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      Setlist from memory….



      In Our Tree


      High Time


      Intrepid Explorer


      Heartattack Mac




      Ship Of Fools

      Un Chien



      Ca 2h:30min

      Excellent show with plenty of everything!


        Aaarghh!! Even better setlist than Bergen 27/9! Alas, I fear they will bring out HBM tonight in Larvik. It was the wettest blanket on the proceedings at Rockefeller in 2016, and I doubt it's any better now. This one above is just about the ultimate 2017 setlist so far.

        Great King Rat



              That setlist matches my memory as well. Fantastic concert! No big surprises on the set-list with a mix of classics and the tower songs. Great sound, loud but clear and they sang like angels. ASFE a really good opening song, and the especially when followed by some high energy rocksongs. Really good flow from rock songs to more jammy songs to boring progsongs to the epics. They really seemed to enjoy themselves, and Tomas Järmyr is a perfect match. :STG:

              Absolute highlights: Superstooge, Intrepid, Heartattac Mac and K9.

              Only drawback: The Tower and the cockoo, sigh, I really dont get the at all. They totally ruin an otherwise near perfect album. Theyre a bit better live, but still… The Tower sounds like an uninspired Child of the Future outtake preformed during the Death Defying Unicorn quartet years (I like those albums, just for the record) and the cockoo is just a terrible song (except the ending, which is lovely) This is what we have EPs for people! Lacuna/Sunrise is really beautiful on the album, but live it kind of gets lost in to much noodleling. Especially when placed between these two. I`d rather they played Neverland three times in a row, at least that would not last that long. :twisted:

              Punj Lizard

                I'm seeing a lot of love for Intrepid Explorer in comments on the shows. Really hoping they keep that in the setlist at London.

                As a newbie, when people here talk about K9, I presume they're referring to Un Chien d'Espace, but I also see that on RW1 there is a K9 suite that incorporates Un Chien d'Espace. So, I'm wondering, are they playing just the main track or something like a full suite?

                boomer former helm

                  I honestly disagree with you Elvin ;) Its propably a matter of taste. To me The Tower works very well and especially Lacuna Sunrise was my highlight on the Oslo recording, in terms of the Jam quality in the middle. Also i especially liked HBM on the last tour… :cheers:


                    @Punj Lizard: this is the K9 Suite ;-) :

                    It's partially Un Chien D'espace and a massive jam if i'm not wrong.

                    Punj Lizard

                      @Blashyrkh – Many thanks! :D

                      The Other Anders

                        With the risk of explaining something obvious to everyone in here:

                        "Un Chien" is French for "a dog", and K9 is a numeronym for "canine", which again comes from latin and means "dog". I have heard Bent sometimes refer to it as "bikkja", which is the Norse word for "the dog".


                        "Motorpsycho did two special performances at Cinemateket in Oslo october 96. It was in connection with the viewing of Luis Bunuels surrealistic filmclassic "Un Chien Andalou" [An Andalusian Dog] from 1928. The last show was an extra show because of the big success with the first. The shows were supposed to be improvised. Not really, but it was an instrumental version of Un Chien D’Espace. Lasted 17 minutes."

                        I have heard/read somewhere that Un Chien d'Espace, "A dog in space", is about Laika, the Russian dog that became the first living creature in orbit around Earth on board Sputnink II in 1957. But I fail to make the connection between the text and this explanation, nor can I find any reference here. Help anyone?

                        Musically, though, the space travel theme is not difficult to hear. The song sounds like a trip in space. I always imagine we're preparing for take off in the quiet beginning, while the heavy part shoots us out in space, entering the jam part we're in orbit. Then we're brought back to Earth when the last verse is sung. Or are we? At least musically the song comes full circle. 13 of the most stunningly beautiful minutes of Motorpsycho music was released on Angels & Daemons at Play in 1997, together with "Have Spacesuit, Will travel", a jam which never has been repeated live, to my knowledge.

                        During the 1998 tour, Un Chien continued to develop as a vehicle for jamming, and the middle part was expanded into the suite structure known as K9 on RW1. Audience recordings reveal that the suite, while varying in length from night to night, kept to this structure throughout the tour, and usually clocked in between 20 and 30 minutes.

                        The longest version to my knowledge was Eindhoven 1999 (or was it the 1998 show), where they jammed it out to about 45 minutes. Someone please correct/confirm me here.

                        Un Chien / K9 has been brought back during most tours, although not every tour. Still, every lineup of the band since the songs conception has made its take on it. Most often the song will be jammed out in a similar way each night of each tour, so that the versions are pretty much alike inside a tour, while they might differ greatly from tour to tour. Still no version is of course the same, its still a huge jam. The 2006 tour with Jacco on drums sometimes saw jams showing up in other places than usual, for instance during the intro and/or the outro, and there was a tour with Kenneth when the song differed in jam approach from night to night.

                        To my knowledge has it only happened a few times that they didn't play the whole song. First time was in Halden 2000, when Bent, after a mind blowing jam that took them through Sun Ra's "We Travel the Spaceways", broke a string on the 12-string guitar just as they were returning to the last verse. Bent swiftly changed his guitar, they omitted the last verse and the ending, and continued seamlessly into Upstairs/Downstairs. Magic! They tried to recreate the magic later on that tour (where/when?), but afterwards the song was brought back to its full form and has stayed that way since.

                        The deluxe edition of Angels & Daemons at Play contains three versions of Un Chien d'Espace, from it's birth, to the album version to the classic live version of the 1997 tour. RW1 contains the 1998 K9 version. After that it has been referred to as both Un Chien and K9.



                        The band opened the Utrecht 2000 show with a jam>K9>Upstairs/Downstairs sequence. K9 omitted the last verse and ending.

                        I remember the band starting the show with their backs to the audience and the first minutes being almost soundscape like and minimal. After about 10 minutes Snah played that familiar opening theme, and we were launched into orbit.

                        The Other Anders

                          Thanks, kippenhok!

                            The longest version to my knowledge was Eindhoven 1999 (or was it the 1998 show), where they jammed it out to about 45 minutes. Someone please correct/confirm me here.

                            Nice to hear from you, Anders!

                            I can confirm you that it was the show from Eindhoven May 7th 1999 where they played K9 Suite for 45 minutes. The 1998 version from Eindhoven was 31 minutes long. The song was not played in Eindhoven on April 21st 2000 at all.

                            The version from Utrecht April 19th 2000 was 32 minutes long.

                            Punj Lizard

                              @The Other Anders – Thank you, thank you, thank you, for your in-depth exposition! I had, of course, already figured out the chien = dog = K9 thing. Just wanted a clearer understanding of the performance relationship between Un Chien d'Espace and K9, and your explanation clarifies that perfectly. Your answer has also made me want to delve into the live realm and some of those recordings you talked about in the other thread.

                              I have only been listening to MP for less than a month now but my enthusiasm is making me want to run before I can walk. So if some of my questions seem a bit naive, just imagine you're talking to an over-excited little kid ;)

                              Regarding Bunuel's film, it was the first thing I thought of when I first read the title Un Chien d'Espace. I really like MPs playfulness with this kind of thing – e.g. the Joni Mitchell reference of PPP, the title having been taken from the lyrics of a track (Coyote) on what is my favourite JM album (Hejira).


                              @Punj – Yes, Bent goes into the Joni references in PPP and its background in this podcast ( though it's in Norwegian :/ When google starts translating podcasts you should have a listen!

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