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      RW 3 & 5 in the bag. Thou' I must say I'd have prefered simple black vinyl. Easier to hit the tracks and not as vulnerable.


        Are the Stickman download vouchers usualy MP3 and .wav?


          If I remember correctly, I downloaded "The Tower" as flac.


            @s_edelman : Tower was offered in a variety of download options, but behind the sun was MP3 only. Safest bet to know is send a message to Stickman, they are usually very responsive.


              Stickman says: choice of MP3 of Flac.

              "Feel" is not included in the RW1 downlaod


              It's disappointing that they're not updating the digital releases to match the vinyl versions.

              That's one of the things I've found nice about the album re-releases – that they've included everything – so it's both a shame and slightly odd that they don't seem to be doing the same here.


                @Halitosis, it is very possible that RW I & II were not remastered, and they may even have used the same lacquers as the original pressing(s). They could have made the vinyl mastering available digitally, of course, but that was never technically tailored for the digital domain, as opposed to the box sets, and getting Helge involved for that one extra track was likely considered a non-priority at this point. Maybe we'll see a RW digital box set sometime in the future?

                Krist Rampage

                  I don't understand your point Halitosis. I does include everyting: The exact same vinyl version plus download in so far unknown quality. The cd version didn't include Feel, so why include it for the download? To listen to Feel you have to play the vinyl, just like before.


                    What's there not to understand if one would like to see the same tracks offered as download as there are on the vinyl?

                    You vinyl aficionados can also feel better than the rest of the world without exclusive tracks.


                      I think that Devotional has explained the matter quite satisfactory.

                      Of course it would be ideal that both vinyl and download offer the same material – which is the case with the newer, specially (re-)mastered releases.

                      As a "vinyl afficionado" I don't need no extra tracks to feel good – having the real thing in my hand and on the record player is gratification enough.

                      Anyway – it's just one small track and nothing world-shattering (heresy!).

                      I remember a time where it was the other way round – if you still bought the vinyl, you were served with fewer material than on the parallel CD releases. Motorpoetic justice indeed!

                      And don't forget – you get the missing track on vinyl anyway! Have it digitalized yourself, if you're craving for it!

                      Punj Lizard

                        Release date for these albums is 22 June. Does anybody know if shipping will commence in advance of that, or on that date? I can't see any mention of when shipping will commence at the Rune Grammofon website or in my order confirmation from Rune. I'm getting restless with anticipation, and assuming it will take several days to ship to the UK I'm particularly anxious. Or maybe I'm just impatient ;)


                          Yep – anticipation rises…

                          Stickman usually ship brand new albums a few days before release date in order to have them arrive just in time. Don't know how Rune handles that matter.

                          I tried to cure my impatience by listening to the excellent Leipzig recording. Slightly spoiled expectance by excellence – they should have released almost all of the Leipzig concert in a separate box – it is that good. Probably saved for the future, when our heroes are old and in need of money ;-)


                            It seems that the packages from Stickman are sent out 2 days ago.

                            Did someone already received there vinyls?


                              My copy of Vol. 4 from Stickman actually arrived in Norway on the 11th(!). Looks like it was sent already on the 5th frm Germany…


                                sorry if this has already been discussed but im a cd guy…is this roadwork coming out on cd as well or do you have to buy the vinyl that packs a cd copy ? Anyone ? thanks x bernie

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