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    boomer former helm

      great. really curious what "köln" might be…


        Gnaargh – tracklist unveiled! Trying to avoid spoilers: "Köln" could be a small speech / comment à la "Fiskeboller" and work as an introduction to the madness that follows next … cannot wait to hold that piece in my hands and hear it :P

        (Also interesting: "There are a number of truly outstanding selections here, cherry-picked by Snah and Järmyr." Thought Bent has his hands on that?)


          Great tracklist! I think Köln is just the 10 minute space-intro to Chien (because it will be the Köln version)

          Really curious to see which versions of Sleepwalking/Lacuna and Manmower they chose.

          The former became VERY long near the end of the tour, while the latter was only played 5 times total with K.Lo in Europe. Also cool that Ship Of Fools was included from The Tower, but I would've liked In Every Dream Home as well.

          But I feel pretty confident this release will blow me away :D


          Dream home Lo edition should of course been included, saving some tracks for Bents version!? 🌸


            I find this selection just wonderful, if a little short ;-)

            To satisfy all expectations it would have had to be a 10 LP box at least. Motorpsycho'll probably save this for the time when they're retired (horror!)- just like the Dead did and still do with their endless output of great concert recordings.

            Dream home has improved very much over the months – find this year's april versions so much better – so for me it's no big deal they left it out on RW V.

            Punj Lizard

              So many questions. 😂 When in 2017 was Sleepwalking performed? I recall Juergen mentioning that Bent had played it as a bass solo. Was it played elsewhere? Is it likely that Sleepwalking and Lacuna/Sunrise are taken from the same show?


                Correct! Sleepwalking introduced Lacuna/Sunrise in Leipzig 2017-11-09. Bent played the song with his bass guitar.

                There are only six songs (I only count Sleepwalking-Lacuna/Sunrise as one song) on 3 LPs. That means one song on each LP side!

                Punj Lizard

                  If you count Köln as part of Un Chien d'Espace, only five songs. My guess is that both SW>L/S and K>UCdE are split across two sides.


                    If they took the Leipzig Lacuna/Sunrise, as it looks now, then it's gonna be a monster of a live album!

                    My guess:

                    Side 1: Ship of Fools

                    Side 2: Sleepwalking – Lacuna Sunrise pt. 1

                    Side 3: Lacuna Sunrise Pt. 2 – Manmower

                    Side 4: K̦ln РUn Chien pt. 1

                    Side 5: Un Chien pt. 2

                    Side 6: Taifun

                    So be it!

                    Punj Lizard

                      @Johnny – Yep, that's exactly what I was thinking. :D


                          Mixed by Andrew Scheps?!?! This is getting scary… I've been watching a lot of his mixing tips and tutorial videos recently, even got me some of his plugins. Things always fall into place in the weirdest (or not) ways.

                          Krist Rampage

                            Excellent selection! Really glad with Lacuna/Sunrise which is more or less my favorite MP song from recent years. Really curious about this version.

                            Also Taifun, which was fantastic in Zwolle. I remember that Kristoffer Lo really added al lot on this one.

                            I hope the Stickman version comes with the cds too btw.

                            About the RW1 reissue: i noticed that the tracklist mentioned on the Rune site doesn't mention Feel. Mistake?


                              @ Krist: Depends if you chose the album version or the cd version.

                              The 2LP version has Feel on it:



                                WTF, Feel on Roadwork 1? What did I miss?

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