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    On a related note, but more on topic, since it involves aerosol vaccines:

    "NASA Admits Spraying Skies"

    NASA Admits Spraying Skies

    Since you can no longer call these 'conspiracy theories', the next stage is to tell me it's all perfectly OK – there's nothing to worry about. Good luck!

    Viral NASA story gets science wrong

    It's all perfectly OK, there's nothing to worry about.



      I bet you enjoyed that! You made me smile too.

      Let's just accept that debunking. I shouldn't have added it – it's getting further away from the topic, anyway.

      But, you're not worried about Bill Gates' plans?


      Hehe, yeah couldn't help myself there. No further comments on the Bill Gates plan. Haven't read into it and I'm not an expert in geoengineering yet.

      Nothing much to add on the whole Covid-discussing here either, except that I've seen from way closer than I would've hoped what kind of damage the virus can do to a healthy young person. A fine immune system is great and all, until you're still not close to being fully recovered a year after infection.



        Really sorry to hear that. My best wishes for the young person's recovery.



          First of all, I take my hat off to you for doing that kind of work rather than chasing money and a bogus form of status. I also pay tribute to you for asserting that having this discussion here is perfectly valid. However, I must ask, do you really think I am so inhuman as to care less about such vulnerable people than I do about my little bit of freedom? What makes you think that?

          No need to take that hat off. If someone wants to make lots of money, that's allright with me. Question is how and what for, but it's not basically wrong. And I'm not doing mine to be congratulated or something…

          I'm not so sure anymore if I think this discussion is "vaild". It should be possible to discuss non-MP related stuff now and then on the side if desired (though I could do without), but this topic started to smell like Qanon at some point. So…

          I don't know where, how and if you validate your personal interests above the public interest. I was talking about people throwing around world wide concerning theories as excuses for not having to adapt for personal, and only personal, motives. Their talk comes across as serious worry about the world and us, but in fact they just take themselves way too important. They talk how the sheep "don't see THE PLAN of the governements and the big industry and Bill Gates" and whatnot. While they themselves don't see or just plain deny what's happening in plain naked numbers and facts, the hospitals filled to the brink and medical staff and virologists shouting out. And of course "the media" lies, and the governements lie. I can't stand this self important narcissism cloaked as fashionably woke. There's other topics these concerned citizens never talk about. Weapon industry and deals, destroying the environment, horrific work situations for those who make our nice clothes and cellphones, and then having the nerve of speaking about uncertain long term effects while smoking and drinking and eating the crappy food we're being given ("yeah I love frozen pizza and that thing that looks like a salad but don't you get any closer with that needle!!!"), stuff that we simply ignore because we got used to them. But this virus is new! And suddenly people who so far never gave two cents about the workings of the world now care for the wellbeing of all of us.

          I mean wtf is the problem with just shutting up, wearing a mask, wash and disinfect hands and keeping distance? That's all there is to it. If everyone did it (or had done it), we'd be way better off already now. Problem is, doing so makes one just one little human amongst the many billion others. And unimportant. Some can't deal with that.

          Considering no one is really reading all the posts thoroughly (I don't) I also drop the mic now.

          Yay! Soon! KINGDOM OF OBLIVION!


            This article really helped me to understand what's been going on on this thread.

            It also does a good job of explaining how it is that we are ruled by sociopaths.

            On The Psychology Of The Conspiracy Denier

            I take my tin foil hat off to the author.

            Kid A

              @supernaut This! Thank you, I second you 100%.

              (Unfortunately most of the time I’m writing on my phone and cannot express everything so detailed and lengthy like many fellow psychonauts here do. Sorry for that 8) )


              "I mean wtf is the problem with just shutting up, wearing a mask, wash and disinfect hands and keeping distance? That's all there is to it. If everyone did it (or had done it), we'd be way better off already now. Problem is, doing so makes one just one little human amongst the many billion others. And unimportant. Some can't deal with that."

              Because first of all people are not made to be distanced and wear masks. How many examples can be found that these methods are performed technically incorrect? In a hospital, where ffp2 masks make sense, they should be changed after two hours. I would have never taken off my mask in an isolated patient room with the patient having influenza only because I stay 1,5 meters away. Because no one can tell you this is 100% safe. So keep my mask on. If these methods are 100% correct, all my collegues and me would have behaved incorrect the last decades… And there can be found so many more contradictions out there in everyday life only.

              How long you wanna keep distance and wear a mask? You believe this will kill covid to zero? So we can have a normal life with a packed Motorpsycho concert in a small club? Is that really your hope?

              And the much more important factor: They are shutting down economy! They are shutting down bands who wanna meet up to make music. Shutting down concerts, art, restaurants, hotels, travel,social fucking life. I just cannot get you are loosely saying just wear masks people. WTF.



                First of all, I take my hat off to you for doing that kind of work rather than chasing money and a bogus form of status. I also pay tribute to you for asserting that having this discussion here is perfectly valid. However, I must ask, do you really think I am so inhuman as to care less about such vulnerable people than I do about my little bit of freedom? What makes you think that?

                I accept that I made an error of judgement. I tried to strike a conciliatory tone, even though you had misrepresented and insulted me. I should have realised that you don't read carefully, as further evidenced by your recent, unjustified, unpleasant and wide-of-the-mark invective.

                Even those who agree with you will remember, once the dust has settled, your nasty manner.

                By the way, no, there's nothing wrong with making money. Chasing money – the term I used – is something quite different. Take a look at the eye-watering amounts raked in by the pharmaceutical companies. Do you think there's no room for corruption there?

                I had already seen that, for most people, it is only once they or a loved one are seriously damaged by the pharmaceutical industry that they begin to ask questions. Then they start to wonder why they didn't ask questions before. Even if none of these beleaguered scientists' warnings ever come true, sadly, that is going to be an experience a fair few reading this will have to go through. It is desperately sad.

                With chasing money and the pharmaceutical industry particularly in mind, I am reminded of something from somewhere:

                "Love of money is the root of all evil."

                the conscience

                  Since I – despite the previous discussion (compare interview and the Obelisk questionnaire interview) – also Motorpsycho and psychonauts for some personal access than other other people, as I prefer to build bridges with the first wish To have a feeling for me was a loss that overshot the target, the slipping in the relationship from the guideline theories or the shitty pants that have lived in fear for more than older, thanks to continuous media bombardment, and now just as eloquently the same Their fear, their fear and the constant trust of questionable restrictions are too lost, because they are equally behavioral, or are afraid of losing face, their beliefs, their existing ideas of this world, if they have to, to question things, or respectively their mind shifts into a different directional feeling.

                  In more than a hundred posts in this thread, NOBODY has still been able to give a certain valid reason to prevent why this virus could have more devastating effects on humanity than, for example, consuming nicotine or meat, just to include two different ones Covent-19. For that was just in this claim and excess is written, there is still NO justification up to today, even after more than a year. Not even the extremely bad ones, heard here, very personal individual fates or reports from old people's homes, nursing homes or relationships.

                  Yes, but other diseases are not infectious, are not contagious … And how long? No knowledge of how one can only speculate, how one can even speculate about many other things.

                  Maybe I'll lean a little too far out of the window, but conspiracy theories and / or denial can be blamed on both sides. And the same interests there. Who says we haven't changed a political theory for a year? Who denies all the time that there are far worse things in the world than Covid-19? Is it just the carnivores, the smokers, the alcoholics, the starving, the wrong medication dying?

                  On the edge of the blog of a writing psychonaut has been written since August 2020:

                  "German psychonaut has written and is still writing some stories to bring his favorite band on the road as soon as possible."

                  And that's why it shouldn't be just about him, but about every single psychonaut who longs for concerts by our favorite band. With arguments, defamation, arguing who is right, you get no further in this regard. Suggested solutions are needed. But putting on masks, keeping your distance and being ready to vaccinate will probably not be enough. At least it hasn't worked this way for 12 months. And twelve months are an eternity from a psychonaut's point of view. Even if obviously not for every psychonaut.

                  And believe it or not, there may be psychonauts or other concert lovers in the world who don't know how many days, months or years they have left to live. Like none of us, by the way. Postponing, waiting, accepting, forever putting up with everything is therefore not the best solution for everyone.

                  There is only one thing in the world, the present.

                  And "The All is One".

                  These are facts, everything else is conspiracy theories.

                  At present there is no valid reason why those who are not afraid should not go to concerts. So why not ask the guys at Motorpsycho how afraid they are of playing in front of an audience that may not have been vaccinated. Or what they can think of in this regard for the future. Why should Motorpsycho and its fans leave such important decisions to third parties? After all, they have had a roughly constant number of fans at their concerts for years, and they certainly don't want to do without some of them in the future.

                  I know this is possibly, from a current point of view, an extremely stupid suggestion. But certainly no more stupid than what politicians and scientists have been proposing all along.

                  And anyway. In what world do we actually live when psychonauts subordinate themselves to viruses, politicians and scientists, or allow themselves to be dictated by them? :-)

                  Translated by google translate

                  Da ich mich – trotz der vorangegangenen Diskussion (ausgelöst durch Bents grenzwertiges Bullshit-Geplapper  (vergleiche Interview und The Obelisk Questionnaire Interview) – auch weiterhin Motorpsycho und Psychonauten um einiges stärker verbunden fühle, als den meisten anderen Menschen, möchte ich mit dem heutigen Eintrag lieber Brücken bauen, statt mir anmaßen zu wollen, was schlimmer stinkt, das über das Ziel hinausschießen, das Abrutschen in die Nähe von Verschwörungstheorien oder die vollgeschissenen Hosen derjenigen, die seit mehr als zwölf Monaten, dank medialem Dauerbeschuss in Angst leben, und nun wortgewaltig nur noch damit beschäftigt sind, ihre Angst und die fortwährende Akzeptanz fragwürdiger Restriktionen zu verteidigen, da sie entweder tatsächlich ängstlich sind, oder aber die Angst haben, ihr Gesicht verlieren zu können, ihren Glauben, ihre bisherigen Vorstellungen dieser Welt, wenn sie anfangen, Dinge zu hinterfragen, beziehungsweise ihre Meinung sich in eine andere Richtung bilden könnte.

                  In mehr als hundert Posts in diesem Thread hat immer noch NIEMAND einen einzigen triftigen Grund nennen können, um zu belegen, warum dieses Virus verheerendere Auswirkungen auf die Menschheit haben sollte, als zum Beispiel der Konsum von Nikotin oder Fleisch, um nur zwei Beispiele zu nennen, die weitaus höhere Todeszahlen verursachen, als Covid-19. Für das was hier gerade in diesem Ausmaß und Übermaß getrieben wird, gibt es bis zum Stand heute, auch nach über einem Jahr, noch immer KEINE Rechtfertigung. Auch nicht, die überaus schlimmen, hier genannten, sehr emotionalen Einzelschicksale oder Berichte aus Altersheimen, Pflegeheimen oder Krankenhäusern.

                  Ja, aber andere Krankheiten sind nicht infektiös, sind nicht ansteckend… Was wäre, wenn wir nicht die Maßnahmen eingehalten hätten, einhalten würden, wieviel werden dann sterben, wären dann gestorben, würden an den Langzeitfolgen leiden? Und wie lange? Keine Ahnung, darüber kann man nur spekulieren, wie man über vieles Anderes auch nur spekulieren kann.

                  Vielleicht lehne ich mich gleich ein wenig zu weit aus dem Fenster, aber Verschwörungstheorien und/oder Leugnen kann man beiden Seiten vorwerfen. Und den Milliarden Meinungen dazwischen. Wer sagt, dass wir uns nicht schon seit einem Jahr in einer Verschwörungstheorie befinden? Wer leugnet eigentlich die ganze Zeit, dass es weit Schlimmeres gibt auf der Welt, als Covid-19? Sind das nur die Fleischfresser, die Raucher, die Alkoholiker, die Hungernden, die an falscher Medikation sterbenden?

                  Am Rande des Blogs eines schreibenden Psychonauten steht seit August 2020:

                  „German psychonaut has written and is still writing some stories to bring his favourite band on the road as soon as possible.“

                  Und darum sollte es nicht nur ihm gehen, sondern jedem einzelnen Psychonauten, der Konzerte unser aller Lieblingsband herbeisehnt. Mit Streit, Diffamieren, Argumentieren wer Recht hat, kommt man diesbezüglich nicht weiter. Lösungsvorschläge müssen her. Aber mit Masken aufziehen, Abstand halten und Impfbereitschaft wird es vermutlich nicht getan sein. Zumindest klappt das seit 12 Monaten auf diese Weise nicht. Und zwölf Monate sind nun mal aus Psychonauten-Sicht eine Ewigkeit. Wenn auch offensichtlich nicht für jeden Psychonauten.

                  Und ob ihr es glaubt oder nicht, möglicherweise gibt es Psychonauten oder andere Konzertliebhaber auf der Welt, die nicht wissen, wie viele Tage, Monate oder Jahre, sie noch zu leben haben. Wie übrigens keiner von uns. Aufschieben, Abwarten, Hinnehmen, sich ewig alles gefallen lassen, ist daher nicht für jeden die beste Lösung.

                  Es gibt nur eines auf der Welt, die Gegenwart.

                  Und „The All is One“.

                  Das sind Tatsachen, alles andere Verschwörungstheorien.

                  Gegenwärtig gibt es keinen triftigen Grund, warum diejenigen, die keine Angst haben, auf keine Konzerte gehen sollten. Warum fragen wir also nicht lieber die Herren von Motorpsycho, wie viel Angst sie haben vor einem Publikum zu spielen, das möglicherweise nicht geimpft ist. Oder was ihnen für die Zukunft diesbezüglich einfällt. Warum sollten Motorpsycho und ihre Fans derart wichtige Entscheidungen Dritten überlassen? Schließlich haben sie seit Jahren schon eine in etwa gleichbleibende Anzahl Fans auf ihren Konzerten, und wollen bestimmt nur ungern auf einen Teil davon in Zukunft verzichten.

                  Ich weiß, das ist möglicherweise, aus aktueller Sicht ein überaus dummer Vorschlag. Aber gewiss nicht dümmer, als das, was Politiker und Wissenschaftler die ganze Zeit vorschlagen.

                  Und überhaupt. In welcher Welt leben wir eigentlich, wenn Psychonauten sich Viren, Politikern und Wissenschaftlern unterordnen, beziehungsweise sich von diesen etwas vorschreiben lassen?


                    The sociopaths take over. didldidldildadam dadei – I'll just shut my mouth, keep dreaming golden dreams…

                    the conscience

                      @ Johnny. You are right. The sociopaths take over. More than 12 months ago.


                          Another coincidence:

                          People who agree with what one says are always wonderful smart thinking individuals.


                          Not a coincidence:

                          Cowards and opportunists with no principles are always where the majority – the power – is.

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