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    the conscience

      Wasn‘t it you supernaut who has wriiten the most in this thread? :)


        Poor, old supernaut! I almost feel sorry for you!

        I'll tell you whar: as you've managed to avoid being insulting this time – more or less – you can have a break from me, at least. How about that?

        And if this thread is getting you all steamed up, you know, there are all the other threads. You could just avoid this one, single thread?

        I had hoped you would answer my question, but I guess you can't. Shame.

        Anyway, sorry about the freedom.


        As the times they are a-changin', poor supernaut has not realized yet that now he is the troll.


        @suntripper: Since you've posted your link to the V-Stop festival, I was musing how the reaction over here would be after the announcement of such an event. For sure there would be a grim politization immediately, a polarization that soon would raise into a "us vs. them", meaning: we, the ones with discernment, the sensitive ones from the civil society, against […you know what to put in here]. That’s Germany, 2021.

        But a fine example of the idiosyncrasy of different societies. The diversity is a main factor that makes this continent so unique. And that's the reason why supranationalism will never work; at least in democratic societies, people don't want consolidation of institutional powers. It's dead wrong when homogeneous legislation gets imposed in Bruxelles, then compulsorily has to be implemented in each and every country. These unelected bureaucrats, of which most of them never had a real job out of politics, are totally disconnected from the life of ordinary people.

        Freedom and liberty means that you take responsibility for yourself, your family, your relatives, that you engage in your community. The political system and its institutions is there to set the frame condition on a greater level. But the persons in charge need to bear upon the society; at least on the legislative-, but also on judiciary level. In 2011 and after a report of the think tank «Policy Exchange», there was a debate in the UK about the intrusive role of the European Court of Human Rights in Strassbourg, having "taken upon itself an extraordinary power to micromanage the legal systems of European states" as Leonhard Hoffmann (a top-notch lawyer) then analyzed. During a debate in the House of Commons it was Dominic Raab who made it clear that it’s the UK, and it should be the UK only, to decide about the effective law in the country.

        Later that year, during the yearly convention of the Tories, then home secretary Theresa May even demanded the abolishment of the Human Rights Act. She earned a standing ovation – rightly so – for that distinct statement.

        It would be a dangerous mistake to lean back and take our current standard of freedom and liberty for granted. The same goes with our level of wealth which has been built up for decades. Not by self-righteous politicians, not by overpaid bureaucrats, not by philosophical dreamers and blithering idiots talking of an unconditional basic income. But by normal people – the working class.

        «Thank you to all the hardworking men and women who do their duty each and every day – making this a better world for everyone. Together, let us send our love and gratitude to them – because they make our countries run.» (Donald Trump, Davos speech 2018)



          this is not a drill: don't feed the trolls.


          I find that somehow hilarious

          And if this thread is getting you all steamed up, you know, there are all the other threads. You could just avoid this one, single thread?

          If this concert place requiring a corona pass is getting you all steamed up, you know, there are all the other concerts.

          The animosity and Karen-ish intolerance covered in the usual embarrassing pseudo-intellectualism of anti-vaxxers are fascinating.

          Sorry for feeding the troll, I just discovered this thread was still active! Mindbending.



          There isn't any intelligence of "vaxxers" because most of them (like you) aren't arguing at all (sorry for my so overly dumb generalisation!). I know I am a stupid pseudo-intelligent arsehole.

          The arrogance you put yourself over the so-called "anti-vaxxers" is incredible, only provoking and has nothing YOU would like from a discussion: argumentive and meaningful.

          The only thing you are able to do is bashing people down that have other opinion than you. How you are so damn sure YOU are not the troll?

          Argue with me. Are you scared? I am ready. Bring up your arguments for a vaccination against a virus like Covid. If not, don't feed me as a reader of this board with generalisation of people.



            boomer former helm

              Die Lehre aus der Geschicht'

              beschäftige mit dem Spalter dich nicht


              David, you should be conscious of the fact that you haven't understood anything at all yet. Which is a consequence of your self-righteous behaviour.

              So, act more properly, reserved – just like a grown up. Oh, and get a job!


                ….and i give you…..THE EGO CORNER!



                Praise, there he is again.

                Telling us what to do, how to act.

                You should.

                This is unacceptable.

                You are.

                And rightfully so. We need a messiah. To direct us, show us the rules, remind us of what we are. Of what the great philosophers said. And wise politicians such as Thierry Baudet or The Donald. Our messiah is patient with us. But when we do not show enough progress, or our behaviour becomes unacceptable he will not hesitate to slam us against the wall. With dry facts. Not because he likes to do so, but because it will help us, teach us a valuable lesson. Therefore we must cherish his muscles and admire his dick the size of a working class Trabant stationwagen. We should be thankful to have such a person among us and show him the respect he deserves. The more, because unlike many of us he has a well-earned day job and lovingly devotes his spare time engaging with his community. We are blessed that he is able to still grant us some time to share his insights. He is not the troll, so no need not to respond to his posts. It is ourselves who may well be the trolls. The fact that he continues to guide us regardless, despite so many of us clearly asking him not to, only shows his true leadership. With the greater goal in mind, fearlessly going against the flow, as in real counter culture rock and roll. Let’s celebrate. All hail the messiah.

                the conscience

                  Thanks fuzzrules. Very creatve.I had to laugh. very seldom in this place since a while





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                  …hanging on to the trip you're on since 1994