes, for some reason it has grown on me over the years. Bizarre because of the huge stage, the hipster horn section, the erratic setlist and the sitting audience waiting for KoЯn. And wonderful for the same reasons, plus the music is well played and the whole thing is well filmed. I get the same kind of pychedelic feeling as when watching vintage stuff from the 70s. Maybe I should have written "wonderfully bizarre"…

                            Audience sources of four of them have surfaced, and it is neither of them. This leaves us with four possible concerts, as listed above.

                            It isn't Amsterdam either, since they didn't play the extended version there yet. It was also followed by another song, so it didn't have the long outro as the RW5 version.

                            Krist Rampage

                              I think Taifun is from the Zwolle gig because it is how i remember them playing it. I think.

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                            …hanging on to the trip you're on since 1994